The surrogate

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Ema is a 22year young woman living a free life . But what happens when she soon knows that a one night stand with a handsome stranger turns her into a surrogate mother for his barren wife . Louis is a rich man in his early thirties ,stuck in a loveless marriage with his boss's daughter who is barren and can't give him a child ,he seems not to care much but when she plans on having a surrogacy to have children he disagrees ,however he meets ema with whom he sparks some love making session which turns into something complicated .

Romance / Thriller
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Mondays aren't fundays

Ema,s POV

"Two more vodka shots please". Ema shouted across to the bartender who seemed to be more than annoyed by the beautiful blond who was having shots after shots .she needed to stop asking for refills the guy was sweating already.

"Yes mistress your wish is my command",the bartender said with a tick in his jaw ,clenching his arms around the bottle as he came across to her and filled two more huge shots for the petite pretty blond.

With two chugs ema had finished and went over to sweat alittle on the dance floor .

Mondays weren't her thing and this Monday just sucked for her so she had to null all the ache in her heart she felt for her parents who were married for 25 years ,decided to divorce ,her father was her hero but sudden cheating on her mom and then divorcing her on the same day made Ema hurt its not that her mother was a perfect mother but what her father did hurt alot ,she always expected him to do the best not the worst. And for a while he didn't even contact Ema it was as if he had forgotten his only child and left without any explanation of his actions. . So here she was dancing her feelings off or maybe the abandonment of her father hurt her as he was the only parent whom she had a true bond not her mother who only cared for her looks and charms.

"Hey beautiful " . A man with glossy black hair that were pulled back with ocean eyes and a sharp jaw that could cut right through anything approached her on the dance floor.

She smirked alittle at the handsome tall stranger who seemed to enjoy her body movements alittle to much ,but she didn't care if he was oogling ,he was an eye candy himself .

"Enjoying the view ?" she asked giggling with the drunkeness taking over her fully .

He smirked snaking his arms around her torso pulling her closer to himself.

Maybe " the stranger whispered making Ema shiver , already liking his closeness.

"Whats your name pretty ?" He asked intrigued to know her more but Ema just swayed in his arms .

"Ohhh want my name ?....gee I forgot " .she giggled and shrugged at him ,he loved her reply but still a name was in order.

"I'm Louis " he whispered into her ear his hot breath fanning his cheeks .

"I'm Ema " . She said breathlessly.

"Ema cute name, mind if we cut the dance and go somewhere else with less sweating bodies?" Louis asked making her giggle with a nod .

She bit her lip as if thinking what to say to this beautiful stranger but here she was taking his offer as she nodded and he quickly took her hand in his as he guided her through the crowded dance floor and out of the club.

"Where are you taking us ? " She asked to which he smirked ,this girl was the death of him already ,he knew where the night would lead to ,but for now he first wanted to know alittle about her and maybe sober her a bit.

"Well how about the diner huh? " He asked as he opened the door of a black ,she quietly entered and didn't reply ,was this a drunk date ? ema hated dates but she thought that the stranger was being polite and couldn't do any damage offering food first before becoming one of her one night stands .

The drive was quick and both of them stayed silent well most of the time Louis couldn't stop at stealing glances at her while she played with her hairs and looked out the window ,why she was being quiet got him scared, he wasn't a one night stand guy ,he was decent but for her acting the way she was he knew that she wanted nothing else than just sex . He was sad alittle but hoped that maybe if she spent the night she might want more .

As they reached the diner both went out of the car and into the diner. Ordering some sparkly water for her Louis watched as she drank and sobered alittle smiling at him.

"So ema are you feeling ok ? ... I mean you took alot of shots but still a man has to ask ".Louis asked as he glanced from the menu he held while he ordered for both of them knowing fully well that he was sober and she wasn't so making her alittle was his goal before the night could lead to anything else.

"No silly ....." Ema giggled but then blurted out. "I.... I'm quiet amazed cuz its more like a date than a one nighter you know most of the guys don't take me to diners before the deed " .she shrugged.

that made him alittle sad but he choose not to show it as he smiled ,she smiled at his kindness, indeed no guy had taken her out from the club just to get food first ,it was her first and she was liking it more than she wanted to say it out loud .

The waiter came and soon took their orders as Louis had ordered a pizza for both of them. the night was young and so was their journey.

Once they were done eating Ema thanked him genuinely alittle sober than before as she had never been before and she knew that definitely she would remember his name and the night spent with him in the morning that would come.

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