Unattainable Fruit

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PREQUEL (Fruit Series) Cody is a small submissive wolf that's never really given much thought to his sexuality much less who his Mate would be. Cody remains painfully oblivious towards flirting, making him so much more desirable. Who would think the sweetest nicest bean in the world would be so unattainable. James has been in a Platonic Relationship with Jessica, but once he saw Cody, he just knew that small sweet wolf was his mate, even if Cody was two years younger than him. Though he thought falling in love would be easy, he can never gain Cody's attention. The small curly haired boy may be unattainable, but maybe if he reached a little bit further, he would be his. Next Book: Forbidden Fruit

Romance / Fantasy
Oakley 🌹
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Friends and Confusion

Cody's POV

I grip the handles on my bag as I trudge up to the school, making my way to my locker as the day begins. Sliding my bag off my shoulder, I enter my locker combination, doing so quickly so I can escape from the loud crowded hallways that had my heart fluttering unsteadily.

My anxiety has always had my heart flying up my throat, blocking whatever words my last two brain cells graciously provided me with. My hands flutter uselessly within my locker, as my brain works over time to remind me of just how shy and useless I am. Steady hands shoot out from behind me, grabbing the books I need for my first few classes to put in my hand, and throw my bag in the locker. If not for the familiar scent of my friend, I would've instantly been scared of the polite act.

I turn, smiling thankfully at Taylor before shutting my locker with a soft click.

"Good morning, Codes." Taylor greets softly as he begins to lead me to my class. Even though I should know the way, my eyes stay glued to the floor too often for me to remember which turns and stairs to take. The fingers of my left hand tangle themselves on one of the straps of Taylor's book bag as he begins to weave in and out the crowded high school hallways.

" Good morning." I whisper back, though I know with his heightened senses he can hear me. He turns his heads to smile at me, which I shyly return. His sharp canines used to freak me out, along with his pale green eyes, but over time i've gotten to admire Taylor's faerie features. His soothing pale green eyes show everyone the type of magic he possesses. And his ability to control the plants and earth around us is as impressive as it is scary. Though I know with the pale pigment of his eyes he's not as strong as others, that doesn't stop the awe I feel when I watch him practice his powers.

Some people avoid the Faeries because of their mischievous behavior, but when getting to know them it can quite endearing. And it balances out my painful shyness beautifully.

Following Taylor down the hallway proves to be difficult as my books begin sliding down my arms. I tug on his bag to stop him, but his sudden stillness has me colliding harshly into his back and my books crashing into the floor.

Since everyone has sensitive ears, the noise has everyone flinching and swiveling their heads to find the source of the loud crash.

I feel my face flare up as heat rushing to my neck and cheeks so suddenly I feel dizzy. I bring my hands up to cover my eyes. If I can't see them, they can't see me. Though I know that's not how it works, it settles my mind enough to be able to peek through my fingers seeing that everyone has continued out their morning.

Finally getting the courage to give myself sight back, my hands flutter anxiously in front of me, no longer knowing what to do with them without anything to hold on to.

Allowing myself to look at a surely embarrassed Taylor, I'm surprised to find him patiently holding my books for me, smiling softly at me in reassurance. This only adds a hotter burn to my cheeks. I don't deserve the kindness he expresses but I enjoy it nonetheless.

He turns, ready to head towards my class, and waits until he feels the weight of my fingers on his strap that hands loosely from his book bag before he continues his trek through the bustling hallways.

I sigh in relief as we reach my classroom, letting my hand slip from the safe haven that is my one and only true friend, Taylor. He gently sets my books in my arms, making sure they're secure before he lets them go. He takes a step back, his now empty arms crossing his chest as he studies me.

"You'll be ok, kid?" He asks, the nickname sticking since my freshman year when I ran into him, my eyes too busy watching the floor to see where I was going. I nod my head yes, too exhausted from the embarrassment early to open my mouth and worsen the situation further. "See you at lunch." He says in turn, though he doesn't move. I turn to make my way inside the classroom, knowing he wouldn't leave unless I was snuggly settled into my seat.

I trudge inside the classroom, slowly making my way to my seat in the back corner, careful to avoid book bags and feet littering the floor in the way. Once I'm settled, I look up at the door, just catching Taylor's nod as he turns away to head to his own class.

A boy in front of me turns around, his head dipping down a little to meet my eyes. He smells like a wolf but I can't tell if it's from mine or our sister family, the Winter Moon pack.

"Is that your Mate?" He asks me. Though there's nothing in his tone other than curiosity I can't help the blush that flares up onto my pale cheeks. I quickly shake my head, though that doesn't stop his questioning. "So is he to boyfriend?" He asks me, this time a bit more serious. I shake my head harder, tears threatening my eyes due to the constant eye contact and the questions being ask.

"Friends." I whisper quietly, sinking further into my chair, hoping I won't be asked to elaborate. Thankfully my teacher comes in at that moment cutting off anything else the strange boy in front of me could have asked.

"Good morning, class." She greets, setting down her bag and immediately turning towards the board. "Let's get started, shall we?" Though, I know she's speaking, my mind quickly wanders elsewhere.

My birthday sixteenth is in a little over week and I am freaking out hard. I never really thought too much about my sexuality, my timid nature never allowing me to look at or talk to anyone long enough to form a crush or preference. For all I know my mate will be some thirty year old teacher with a foot fetish.

I shudder silently, fresh tears prick my eyes at the stressful thought of getting a Mate. I hate how all of us have one and we can't just choose.

Before I know it, the bell is ringing and class is over. I slowly gather my books as I wait for the classroom to clear out before getting up to make my own exit. Upon exiting the classroom I walk across the hall to my next class, muttering sorries and excuse mes as I keep my eyes downward, more terrified of meeting someone's eyes than bumping into them.

My next few classes go by without a hitch, though one of my teachers did try to call on me in History. My rush of tears and a sobbed answer had made him regret the decision very quickly though I had managed to get the answer correct which was a relief. I always hold the nagging fear that everything I do is wrong and embarrassing.

Exiting my last class before Lunch, I make my way to the cafeteria, standing outside the doors patiently as I wait for Taylor to meet me like I have for over a year. After a couple minutes, I finally am able to smell him coming towards me, though his scent is slightly covered in one of vanilla and grass.

My eyes shoot in on their own regard as I meet Taylor's eyes. The slight dazed look, his messy hair and swollen lips confirming my suspicions. I can't help the squeal that escapes my lips. I stumble forward my hands fluttering around him fixing his appearance before we go to lunch.

"You found your Mate?!" I cant help the excitement that's laced in my voice. Taylor has turned sixteen two years ago and was increasingly devastated over not finding his Knot.

His eyes finally focus on mine though they're still dazed. "He's beautiful, Codes. He left to take care of his sister in the city next over. This is his first day back. That's why I never found him. I have a Knot, Cody. He's beautiful." The awe in his voice brings proud tears to my eyes. And even though I know nothing of this new addition to Taylor's life, I can't deny the gratefulness that fills me over bringing such a smile to my friends face.

After grabbing our food, we find a table in the corner of the room, and I listening happily as he tells me about his soulmate.

"His name is Enza. He was wearing these shorts and this cropped hoodie. It looked so enticing Cody. His lipgloss tasted like strawberries." The way he describes his 'baby' and he called him has me giggling and hands fluttering about.

And for the first time, I can't wait until my birthday next week.

Hey guys! yes this is the story of Cody and James. I hope you guys don’t mind retreading these while I catch up!


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