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Sequel to 'Claim By the Bad Boy.' Can be read alone. Unedited* Probably not recommended to be read by people that are about to take a test or exams. May make you lose brain cells. Beware! xxx After her boyfriend drops a bomb on her, her whole life broke into pieces. And to make matters even worst her mother plans on selling her to their landlord to pay for their rent. Refusing to be used she runs away only to nearly getting hit by a car. Luckily she was saved just in time, but it came with a price. Just when she thought her life was over, it became the beginning of a new adventure. If you want to find out what happens, buckle up, and follow the journey of Rosaline Annoy as many dramas will erupt.

Romance / Humor
Boba Lover
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P r o l o g u e



The sky was black as night, clouds blocking the sun or maybe it was shielding it. I slump past the city as my lifeless soul makes its appearance. I ignore the pity and weird look from people as I walk under the rain with a dress on. No umbrella or hat on. I just allowed myself to drench in the rain.

A shiver made its way up my spine when the rain finally manages to soak its way to my skin. I would definitely get a cold tomorrow, but I didn't care.

"I got someone pregnant"

I wanted the ground to swallow me up when those words left his mouth. The way he said it so casually. Not a single regret. I wanted to scream, yell at him, and begged him why he did that to me. But instead, my brain just shut down and my heart stilled. I left the restaurant without a single word. I couldn't handle the humiliation and pain. I just left.

My hands shook as I fidget the keys in my hand, unlocking the door to the small house I grew up in. Taking off my heels and drying myself, I dragged myself to my room. I didn't register myself stepping into the bathroom and taking a hot shower. I felt numb as the hot water fell on me. Water dripping onto my face as I stare at the wall. I don't know how long I stay there, only the fact I stand in there until the water turned cold.

I dry myself and got dress, I didn't bother caring whether or not it was matching. Like it even mattered. It's just pajamas.

Stepping out of my bathroom the first thing my eyes caught was a small picture frame. It showed a happy couple looking straight at a camera. One had a huge smile on their face while the other had a blank face. I laughed bitterly. I should have known. Instead, I was blinded by a silly fake love.

I grabbed the frame and threw it straight on the ground due to the anger and pain I was feeling. The frame shattered into a million pieces, just like my heart. I lift my foot and stomp on it until I was satisfied.

Picking up the crumbled picture I stare at it for a moment before getting my lighter out and lighting it up on fire.

"Bye-bye, sweetheart," I said to his picture as the paper disappeared into ashes.

Letting the ashes slip through my fingers, I felt my heart ease a little. But it was still in pain. After 2 years of dating all I got was a snake trying to act like a sweet bunny. I was a fool for falling for someone that doesn't actually care for me. How many times did he cheat on me? Did he ever care about me?

My mind was filled with so many questions. But none of them were answered. They only pilled up with more questions.

I wanted to cry but why should I waste precious tears on someone who isn't worth it.

I look at my lap as time pass. My ears perk when the sound of a door opening and a bunch of lip-smacking and moaning fill the house. I didn't bother moving and checking on who it was. I was used to it. Every day my mother would bring someone home if she couldn't get someone she would party with her friends. I don't even know who my father is. All I know is that he was some random Asian guy that got her pregnant and I inherited most of his features. She never once cared about me or talk to me and I rather keep it that way.

Laying on my bed with my arms and legs stretched out, I stare at the peeling ceiling while my mother was enjoying her night with her new guy. The sound of a bed frame hitting against the wall echo through the semi-quiet house. I shut their noise away and listen to the sound of rain instead.

The dripping noise of the rain followed by the clash of thunder smoothed me to relaxation. I could feel the tension leaving my body as the sound of rain pull my pain away.

I turn to my side and instantly my eyes caught a shiny object glimmering by my nightstand. The moonlight, which was visible as the clouds pass by, shines at the sharp object. I picked it up and examined it. It was a piece of glass from the picture frame.

My wrist caught my attention as I look at the sharp glass. I glanced at my wrist than the glass. I suddenly had the urge to cut myself. The idea sounds pleasant enough. I could get away from all of this. Away from all the pain and suffering, I have been through. I could end this.

Away from-

I pull the glass away from my wrist and threw it at a trash can. There's no point in killing myself for such a stupid reason. My happiness shouldn't be destroyed by some guy who couldn't keep his pants on. And even if I killed myself I should do it more beautifully and painlessly.

I suddenly felt my eyes water and soon droplets of tears left my eyes. One tear turn into two and two turned into hundreds. My heart swells as his face pop into my mind. I couldn't stop the tears. A sob left my throat as the tears get heavier and heavier. I muffled my cries and bundle myself on top of the bed, hoping it would swallow me up. My vision blur as I stare out the window. I allowed all my pain to leave my body as my life was


~*•Author's Note•*~

Hi, peoples!

Rosaline may seem weak but later on, she will learn to become more stronger and more confident in herself.

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And stay safe~

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