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With a terrible past that she doesn't remember. Jenna Campbell returns to the city where she grew up but now she's a very different person. Will she ever remember? What will happen then? Is she trusting the right people?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Jenna's Pov:

Damn, I hate mornings. Nothing better than waking with the sound of the blender, the sun making you go blind and starving, right?

I was kind of throwing a tantrum over the fact I had been woken up so abruptly when a heavenly smell hit my nose I can't help but picture the delicious food my grands must be cooking.

Only food can make my mood swing like that.

I ran downstairs and straight to the kitchen just to find my grandpa cooking as expected, I mean, I love my grandma but if she was cooking, the house would be burnt to ashes by now.

I was admiring my grandpa's cooking abilities while literally drooling when I felt a hand rest on my shoulder. I turned around to catch my grandma staring at me with a worried look.

"Wow Jenna, yesterday's training must have been a killer." indeed, my shift at the gym I'm working at was exhausting but I still don't get where this conversation was coming from."I can even smell how hard it was."

It finally hits me. "Couldn't you just tell me to take a bath, Karen?"

She hates it when I call her grandma, it makes her feel old. She's extremely sweet but she has a strong personality and a young soul.

I sprinted to the bathroom to take a bath. When I was done, I changed into a comfy outfit since I wasn't going anywhere today and made my way to the heavenly food I've been daydreaming about ever since I woke up but on my way there, I was stopped by an unexpected knock on the door. Only one person would visit us at this hour.

"I'll get it." I shouted and made my way to the door to let Marie, my best friend, in.

"What brings you here this earl-" I asked carelessly as I opened the door but Marie's puffy eyes stopped me halfway. "... Are you ok?"

Marie immediately lunged herself into my arms. I'm quick to react and caught her in time, pulling her inside. I started hearing someone sobbing, my heart clenched as I realize what's happening.

"She-she hates, Jen." Marie uttered in between sobs.

"What? I don't understand Marie." I pushed her a little so I could see her face.

"Who was it?" My grandma asked from the dining room. What am I supposed to say? I can't leave her like this but I don't think she is in the mood for answering my grand's questions. She'll have to calm down first.

"Mmm... It's Marie!" I screamed back in answer for my grandma and whispered to Marie to act cool as I pull her to eat breakfast with us.

We sat down and started eating. The atmosphere felt uncomfortable, like, it was so obvious something was wrong yet I'm grateful my grands didn't ask about it. Damn, the food was so good but the mood was totally ruining it.

As soon as we finished eating I excused ourselves and pulled Marie to my room. It's time for the truth, this 'mysterious drama' is killing me. Marie is the toughest person I know. I've only seen her cry once and it was when she accidentally banged her finger with a hammer, it sounds dumb but she almost lost a finger that day. Now seeing her this broken is sure worrisome.

"So... What's happening?" I asked closing the door behind me.

"I told mom I got into college and I thought she would be happy, but gosh, Jen, she was furious. She said that if I left she would never let me see Frankie again. Papa Joe tried to calm her down but... Jen, I don't think I can do this anymore." she mumbled in a trembling voice.

I immediately pulled her in another hug while brushing her hair lightly with my fingers. "I'm so sorry Marie, I didn't know."

"No, don't apologize! You haven't been anything but nice to me. Because of your grandpa's connections, I got into my dream college and even though I couldn't afford it you helped me. I'm the one who should be apologizing!" Her eyes hold so many emotions as her tears were falling endlessly.

I grabbed her hands tightly. "Girl, you are the most hardworking person I've ever met. Your grades were literally perfect even after you got your part-time job, so if someone should be apologizing, it should be your mom. So listen here miss, we are leaving tomorrow as planned and you will become the best doctor in the world, not only to prove your mom wrong but to get your little sister custody. You both deserve better."

Her mood lightens a little bit as we start to talk about our expectations because, yeah, important fact. We are moving to the city tomorrow to finally go to college. Marie will study to be a doctor while I will study to be a fashion designer. I know, sounds like a fairy tale but I'm not just a pretty girl with no brain or a plan. I'm really good at designing and I have this passion for it which is the most important.

Time passed by as we kept joking around while we packed the last things I had left, we were enjoying ourselves until I see my grandma leaning in my door frame, staring at us with a worried face. When did she open the door? "I'm not sure if you are ready. The world can be really cruel and dangerous."

I huffed in disagreement, I mean, I don't know why my family is so overprotective. I don't remember much about my past, but I'm living the present and working hard for my future, it should be enough.

I earned a really long speech about how naive we were and some tips that sounded more like rules of how to survive in the city, those were kind of useful though.

My grandma's speech was interrupted by a loud honk, signaling that the truck that would take most of our stuff to the loft was already here.

We saw from my room's window how my grandpa let two really big men in the house and a few minutes passes by until they walk into my room.

We all carried my things and some of Marie's that she had previously left in my house for this day. When we finished that, we were exhausted and it was actually pretty late so my grands asked the men to stay to eat lunch. Shamefully, they rejected my grands' offering as they say they want to deliver our stuff as soon as possible, so we ate lunch and then sat in the living room and watched a movie.

It was getting late so Marie excused herself and went home, while we spent our last evening together as the loving family we are and now you must be asking about my parents. Well, I can't say much about them. Two years ago, after I graduated I was involved in an accident where I lost my memory, after that, I moved to this town with my grandparents by their initiative and I haven't seen or heard anything about them ever since, so my grands are literally all I have and I love them so much, it even hurts a little leaving them when they have done so much for me, even when they have kept secret my past. They told me they didn't know and that I should just let it go. I really trust them but there is this small part of me that finds this situation kind of catchy.

The night came and we said our goodbyes I had this uncertain feeling, my tiredness won over it and I doze off.


My eyes are shot open as I feel like I'm being crushed, I sigh as I see the reason. What's with people and waking me up so violently?

I see my best friend almost jumping on top of me while giggling. Come on, I can't get mad when she looks this happy, so I just shove her off so I could breathe again and grabbed my phone to check the hour, and damn, it was kind of late so I tried to get ready as fast as I could.

My grandpa was helping me with my suitcases while Marie has already gotten hers on the trunk of the cab. When he was done, I hugged him as hard as I could just to hear him chuckle while ruffling my hair, then I rushed to grandma and did the same. They looked so sad and heartbroken but still so proud that I couldn't hold it and I started crying.

my grandpa just took my hand and told me to follow my dreams and that they loved me so much. He thought he was comforting me but those words only made me cry harder.

"Leave before we change our mind." my grandma advised as she pushed me to the car and then closed the door, and waving, we say our last goodbyes.

When we got to the airport, we followed every procedure and finally got aboard. The flight took longer than I expected, an average of 4 hours, but when we got to our destination, the airport was huge and rather impressive. I couldn't help but feel excited, this is just the beginning of our journey, and also my parents lived here but it's not like they actually care.

Again, we followed every procedure to exit the airport and found a cab to get us to our new loft.

Marie immediately noticed how tired I was and told me to take a nap while we got there, I didn't waste a second and did as she said.

I started to wake up to find my best friend discussing with the driver outside, I got out there and notice that the cab had a flat tire, thank goodness we were actually close to our destination, or that's what the driver said. we paid for the ride, took our things, and started walking to our new home.

The sun was setting and we were starving, I should have let my grandpa tell my dad to pick us up, but no, Jenna wanted to be independent.

We were now so close to surviving our first day in the city, we couldn't give up now. Not when I could almost taste the victory, but out of nowhere, a man stumbles our way.

I started to fear for our lives until I saw the poor man fall, he was clearly drunk. I ran toward him trying to help him to get up, but he seems to be in a pretty bad condition.

Marie ran after me and hissed "Jenna, he could be a serial killer." I'm not into judging people but she had a point but we couldn't leave him here.

"I'll just clean his wounds and the moment he wakes up, I'll personally send him out, trust me, I swear he won't bother you, ok?" she just reluctantly nodded knowing I won't leave this man out here, I mean he even had some bruises in his hands and face.

We made our way to the building where our loft is and the security guard asked a lot of questions before letting us in, I mean, isn't it normal to see two young girls carrying a bruised, drunk man into their new place? Please, don't answer me, I'm trying to stay positive here.

It wasn't easy but we got there, he was way heavier than I expected. I handed the keys to Marie so she could open the door while I tried to avoid this guy hitting the ground again.

We got in and I took this guy to the first couch I saw and searched in my suitcase for the emergency kit to treat his wounds before he regains composure.

I started cleaning his face with a wet towel, then I got some ointment and started applying it to his wounds and even though I have never treated a wound before in my opinion, I was doing great, I must be a natural. You know, maybe I should follow Marie and become a doctor. Who am I kidding? I'm definitely not into blood.

While I was bandaging his hand, he started complaining until he finally started to open his eyes blinking regularly.

He was actually quite handsome, his sharp jaw and thin lips were so manly and even though his brown hair was messy right now, it still looked good while his brown eyes brought some kind of familiarity.

I stopped what I was doing when he violently pushed me away making me stumble back with the coffee table I had behind. I ended up falling hard on my bum and now we were both sending death glares to each other.

Geez! Did I actually bring a serial killer to our house?

Your author here. Any first impressions?
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