Empty swimming pools [BxB]

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Where I end and you begin

He’s been constructing scenarios for the evening ahead that he is surprised to see a hotel in sight in Ten Trinity square.

It’s an impressive front, Four seasons at its most luxurious, you could hear music coming from inside, the kind of rolling jazz they always play in hotel lobbies or elevators.
Lennon will probably already be in there looking like he’s been stood up, but he knows William would be late, so he’ll wait. Suddenly all his preparations flee his mind, William enters the hotel and sees Lennon sitting at the bar, colourful shirt and black jeans, black Converse, long hair pulled up in a bun, glass of some clear spirit with ice in front of him. He stops. Part of him is screaming to turn around, but he knows deep inside his future is in there.

- Hey. I’m sorry, I was stuck in traffic. - William approaches Lennon and they look at each other with smiles on their faces. Most of the anxiety disappears.

- That’s alright. I wasn’t waiting long. - Lennon reassures him as he turns his whole body on a high bar swivel chair toward William. Their styles are currently a complete opposite and William is self conscious in his crisp suit. Well, he left the jacket at the house, but shirt and well-tailored trousers still make him overdressed in Lennon’s casual glory. He just takes the seat next to him, no hug no hand shake, it’s too awkward for any of that and he thinks touching him in any way will just confuse him even more.

- I desperately need another drink. - he looks for the staff in the bar- Excuse me.

- Mister Hamilton-Smith. Good evening. The usual? - the bartender asks.

- Sure. Just make it double. - William says to the bartender and notices questions on Lennon’s smiling face. He hasn’t stopped smiling sweetly since William joined him.

- I had a really long day. I was at my sister’s engagement party. - and also Lennon is making him nervous but he doesn’t admit that.

- I get it, family can get stressful. So how did you get my number? Liam I presume? - Lennon sips his drink and looks amusingly at William like he just realises that William is already quite tipsy.

- Yeah actually. You don’t mind? - William’s insecurity kreeps in.

- No of course not, I was thinking about contacting you too but... I just didn’t. You know. Anyway... - Lennon wants to say that he doesn’t want to make William upset after what happened, he doesn’t really know how to act, would William be comfortable around him. And William understands all that from only looking at Lennon’s face.

- Anyway. - William laughs and that makes Lennon laugh too, so they are just looking at each other smiling like idiots and if someone would ask them what’s funny they wouldn’t know what to tell them.

- Fancy hotel? That Broadway must pay a lot. - Lennon says looking around the fancy bar. And William doesn’t want to say his family is so rich that he doesn’t really have to work a day in his life and he is part owner of this hotel chain. It will only make Lennon ask questions he doesn’t want to answer. Reminded of his father and the conversation from earlier this evening, he downs his double Glenlivet and welcomes the taste.

- I guess.

And then they change the topic and order another drink. He guesses they will just stay here at this bar. William doesn’t mind, his day just got better thanks to this radiant face sitting next to him.
Another drink and maybe another one after that and they are still sitting there, William listening to Lennon explaining how he fell off the stage at a concert in Denver, only to remind William of the fact that the time stays still whenever he listens to him speak. It’s like his brain had been reprogrammed overnight, overridden. As if all his previous interests had been deleted and replaced with the sound of Lennon’s voice.
William feels hot so he rolls the long sleeves of his white shirt up. Lennon’s eyes rest on a tattoo in his outer forearm that plays peekaboo up William’s sleeve. It’s an amazing linework piece of a subtle woman’s face that looks like a rose, he got it in the memory of his mother, Rose. It’s the only one he has but he wishes Lennon wouldn’t look at him the way he does, like he wants to find out if there is any others William is hiding under his clothes.
When their eyes meet again William can see the longing. His eyes are warm green, or blue, sometimes, depending on the light in the room he is sure they are blue- the shade that reminds you of all things soft and sweet. Sometimes they are tormented, sad.

Everything alright, sad eyes?

In bright sunlight one eye is ever so slightly greener and the other more blue and you can only notice it if you really pay attention. He clearly did that sunny day in New York. William’s thoughts are interrupted by Lennon’s serious voice.

- William, why did you call me tonight?

- I’m...- His mouth becomes dry, saliva turns to glue and his brain shuts right down.

- I don’t know, Lennon. I.. I guess I wanted to see you. That’s all.

- Right.

Lennon looks like he is becoming really impatient and William knows that there are things unsaid, that Lennon probably wants to know if this means anything. But William doesn’t know.

- Do you have to go home? It’s late I guess. - William slurres a bit looking at his watch and then timidly at Lennon. He was never shy and insecure before when he used to pick up people at bars, quite the opposite. That is not what this is. No.

- No I don’t.

Colour of Lennon’s eyes is a wild, dark, ocean-on-a-stormy-day shade of blue now as he brushes his bent knee against William’s leg turning slowly on a high bar chair. That was intentional. William shivers and stares at him.

- Do you want to come up? We can order room service.

Five minutes later William and Lennon are standing beside each other in a shiny lift, looking at the fast changing red numbers, but not fast enough, heavy silence between them. William sees from the corner of his eye that Lennon is nervously playing with the rings on his hands. There’s a ding and they look at each other, slowly leaving the small space.
And then they are out, their steps silenced by the carpeted floor and William puts the card key in and opens the door, letting Lennon go inside first. He whispers thank you and stares hard at William while walking in, as if trying to figure out Newton’s law of universal gravitation. As soon as William walks in and closes the door there’s Lennon’s breath on the back of his neck, and William’s heart is pumping fast.

- Are you sure you want me here?

- I’m sure, Lennon. Why, you don’t want to be here? - William tries to keep it calm but probably fails miserably.

- Oh, I want to be here.

William turns around and finds Lennon’s beautiful face so close that his vision is blurred. The only source of light are the bright city lights that come into the large room from outside, and he can see a shadow of Lennon leaning in, his dark eyebrows tangled up fiercely right before he dips down to press his lips to William’s.
William’s eyelashes flatter wildly, his brain feels full of static like an old television set that’s lost the signal. The tip of Lennon’s hot tongue traces the seam of his whisky lips and a shuddering exaltation escapes him. He pulls back. William’s eyes open. A tiny beam of light shining from the window shows him there is a fire in Lennon’s gaze.

- I thought this would never happen again.

Lennon whispers as his fingers slip along William’s jaw to his ear. He then takes another taste of his lips, William opening his mouth this time eager to feel Lennon’s tongue gliding over his. Lennon leans into his chest pressing William back against the closed door with his lean hard body, so different from Nina’s petite and soft.

William doesn’t make a move, just groans and fists his hands, letting Lennon’s hand hold his neck and jaw with light pressure, keeping him there, taking his kiss, his breath. William had never been so hard or hot for anyone or anything in his life.
With every delicious sweep of his tongue Lennon is erasing hesitation in William, both tasting each other eagerly, afraid to pull away. If they pull away it might be over, the bubble will burst, it will all be a dream and they will wake up like many times before in the last few weeks where this was just a dream for both of them.
Lennon’s hand lands on William’s thigh as he bites at his bottom lip, action making William flinch, then his fingers dig into William’s hips bringing their erections together with a hard grind.

- Lennon, God.

A wave of heated desire flows through him, leaves him too weak to protest, to find his voice, his conscience.

They stare at each other, both of them breathing these insane, ragged breaths like they are halfway to death. Like they will die if they don’t fuck each other. Maybe that’s it. Maybe William needs to fuck him to get him out of his system.

He makes the move then. He pushes them from the door moving slowly towards the perfectly made super king size bed. He moves his hand between them desperate to feel his erection. Lennon breathes in sharply when William’s palm moves over it. He is so hard, William can’t believe he is able to make Lennon Lewis this hard from just kissing. When the backs of Lennon’s legs hit the bed he suddenly breaks the kiss and sits down breathing heavily, William standing between his legs.

- Touch me. - William whispers while leaning down and stroking Lennon through his tight trousers.

Lennon’s hand lingers on his upper thigh for ages, like he’s too overwhelmed, much more than he expected to be, like he bit more than he could chew. But then he goes forward.
He looks hungrily in William’s eyes. The button is undone. William smirks. Then gently but firmly Lennon is pulling down the zipper, like he’s waiting for William to stop this, to change his mind. But the fingers of William’s other hand are diving into Lennon’s hair. Their mouths are sealed tightly, their hands wildly seeking each other’s erections.

- Fuck, William. - he swears in between kisses while grinding his dick into William’s hand.

William bites his neck hard, runs his tongue over his jaw and moves against Lennon’s palm. All his insecurity and hesitation withdrawing so his desire can take over.

This is bliss. This is better than his dreams.

William is unbuttoning Lennon’s shirt next, pushing him down onto the mattress, then he straddles him. Lennon is reaching up and grabbing his shirt, unbuttoning William too.

God, what am I doing? There’s no stopping now. I don’t want to stop. Finally. Just this one time. Nobody will know. Finally. William’s jumbled thoughts swim through his whiskey haze.

Tossing the shirts aside, Lennon is pulling William’s face to him, their naked chests touch. William’s heart feels like it will explode. He can’t wait any longer, he reaches down and starts yanking down Lennon’s jeans as he lifts his hips to help him with that.

He is all laid out in front of him now with eyes burning with lust. A sculpted, golden prince, all taut, lean muscles and long, strong thighs. He’s on a skinnier side, but with those defined muscles and not much body hair he looks like a perfect doll or a model.

And that dick... that dick of his is still hidden behind his underwear but it’s bulging, head peeking from the waistband.

It’s been years since William was with a man but he knows how he wants Lennon. He wants to taste him and then fuck him. And even though Lennon is giving away the vibes of a lover that likes to dominate, William thinks that he is acting completely opposite with William, he wants William in control. The look in his eyes tells him that.

William pecks his full lips, trails down his firm, body to his waist. There’s quite a lot of tattoos there, small and big, but he can’t see them in the semi-dark room. He really wants to know what they mean, even though he is sure the one night stand arrangement doesn’t include that.

- I’m going to take this off, is that ok? - he whispers quietly.

- Y.. yes. Take it off already..- Lennon breathes out and William smiles at how nervous and horny he is.

- I know, I’m eager too, God, I’ve thought about sucking you off since I saw you walk out of that shower. - William confesses not caring about anything now but this gorgeous young man beneath him.

He leaves a soft kiss on his flat belly - a silent wish I want inside, will you let me.
Then slides down his grey underwear, not breaking the look from Lennon’s widening eyes. He takes Lennon’s dick in his hands and the sensation is magnificent, he can smell his velvety skin, like oranges and lemons, probably some fruity shower gel.

- You’re... fuck, look at you. - William traces his lips along his dick and allows Lennon’s head into his mouth. William can’t breathe, it is overwhelming, Lennon is so big and his mind is spinning - he is actually doing this. Parting his lips, he sticks out his tongue tracing its tip along the ridge of Lennon’s head. Lennon gasps.

- Fuck. That’s...William. Please.

Hypnotised by the sight, sounds, smells, William consumes Lennon’s cock pushing it onto the back of his throat and Lennon moans with pleasure. William relaxes his jaw, satisfied with himself when he doesn’t choke, then swirls his tongue around the head before he sinks back down on it again, hollowing his cheeks and starts sucking. He observes the way muscles of Lennon’s abs spasm, his chest raising and falling quickly.
He allows himself a short break to breathe so his hot breath ghosts over Lennon’s sensitive tip for a few seconds as he meets his gaze, then gives a lick to the slit. His saliva dribbles down out of his parted lips over Lennon’s shaft, and Lennon watches it all in awe.

- Shit. S-stop please, I’m going to come if you don’t stop.

William just looks at him mischievously as he continues to bob his head up and down, faster, while pumping his hand over his shaft whenever he retracts and making Lennon come hard into his mouth, tasting all of him. He also makes himself even harder in his underwear.

- Jesus Christ ...fuuuck... William, you... you actually fucking swallowed.

Lennon’s trying to talk, props himself up on his elbows still coming down from his high, gazing at the obscene sight in front of him, William’s face flushed, Lennon’s white juices dripping down his swollen lips, chin and neck.

- Shit, look at you, you’re beautiful like that.- Lennon touches his wet chin gently, William closes his eyes, feeling Lennon’s lips on his soon after. It is just a peck because William doesn’t let Lennon deepen the kiss, instead quickly goes back down to Lennon’s thighs and spreads them wide. Lennon is confused but then William grabs his asscheeks, lifts Lennon’s back a little off the mattress and opens his lips letting Lennon’s cum that he kept in his mouth drip slowly over his hole.

- Oh God, oh my God, William...- he holds Lennon’s legs open and just licks a few times lazily, slowly, enjoying his every moan, spreading the cum around. William is so hard now that he’s thrusting his erection into the mattress and this is all just too much.

- I want you, Lennon. So bad. - William breaths out. He moves up until he is face to face with the gorgeous man.

- You have me. Take me. How do you want me? I’m yours. - Lennon speaks huskily against his mouth, faster than his brain could form normal sentences. William can feel feverish sensations running over Lennon’s body, the way he holds him tighter as if William would disappear out of thin air. Lennon moves his hands to William’s ass and starts removing his underwear now, touching him everywhere.

- Will you let me fuck you? I want to be inside you. - Lennon stops breathing, as William whispers these words in his ear, his hot breath making him shiver. - Wanna feel this tight, little hole around me. - his finger is gently circling over Lennon’s entrance, all wet and warm.
He remains silent for a while and William thinks they’re not on the same page, maybe he got Lennon’s submissive behavior all wrong. - We don’t have to. - William assures him, still seductively whispering in his ear, kissing his temple. - We can do whatever you’re fine with.

- No, I want to. It’s just that I... like..haven’t done it like that. In a while. It was long time ago. I’m usually the one who.. - William nods at that because he already assumed this, Lennon is still touching his hard cock and scanning his naked body.

- Look at you, your body... who the fuck are you, William...fucking six pack, no, eight pack, Jesus...- he runs his hands over William’s bare chest above him and laughs in disbelief. William feels proud of his rigorous workout routine more than ever. - And the way you touch me. - Lennon bites his bottom lip like he wants to bite into William’s skin.

- This is already too much for me. I will come in seconds if you just keep doing that with your mouth. - William touches his lip, stopping him from biting it more then he reaches up, tangles his fingers in his bun, tugs at the elastic, trying to pull it out of Lennon’s hair, and tosses it on the floor. He watches him with admiration spread out beneath him, the most beautiful person he’s ever seen.

- If you don’t like to bottom, that’s perfectly fine, Lennon. No pressure. You can fuck me, you know. There’s so many things we can do.

- No. I’m so turned on right now, I really want this tonight, William.

- Sure?

- Yes. I just need to... prepare, I don’t have...

- Don’t worry, we’ll go slow and we’ll use tons of lube and we’ll relax you with my fingers first. I’ll take care of you. Promise. Ok? - Lennon’s fingers are digging into William’s thighs and he just blinks at William and nods in desperation, cocky and overconfident Lennon-player long gone - I will be right back.

He kisses his forehead slowly and slides off the bed, rushing to get lube and condoms from his suitcase.

And then. He slicks his fingers in lube, and Lennon just spreads his thighs for him in invitation. He brings his hand down on Lennon’s entrance and just gently rubs the skin, right below, right above, teases with shorts strokes, rubs all over it in long strokes. He sets a quick rhythm, he pushes longer and harder but never enters. Lennon just looks at him, eyes black, unfocused, glassy, and lifts his hips into it, pushing against his hand.

William leans down, bites the inside of his thigh and he slides a finger in. He’s terrifyingly tight but his moan is so loud and sexy that he thinks they are shooting a scene in a porn movie. He takes his time thrusting one finger and watching Lennon’s rising chest, flushed cheeks, rasped moans. Lennon wants more.

He hovers over him, skin on skin, burning, pink nipples wanting to be licked, fingers searching for new parts that haven’t been touched, whispering each other’s name like a mantra. Hot breaths. Second finger. William tries his best to be gentle and careful, taking his time to open Lennon up, he wants to give nothing but pure pleasure to this man.

Lennon at moments looks like he is mentally somewhere else, some other dimension but William would kiss him back to the moment calling his name, calling him beautiful, asking if he’s alright. William’s fingers are in and out, repeatedly, twisting and curling inside of him, the more he does it he can feel Lennon falling more apart beneath him, getting needier, impatient.

- How does that feel?

- Yeah, it feels... ah...Right there. Fuck. Yeah, I... I never felt... - and William knows how intense the feeling must be if Lennon’s prostate hasn’t been touched like this recently or ever.

- You want to come like this? We don’t have to...

- No! - he exhales the word and pushes his hips closer to William in encouragement, making grabby hands at him. - Want you all the way. - when he raises up Lennon spreads his legs even more apart allowing William to lay between them. - Just... can we have some more light, can you switch the lamp on or something? I want to see you.

- Yes, yes of course. - he immediately turns the bedside lamp on and it washes the room golden and yellow.

- Come. I’m ready. Please, I can’t take this anymore.

- Yeah? I will make it good for you I promise. - William tells him, pulling the condom on his throbbing cock, then adding more lube eventually kissing his forehead. Why can’t I stop kissing him so much? This is just a one night stand. Just pure physical release, nothing romantic about it. Lennon is begging for it, grabbing William’s hard dick and leading it to his entrance. William laughs lightly.

- Hey, easy. I’m here. Do you want me like this or you want to be on your hands and knees, it might be easier for you like that?

- N...no. Like this. Want you like this. Please. Just...

- When you’re begging for me like that, Jesus Christ, what it does to me...Just tell me if you want me to stop at any time.

Desire is spreading through his blood like fire as he presses in and Lennon opens his mouth in shock. For a fraction of a moment he can see it, those sad eyes, something is wrong, William feels it in his soul and starts pulling out.

- Hey. You ok? Lennon? - Lennon blinks and it seems as William’s voice pulls him out of the short trance he was in.

- William... - he whispers at the loss - want it. Don’t stop. - as he inches back inside, William tries easing possible pain by kissing him everywhere but not long after Lennon cries out in pleasure as William fills him fully. He is so tight, so so tight, he shuts his eyes and drops his forehead on Lennon’s collarbone, inhaling his smell, moving in short, slow thrusts.

- That’s good, shit... you’re big. - Lennon gasps face shuttered with need.

William moves a bit faster, deeper observing Lennon’s lean body eroticly moving because of William’s thrusts, hair sticking to his now sweaty forehead. He wants to memorize this forever and paint it as a picture for his wall. This is beyond what William has ever dreamed. He kisses his neck, his cheeks, his eyebrow, his beauty mark on the corner of his lips, he doesn’t want to do this fast, to hurt him.

- Harder. Can you... I want it harder, I can take it. - his words shake as they come out of his mouth.

- Yeah?

- Yeah. Fuck yeah.

- You’re doing so good. So fucking tight for me.. So beautiful. - he praises him because he can’t help it. It’s so intense the way Lennon responds to his thrusts, how his dick is already leaking between them, how Lennon is trying to see the place where William’s cock is entering him, how it seems he wants more. And he wants to give him more, everything a person can possibly give.

Lennon moans and pants as the pace quickens, little high pitched yeses and ahs and William is again hitting that same spot, sending a shock through Lennon’s body.

Lennon is becoming his. No one could touch Lennon like this but him. No one could make Lennon feel like this but him. He just knows it, he is the only one that Lennon gave himself to like this regardless of countless lovers. Because sex like this is not earthly. It doesn’t happen with just anyone.

Gripping Lennon’s waist with both hands, he closes his eyes and continues thrusting his hips forward, feeling Lennon’s tight hole swallow his cock. His mind spins frantically, balls tingle ready to explode, he has to come.

- I’m close. You close?

- Mhm... right there...right. There. Ah!

- You like that, don’t you? Like it a bit rough? - he slowly pulls out and Lennon sounds almost injured at the loss but then William nudges the head of his cock back into his entrance, just the tip, he teases, circling the rim as Lennon chants pleasepleaseplease. He slams back into him. - Taking me so well.

- Yeah! Feel so full. - William kisses the mouth that speaks how much he enjoys him inside.

Their tongues meet with so much passion, like it’s not enough to fill only one hole. William might be a bit overwhelmed with how Lennon is responding to his kiss, like he needs it more than air, he might be exaggerating but it feels like there’s too much emotion poured in that kiss. Then he slides his hand down and grabs Lennon’s cock. He curses at the contact.

- Lennon, want you to come for me. - he strokes him faster and fucks him harder.- That’s it, yeah, come.

It takes only a few seconds. Clawing at William’s back he explodes in pleasure with incoherent moans and curses. Knowing that he brought this gorgeous man so much pleasure, William relaxes his cock finally and moans loudly against his lips, fire spreading throughout his body plunging him into the best high person could experience.

- Fuck! - They are both panting out of breath. William presses a sloppy kiss to Lennon’s lips and wants to move but Lennon quickly wraps his arms around William’s neck making him stay in place, starring in his eyes.

- Where do you think you’re going? - Lennon’s hot mouth kisses William. It is all tongue and spit, but so slow and consuming, so messy and stimulating and it makes William’s heart hammer furiously against his ribcage. Kissing him like this again means more than William can even dare to imagine.

- You fucked me so good. - Lennon laughs. - I’m seeing stars.

William doesn’t have the strength to say anything. His fingers are pushing Lennon’s hair behind his ear. Then they kiss lazily, gently.

William is still collapsed on top of Lennon, heat from their bodies washing over them.

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