Empty swimming pools [BxB]

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- Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to move? - a security guard says tapping him on the shoulder.
- S... Sorry about that. - it’s all he says coming back to reality and then moves in the queue of people that are obediently taking their shoes and watches off before going through a metal detector.
It is late in the evening , but JFK airport is buzzing, once inside the terminal building one can not tell if it is daytime or nighttime. Sam shoots him a worried look but Lennon ignores it, he wasn’t talking much the whole way to the airport. Jorja and Nate are already somewhere in the duty free, the airport looking more like a shopping mall so they are not actually paying attention to Lennon. He likes it that way.

He longs for his plane to be delayed - so that he might be forced to spend a bit more time in New York. He doesn’t want to share this with anyone but secretly he hopes for a hydraulic leak from the aircraft or a brutal storm that would shut down the runway. Disappointingly the plasma screens of departure times on the walls of the airport are showing that his flight to London Heathrow is on time. He puts his black leather boots back on making his way to the gate, hair in a messy bun, black jeans paired with a simple grey t-shirt and black smart overcoat.
Walking through the sea of faces moving in different directions, some looking like they are waiting for a bus others like they are children going to see Santa himself. People sit in chairs staring at their phones, people in bars having a drink to calm their nerves before the long haul flight - or at least that’s what they use as an excuse. People running like crazy because they are late for their flight or crying because they missed it. Lennon could write a book about airports. Strange places that seem to exist in their own parallel universe. Things that would seem bizarre or outlandish outside the confines of the terminal buildings are simply part of everyday life in airports. Why else then would people decide to go to the bar for a pint at 7am in the morning, eager to start drinking before even the sun has fully risen? It’s the place he loves and hates.

- What’s up with you? - he hears Sam’s voice next to him. - Thought you’d be happy we’re going home. Just don’t tell me you are sad you won’t be seeing my pretty face every day.

- You’re right Sammy boy, I don’t know how will I cope without those cheekbones.

He smiles at his tall blond friend pinching his cheeks ignoring the question. He and Sam didn’t always get along, in the beginning their relationship was nothing more than profesional, Sam was only a drummer of his band, never really into hanging out with the rest of them, keeping to himself and ignoring Lennon whenever he tried to break that strange wall that Sam built.
Lennon thought Sam was weird. An amazing musician who fit perfectly into their sound. But weird. Lennon’s bubbly outgoing nature didn’t seem to win Sam’s affection like it did every other person who Lennon met and that struck his chord.
He was oddly shy and reserved to people who didn’t know him, usually not smiling much, not talking much, barely ever responded to any advances of the numerous girls that showed interest in that handsome body and gorgeous face. When he did talk in his thick geordie accent he would probably say something smart that would blow everyone’s mind.
But once Sam lets you in his world you would get a friend for life and then your life would be that much better because Sam was great and you would feel special knowing that only a few can get that privilege of being Sam’s friend.
So Lennon felt special after Sam let him in and showed him his world. They share the same interest in art and books, they both bring their skateboards on tour, they go record shopping. Yes, Nate and Liam are his brothers and he knows them the longest and Jorja gives him safety only an older sister or mother could but Sam is his platonic soul mate.
But at this very moment Lennon didn’t want to share what is on his mind today, to Sam or anyone else really. He definitely couldn’t share what happened between him and William.

After a while the band and their team enter Boeing 787 with the destination London Heathrow and the flight attendant shows them their seats in business class. He sits by the window and puts his headphones in his ears in an attempt to stop any more questions from his friends but Jorja sits next to him and pulls one ear piece out. Lennon rolls his eyes.

- Look what I bought. - she is taking an expensive looking pair of sunglasses out of the bag and puts them on Lennon. - Mhmmm I knew you could pull it off. You can keep them. - she decides while looking at Lennon’s unimpressed face with sunglasses, the label still hanging on the side.

- I was listening to something, leave me be.

- Wow. How about thank you Jorja for being such a great friend and getting me these really expensive sunglasses?

- Why would you get me anything anyway? - Lennon questions taking the sunglasses off and giving them back to Jorja.

- Just, you know, you looked like you needed cheering up. But whatever. I will keep them. - she acts offended and mumbles something that sounds almost like you ungrateful prick.

- I’m sorry, ok? - Lennon changes his tone a bit and kisses her cheek. - Thank you Jorja, you are a great friend. - He says it sticking his tongue out.

- You sure you’re ok? Something happened today? - she questions him like she actually knows something happened. She is always good at reading people and he hates that now.

- No. I’m just tired, I had a busy afternoon, that’s all. - he puts the earpiece back fastening his seatbelt, distancing himself from everyone and Jorja decides she won’t bother him anymore. While the rest of the passengers sit down and the cabin crew gets everything ready for take off, Lennon takes his journal and pen from the bag and starts writing. If he can’t say anything to anyone about William he can write it down. Jorja smiles to herself in her seat after seeing this, knowing something big must’ve happened that would make Lennon write again.

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