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Samantha Rogers is a girl who thought she had everything . Two awesome childhood friends, a great boyfriend. And a great life, that is until Junior year. Will samantha be able to keep these relationships when she finds out she has cancer.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter one

This is my first book so there is probably going to be a lot of errors so please be patient with me and give me feedback . Thank you 😊

My name is Samantha Rodgers I'm 17 years old and life couldn't be better. I have a two great friends named Tara and luke, and an awesome boyfriend named nick. I live in a beautiful two story house with my mom and older sister jocelyn. I'm about to start my junior year and I couldn't be happier. I feel like my life is just the way I want it and don't want it to change. Guess we'll have to wait and hope my life changes for the better.

Beep.. Beep... Beep

I wake up to my loud and obnoxious alarm. I turn off the alarm and check the time . It's 4:50 guess it's time to wake up. I throw the covers off my body and walk towards the bathroom to start my daily routine. I take my 20 minute shower and change into black ripped skinny jeans and black AC DC hoodie. I put on my black and white converse, grab my backpack and head downstairs. The house seems really quiet so I guess mom's either asleep or at work, and jocelyn slept at a friend's last night. I walk into the kitchen and grab a water bottle from the fridge. I see a note on the counter which means mom's at work. I pick up the note.


I'm sorry I couldn't be here to say good morning and wish you a good fist day of school, but I had to get to work I had an important client waiting for me and had to leave early. Don't know when I'll be home so order a pizza or Chinese for dinner. There is money in the cookie jar, have a good day and I'll see you when I get home. Love you

- mom

Mom usually works late because she is a lawyer and a child services associate so she's usually working. I'm kind of worried about her because I don't think she gets enough sleep, but whenever I being up the idea she shuts it down. I grab the note and throw it away. I check the time to see it's 7:38 so I decide to leave. School starts at 8 and it's a 15 minute drive so better be safe then sorry.

I grab my backpack and keys and leave the house. I go to the garage and hop into my black BMW and drive to school. I got this car last year for my birthday , jocelyn doesn't have a BMW she has a black chevy. On my way to school I decide to stop by the coffee shop and get my usual chocolate mocha frappe. I pull up to the small coffee shop, turn off my car and go in. Whenever I need coffee I always go to Mrs D's coffee shop. I walk up to the counter to order my coffee.

Mrs D : samantha dear would you like your usual

Sam: yes, Mrs D that would be great thank you

Mrs. D really appreciates my mom because she helped her with something I guess. I'm not supposed to know because it's my mom's work and it's classified information. All I know is that Mrs D was one of my mom's clients. She's such a nice lady.

Mrs D : here you go sweety

Sam: thank you so much Mrs D. Have a good day

Mrs D: you too dear and tell your mother I said hello

Sam: of course

I get back in my car and drive to school. Most of the summer I was alone because Tara went to her grandmother's in england and luke went to football camp with Nick and jocelyn went to parties and slept at friends houses most of the time so I was a loner. My friends came back three weeks ago though so we spent time together before school starts. We went to the movies , the carnival. I went on a couple of dates with Nick which were fun and amazing. All my friends are in the same grade as me and jocelyn is a senior so I'll be seeing her at school but we don't talk because we aren't in the same social circle I'd you know what I mean.

I pull up to the school and park in my normal parking spot. I spot luke's and nicks cars immediately and know they are probably inside by my locker. I walk in to find all my friends talking by my locker. Most of my friends changed over the summer . Luke let his hair grow out and it looks nice and curly, he also has a small mustache now. Tara let her hair grow to her butt . She also has bigger boobs and ass. Nick changed too he has more muscle and also has a small mustache. Right sorry let me tell you a little about them. Luke has brown curly hair with a touch of blond shine to it. He has dark brown eyes and is always too protective over me and Tara. Tara has blonde hair that goes to her butt. She has hazel eyes and is more of the girly girl of the group not that it surprise me. Nick has brown hair and bright green eyes. He is a football player just like luke. But he's not a jerk like most football players are.

I walk up to where my friends are and sneak up behind them. I go and jump on nicks back causing him to jump and for Tara to scream.

Nick: what the hell!! Sam

Tara: sam that wasn't funny

Luke: *laughing* you should have seen the look on there faces

I couldn't help but laugh at there reaction I say sorry and give nick a peck on the lips

Sam: let's go get our schedule and hed to our classes yea?

Them: yea

We walk to the office and get our schedules. My schedule

1. English - with Tara and luke
2. Science - nick and Tara
3. Wrighting- by myself
4. Lunch - everyone
5. Gym - nick and luke
6. History- Tara

I hed to first period with tara and luke . I wrote down some notes and talk to Luke and Tara . My next class goes good until my third period wrighting which I have by myself. I sit in the back corner and start sketching until class starts. I see a figure hovering over me and see no other than ash Hemingway the "bad boy" of the school. The boy that nobody wants to talk back to.

Ash: your in my spot bitch

Sam: and how can I help you?

He gives me a confused look as though he's never been talked back to. Which he probably hasn't but I don't care I sat here first.

Ash: move bitch

Sam: I think I'm fine the way I am

He looks pissed like over the top pissed . He gives me a look that says " watch your back" and leaves the room. The rest of the day goes by alright . I say goodbye to my friends and go home. That night I ordered Chinese food for me and mom because jocelyn was at a friend's again . I don't see her very often. I put mom's in the fridge , ate, did homework then went to bed.

Thank you soo much for reading this chapter 😊

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