The Alien Prince’s Bride

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Chapter 5

Angela stared at Exalon in shock. What did he mean, they would be perfect together? This was a business arrangement.

“I, uh, I don’t understand,” Angela stammered. “You mean we’ll be perfect for the trial period?”

Exalon sighed, then turned his body to directly face Angela, holding tightly to her hands.

“Have you ever heard of Sonsaras?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Angela said, frowning slightly at the strange question. “They’re supposedly fated mates. The one person in the entire universe that’s meant for you. But we were always taught it was a myth, something the ancient cultures used to keep people together and make sure they bred future generations. There hasn’t been a supposed Sonsara match in centuries.”

“It’s a little more complicated than that,” Exalon said. “Sonsaras are linked. There’s almost a metaphysical bond between them. In the ancient texts that have survived, they say you recognize your Sonsara immediately. It’s like you’ve been walking through a dark, colorless life and as soon as you see your Sonsara, colors become more vibrant and the world around you just seems brighter. A peace you’ve never known falls over you and a strong sense of safety.”

Angela felt a shiver run up her spine, remembering how she had felt when she first saw Exalon. But what he was saying didn’t make any sense. All during her history lessons about the ancient civilizations that once lived on the GU planets, she was told Sonsaras didn’t exist. It was a story, a fairytale, not something real.

“There’s also this, well, this sign that signifies this person is your Sonsara. You’ll feel an immediate pull toward that person. The ancients described it as a string connecting two people, tethering them to each other. They said that Sonsaras were one soul within two bodies and if they ever found their match, they would finally feel complete.”

Angela abruptly stood, pulling her hands from Exalon’s, though it nearly pained her to do so. She started to pace in front of the couch, her thoughts a jumble in her head.

“But they’re not real!” she cried. “Sonsaras aren’t real! This-this doesn’t make any sense.”

“What did you feel, the first time you saw me?”

Angela turned to face Exalon, a confused, almost hopeless, look on her face. Exalon stood and grabbed her hands again.

“I’ll tell you what I felt,” he said passionately. “The moment I saw you, my entire life suddenly seemed brighter. Like I finally had hope that the future would be worth fighting for. That my future would be filled with happiness, with love, as long as you were by my side. I felt like I was looking at the person who could complete me, the one person who could fill in the holes I’ve felt inside of me. I felt pulled towards you and I had never felt anything like that before. Not with anyone.”

“I felt that too.” Angela’s voice was barely above a whisper and she sounded so confused and upset. Exalon reached up and cradled her head between his hands, gently holding her cheeks.

“Angela…I’m scared too. This isn’t going at all the way I planned. But I’m not giving you up. Not for anything. You’re my Sonsara. I know it. I feel it. I’ve never been more sure of something in my life. You’re my other half.”

“But you can’t marry me!” Angela said, the anguish clear in her voice. “The titled on Axion would never allow it! Not to mention the Galactic Union. Marrying me could ruin you!”

Angela felt a tear slide down her cheek. Exalon brushed it off with such sweetness, Angela thought for a brief moment they might actually have a chance. Quickly, however, reality intruded on her thoughts, forcing her to accept the fact that they could never be together.

“Exalon…”. Angela’s voice was tight with tears. “This…us… It’s impossible. I refuse to let you ruin your life by marrying me. They’ll make you give up the Crown, your seat in the GU! No, no, I am not worth you losing your entire life over! I’ll leave, I’ll leave Axion, then you’ll be protected, and no one will have to know-”.

Exalon grabbed Angela, pulling her closer so their bodies were touching from hip to chest. His golden eyes shown with a fierce passion and determination.

“I don’t care. I don’t care about the Axion titled, I don’t care about the GU, I don’t even care about my family,” Exalon said fiercely. “You’re mine, Angela, and I’m yours. And I refuse to give you up. Not for anything.”

Exalon weaved his hand through Angela’s long, dark hair and gently tugged it back, causing her head to tilt up towards his. He leaned down and planted a soft, sweet kiss on her lips, causing Angela to gasp. Taking advantage, Exalon slipped his tongue inside her mouth, slowly stroking as she began to tentatively respond. Suddenly, it felt as if a rush a molten heat was flowing through their veins and the kiss became overwhelmingly passionate.

Angela grasped Exalon’s shoulders, then his neck, as he pulled back on her hair tightly, causing a delicious bite of pain to run through her. His other hand ran up and down from her hip to her waist, letting him feel her shudder beneath his touch. He started moving them until Angela collided with the wall at her back. She moaned into his mouth, dragging her fingernails through his hair, scratching lightly on his scalp. Exalon returned her groan, lightly cupping her breast through her clothes.

That touch caused Angela to tense. Exalon pulled back and gazed into her eyes. They were both breathing heavily and Exalon rested his forehead against hers, roughly exhaling.

“I’m sorry, my love. I wasn’t thinking.”

“It’s okay,” Angela said gently, cupping Exalon’s cheek in her palm. He nuzzled into her touch, seemingly unaware he was doing it. “It’s just-it was moving so fast and we just met and I’m still confused about what’s happening and when I’m around you-”. Exalon kissed Angela softly to stop her rambling.

“I understand,” he said with a gentle smile.

Angela sighed in relief and rested her head on his shoulder, burrowing into his neck. Exalon kissed the top of her head and hugged her tightly to him.

“I can’t promise this will be easy,” he said quietly into her ear. “In fact, I can guarantee it’s going to be extremely difficult. But I can’t give you up. And I know we can get through this if we rely on each other.”

“A team,” Angela said, gently kissing Exalon’s neck. “We’re a team now.”


They held each other, feeling their heart rates slow as they took comfort just being in the other’s arms.

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