Who is Lucy?

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Chapter Seven - My Pleasure

I remember my first internal orgasm.

I was a freshman in college and still pretty inexperienced when it came to having sex with men. Alonzo Matthews was a star wide receiver for our college's football team. His grades were atrocious and I was asked by our Biology professor to tutor him.

I was completely out by then and apparently he throught I was cute from the first moment we met up in the library and after a few sessions we can graduated to fucking every chance we had. His cock was long but rather on the skinny side. Once he had me good and lubed up he would slide in after a slight struggle and take his 7 inch cock and plow me like a fucking jackhammer.

One night after a long study session in the library he took me into the closest bathroom and threw me against me against the wall and fucked him like the bull that he was. He had me pinned hard against the wall and within moments, right before he covered filled up his condom with his load, a new sensation found my body. I came intensely, the orgasm washed over me like a warm blanket.

I reached between my legs to find only light pre-cum covering the tip. But I knew what an orgasm felt like. It was that.

Just internally.

It felt amazing.

But nothing like the one with Walker. It is much more intense than anything I have ever experienced before. Earth shattering. My body seizes up and sends me spasming against his cock. I begin to pant like a wild and crazy person as his length engulfs me.

I fall into his chest as exhaustion overwhelms me. I can feel the sweat cover my forehead as he smiles brightly. I lean in and kiss him on the lips and mouth "thank you."

I feel him exit me and I slide onto the bed. My legs are shaking a million miles a minute as my breathing is short and weak. He kisses me again and runs the side of his hand against my now glistening face. He sits up and lays me down on my stomach and lays behind me and pushes my ass up.

"Just relax Lucy," he whispers.

For a moment I don't feel him.

That is until I feel him spread my cheeks apart gently and fill his tongue slide between them. My eyes begin to flutter as he grazes against my pussy. Soon I feel his tongue circle my enterance before letting it inside me.

I let out a deep groan as he begins to tongue fuck me, sending me writhing against my 5,000 thread count sheets. I can feel my pre-cum form below me but I didn't care, his scruffy beard scruffing between my ass cheeks was driving me bonkers.

"OH FUCK," I let out as he continues to munch on me, sending me writhing and wiggling beneath him.

"I WANT YOUR COCK INSIDE ME AGAIN," I loudly groan, knowing in that moment I desperately need him.

He obliges and gets up from between my apple shaped cheeks and lifts me up onto my knees. Soon I'm on all fours as he gets behind me again only this time lining his bulbous head with my wanton sex. I cringe slightly as he enters me, the slickness over his cock was a lot less and it pinches now without enough lube.

I tighten my eyes as he begins to thrust in and out of me. Soon my enterance relaxed as the pleasure returns to my body. My hips meet every movement, the thrilling sensation resonating into every part of me. His legs twitch just a little bit but I know he was soon to meet all his climaxing glory. His deep breathing blows against the back of my neck as he continues to open me up.


Sweat drips down my face and leaves my dark hair pressed and matted against my eyes. My makeup is slowly melting and leaving me an exhausted and spent. His hands placed on my hips as he uses them to swing me back and forth like a see-saw.

He twitches once more before soon his deep bellowing echoes throughout my sparsely decorated bedroom. I bury my face into my pillow and muffle the noises as another one of my orgasms pulsates deep within and sending me to the very brink.

My long fingers grip the bedsheets below as he continues working my pussy, taking his inches to the very back. He legs twitches one last time before he clenches around me and I feel the first rope of his semen release itself inside me. I feel him coat every inch with his thick load as it splashes against me. My panting fills the air as he finishes, several more spasms releasing and covering my loins.

I collapse onto the bed as he drops next to me. He leans closer and pushes my matted hair from my eyes. He stares at me for a moment and let's out a little giggle. Perplexed, I raise my brow.

He lets out another chuckle.

"What's that for," I ask as the exhaustion overruns my body.

"I didn't know how else to react," he answers, still trying to muster up some strength. He leans in and kisses me.

"That was so intense. I have never ever had sex like that before, with a woman or man," he continues.

"Am I your first transgender person," I nervously ask as I roll over to face him better. I feel his cum slowly run down my inner thigh.

"Yes," he admits.

"And.... thoughts?"

"First off, I don't look at you that way. I never have. You've always just been Lucy to me, isn't that enough?"

"Perfect answer," I lean in before pressing my lips against his. He closes his eyes and runs his hand across my cheeks. We lay there not saying a word, letting the quiet ruminate around us.

It was a perfect response.

Even more perfect because I knew he was being honest.

I lay there and look at him as the dim light of my bedside lamp shines across his handsome face. I'm so glad that I didn't continue to overthink my decision tonight. I finally came to the conclusion that Walker has always been there and I was too blind to not give him a shot. I am so happy that I finally did.

Our bodies intertwine into one another as we both drift off to sleep. Chest to chest, face to face. Arms wrapped around one another. It is surreal. It is calm. It is right.

I feel safe. Safer than I have ever felt before.

I awake several hours later laying on his chest comfortably. I can hear his slight breathing raise his quasi hairy chest. I haven't fallen asleep with somebosy in what seems like ages, typically far too detached to take that sort of leap this early.

But I know Walker. I trust him.

I am at ease when I am with him. I don't feel the pressure to be something I'm not when I am with him. He isn't afraid of me and who I am. How did a weird night translate into something so beautiful? Words don't do it any justice.

I am happy. So happy.

I drift off again.

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