Empty swimming pools [BxB]

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Hot like fire

When he returns from the bathroom holding two glasses of water he sees Lennon’s naked body sprawled out on the messy sheets of the bed. He seems asleep but somehow his face looks content. William smiles, puts glasses of water on the bedside table and comes back to bed with some wet wipes gently cleaning Lennon’s skin that is covered in all that cum. William made him come so hard that second time, he made such a mess all over himself. He can’t stop smiling. He decides he will try to sleep as well covering both of them with the soft duvet.

Lennon mingles in his sleep slowly turning to the side, his hand searching something. Someone. It finds William lying on his back whose body flinches at contact, and he wonders why, he just had sex with this man but his body still reacts like he’s been touched by an angel. Lennon reaches out, still half asleep and hugs him around his torso, moves one leg over William’s legs. William can’t move, he feels dizzy from the smell of Lennon’s hair splayed under his underarm and his body trapped by Lennon.

- Do you want me to leave? - Lennon quietly says nuzzling William’s side, eyes still closed. William tenses at the sound of his husky, tired voice probably dry and in need for water. Yes, you should leave.

- No, you can stay.

He shouldn’t stay, William has a girlfriend, this is only a one time thing and he doesn’t know what he is doing, but he decides he will think about it in the morning. The damage is already done, and he has Lennon a few more hours, until the morning brings back the reality.

The minutes are passing. He can’t stop looking at the side of Lennon’s face, his eyes closed, shell of his ear, shoulder covered in tattoos. He feels Lennon’s hot breath on his skin, his knee so close to William’s balls just barely touching his cock that is now growing again.
Will he ever not be turned on in the presence of this man? Minutes pass. Silence. His semi hard cock is then being pressed by Lennon’s thigh and he closes his eyes not moving. This is torture, he should be sleeping.

- Mmm - he hears Lennon from below, obviously waking up now. - Let me help you with that.

Is all Lennon says moving only his hand under the covers. As Lennon brings his cock to life he looks down at his strong back now uncovered and the junction between the contours of his shoulders. There’s a big tattoo of a picture frame covering the whole back, just the round frame with nothing in the middle of it, and William is wondering. Lennon looks at him from where he is lying.

- I’m thirsty, would you pass me that water please?

- S.. sure.

William almost drops the glass, he is only focused on Lennon’s right hand on his hard cock and Lennon’s eyes and then Lennon’s mouth drinking almost the whole glass of water.
He is in heaven when Lennon leans towards William’s hips and takes him in his mouth, cold from the water he just drunk. Encouraged by Lennon’s own growing member he reaches out and touches his bare ass, his finger moves towards his entrance.
Lennon shudders in pleasure still working on William’s cock, with hands and mouth simultaneously. Soon William adds another finger, Lennon is still open for him, still eager, pushing himself onto William’s fingers. Wants more of William in him.
There is no end to this. They can’t get enough of each other. William moans loudly and warns he is close. Lennon suddenly moves, straddling William now with an almost juvenile desperation that just makes William’s insides tingle.

- Get the condom. - William hears him say with shaky breath.

- You want to ride me?

- Mhm. - there’s so much heat begging to be released. William ungraciously reaches for it on the bedside table.

- Here, I’ve got it.

- Your cock is my new inspiration. I will write songs about it. - Lennon says while putting the condom on William, then some lube and then positioning himself on the tip of it. William just stares.

- This is madness.

William is sure he will die right then and there. Lennon’s hard length bouncing up and down right there in front of him, flushed red tip and defined veins.
The sexy moans and noises that he’s making. The way he’s chasing his own orgasm, using William’s dick, like he just discovered a new toy that is giving him the best possible pleasure and he wants to use the most of it.
Lennon leans forward as he rides him, his palms pressed flat on William’s chest and says rightthererightthererightthere.
William’s orgasm surprises him and he can’t control it, it comes in waves and seems it will never stop completely, just seeing Lennon on display like this for him.
Seconds later Lennon comes too, hard, untouched, panting and whimpering. Cum spills from his slit, down the shaft of his dick. William feels it hot and thick all over his abs and pecs because Lennon’s dick keeps sputtering as he continues to cum, his whole body shuddering with weak little aftershocks.

- Jesus.... - William laughs in disbelief. And minutes pass it seems when Lennon manages to speak again.

- I know.

- I have a feeling you will be quite sore tomorrow. - He holds Lennon’s sweaty face with both of his hands when he loses balance.

- Shit I forgot I have a rehearsal with the band tomorrow morning. - Lennon is still trying to catch his breath.

- What time?

- 10 o’clock.

- That’s unfortunate, you could have stayed, sleep in. - William offers without thinking through. Lennon moves from laying on top of him, slowly pulling William out of him which makes him wince with a smile on his face.

- I doubt I could ever just sleep with you if we’re in the same bed. You’re the best sex I ever had. - William laughs loudly at that but doesn’t reply that he feels the same.

- I feel special, a lot of competition to beat out there I guess. - he peels off the condom slowly.

- Woah. Is that what you think of me?! - Lennon flops exhausted next to William.

- Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that, just thought, being a hot rock star and all you meet more people. Like Fuckbuddy NYC. - he smiles and it looks like Lennon is blushing at the mention of that guy - What are the chances that I got the top-ranking spot for best sex over them. - William can’t hide that all those people before him that had a bit of Lennon annoy him and thinks of fucking him again just so he forgets all of his ex lovers.

- No, I’m not offended. I’m not denying that I have sex with people. I like sex. People not so much. So I guess...I just take the sex and leave. It does sound sluty but I don’t think relationships are something I can do. Don’t think anyone could stand being in a relationship with a fuck up like me anyway. I can barely live with myself. - he laughs bitterly.

- You seem like you get along with everyone, I mean I think you’re easy to be around.

- Hmm... I’m usually drunk so I can be like that, so I can tolerate and be tolerated. - he laughs to himself- People are dull. I don’t think I met anyone that intrigued me, challenged me. They all say they want to know me but I’m sure that as soon as they did they would run for the hills, so I’m just saving them from the disappointment and giving them the best part - sex. - Lennon says casually, but William is not buying it completely. How can someone so interesting, artistic, intelligent think they can’t offer anything to a partner on a deeper level then just sexual?

- Well you’re still young, when the right person shows up you’ll just know.

- The right person? - then Lennon looks at William deep in thought.

- I guess I thought I found that right person but look at me right now. Don’t know what the fuck am I doing. - William’s mood suddenly starts changing after he remembers he was unfaithful.

- Do you regret this?

- I should regret this but I don’t. - he says truthfully and takes Lennon’s hand intertwining their fingers. Lennon looks at their hands.

- Let’s not think about what will this mean tomorrow yeah? Come on, I desperately need a shower. Wanna join me? - Lennon seductively raises his eyebrows and starts pulling William’s hand.

- I’ll be there in a minute.

William sits up checking Lennon out on his way to the bathroom. The small lamp mixed with the lights of the city are reflecting off his tired but beautiful skin, William is smiling when he sees him walking awkwardly, probably feeling discomfort, Lennon will feel that for a few days he hopes. A reminder of William inside him.
Is he going mad? He’s never been possessive of anyone like this before. Besides, the conversation they had about all the meaningless sex Lennon is having is constantly on the back of his mind and should really put him off.

When he joins Lennon in the large shower he tries to keep his hands to himself, even though he can’t stop looking now that the lights are bright. They talk about random things because sex is out of the question now after they spent all their energy on it. And it’s not awkward, not at all, it’s like they’ve done this so many times. After they’re finished Lennon wraps himself in a white towel and stays some more time in the bathroom to dry his hair and brush his teeth with the hotel toothbrush William gives him. William waits for him on the bed in clean underwear and t-shirt flicking through channels on TV.

- What’s the time? - Lennon asks him approaching the bed.

- It’s half 4. I closed the curtains so we can try and sleep a bit.

- Ok I will try but you’ll probably wake up with my mouth on your cock at some point.

- You have a filthy mouth you know, gonna make me hard again. - William laughs turning to Lennon who drops the towel and climbs the bed naked, wrapping himself in a duvet. William can’t stop and leans over him, playfully licks his nose.

- You have filthier, Mr.Hamilton-Smith and that is something I definitely didn’t see coming . - William laughs at that loudly. - No pun intended.

And then Lennon is smiling, all teeth and dimples, William’s face is above him, only inches away. Their noses gently touch and William moves his head down slightly pressing his lips to Lennon’s. He kisses him back, their mouths opening slightly to deepen the kiss, it’s minty fresh and sexy but they leave it there. William brushes his cheek with the tip of his finger, then his eyebrow, then the beauty mark just underneath his plump, pink bottom lip. There’s something strangely familiar about that beauty mark that’s been in the back of William’s mind since the moment he saw Lennon. But he moves along, his finger tracing the black letters of his tattoo on his collarbone next. Maggie Mae. Lennon takes a deep breath after William touches it and closes his eyes, shivering.

- Someone important? - William asks after seeing how much his attention to this tattoo affects Lennon.

- That was my sister’s name. - he says after a few seconds, still not opening his eyes. There’s a story there,he said it in the past tense.

- Your parents really love The Beatles huh? - William smiles after he realizes that was a Beatles song and well, the name Lennon is pretty obvious. Lennon opens his eyes and they are the saddest shade of blue and green, like looking into the depths of an ocean, like a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea.

- Yeah. My mum loved The Beatles. She and dad met at the Beatles tribute band concert. - and before William could say anything to that, Lennon interrupts him with a quick kiss to his lips and pulls away under him, making himself comfortable in the bed, letting him know conversation about that topic is over. With the way Lennon talks about his family in the past, William doesn’t want to push it. It’s not his place anyway. They’re not even friends. They’re nothing.

- Sleep William. - Lennon reaches for his phone and sets his alarm, William eyes feel heavier and heavier, his mind goes into free fall, swirling with a beautiful chaos of a new dream. Dream that morning never comes.


When William opens his eyes he is confused by the warmth of the body in front of him. He can see a broad back lying on the side and soft dark hair everywhere.Lennon. He’s spooning Lennon, and morning sun creeps in through the curtains reminding him that this is almost over and that he might not see Lennon again. Because this was a one time thing. It probably is. Lennon does one night stands all the time and William, he has a relationship that needs to go back to. Lennon shifts slowly, taking William’s hand that was hugging him and brings it down to his cock. William realizes that Lennon is still very much naked and hard and starts massaging his cock under the covers.

- Just one more time, please. - Lennon pleads and bites his bottom lip, pushing his ass into William’s crotch, teasing, morning voice so raspy and deep that it makes William’s dick twitch.

- Fuck. Lennon. What are you doing to me? - it wasn’t a question that needed answering but Lennon replies.

- Same thing you’re doing to me.

- You will be really sore are you sure you want it again?

William’s heart was racing faster now, he was kissing his back and neck while pressing his cock against Lennon’s ass, that gorgeous perky perfect bottom, only his underwear between them.

- I don’t care, it feels so good when you fuck me. Even if it hurts it’s so worth it, believe me. Wanna feel you there all day, and tomorrow... It will remind me of this night.

Lennon groans when William pushes him harshly on his stomach and straddles him, spreading his cheeks with both of his hands and starts moving his tongue around his hole. Lennon is falling apart under him, sounds muffled by the pillow, hands fisting the sheets.

William licks and licks. Pushing in and out. Dipping the tips of his index fingers in to spread his hole more so he can drive himself deeper. The sight of it, flattering after he drags his tongue flat over it is easily one of the most arousing things he’s ever seen.

Fingers are probably leaving bruises on his skin. The night is over but he’ll make him remember. William splits him in two, this time he’s wild. Wet sounds of William’s cock bottoming out inside Lennon making his head spin.

Lennon comes hard into his own fist and all over the sheets and William groans low in his throat as Lennon clenches tightly around him, making the drag of his cock even more intense. That is what makes him come and then he crumbles like sand on top of him. They lay like that for a while, William draped limply over Lennon with his spent cock still inside him.

- Are you ok? - William manages to ask, nuzzling his face among soft hair. He’s perfect, so perfect, is all he thinks. Lennon’s alarm starts ringing from the bedside table. Reality is calling.

- Promise me I’ll see you again. - Lennon barely breathes out under William’s broad, heavy body. William is quiet too long.

- I promise.

Lennon leaves William’s hotel room in a rush, Nate was already calling him to see where he is and if he’s coming to the studio they have booked for today. They are playing a few festivals in the summer that they need to practice some covers for.

He is getting dressed and holding a phone at the same time, not an easy task because his clothes are in every corner of the very big room, eventually William only manages to quickly wave goodbye after Lennon casually grabs his naked asscheek on the way to the door and mouths call me later.

There will be later? He shakes his head after the doors are closed and can’t quite believe what actually happened last night. He remembers that he has lunch with Nina and some friends around noon in a restaurant somewhere in Soho so he should be getting ready for that soon but all he can think is Lennon and if he’s going to see him again. He told him he would, and he definitely would want to but there’s that thing called guilt that he can’t seem to get rid of.

But if he is going to hell what a perfect sin Lennon Lewis is. After all, Lennon is that type of a guy that ruins your morals, who loves to corrupt your soul. Even the devil would be hesitant.
There’s a knock on his door and he rushes to open, a smile on his face, because he cannot believe that man - he either forgot something in a rush or just decided to say goodbye properly. William wishes it’s the second, he wants another wet kiss, or touch, maybe the studio time is cancelled and they will go for another round. Jesus, William can’t remember last time he had sex this good and this many times in such a short period. Door is opened.

- What did you forg... Nina?! Hi!

William’s face transforms in a second after he sees Nina standing in front of him. It’s not possible that universe is already punishing him like this. William stands at the door, naked, not letting his girlfriend through, still in shock.
She just looks at him, seemingly not so confused by William’s nakedness, because he does tend to sleep like that occasionally. But she’s being impatient now, still standing in the hallway.

- What’s happening? Have you seen a ghost? - she questions him and walks in, her long dark brown hair in a perfect high ponytail. Wearing a Burberry trench coat and high heel Manolos she looks like she just walked out of a fashion magazine photoshoot.
William looks thoroughly fucked out.
And he literally is.

- What are you doing here? - he closes the door, then stumbles while pulling on his joggers.

- I decided to pick you up, we’re going to that lunch, remember? I just picked up some picture frames Charlotte ordered for her house, she couldn’t make it this morning. So I thought while I’m in the neighbourhood, I can come and get y.... William, are you listening to me? - William is actually listening but at the same time is scanning the room to see if Lennon left any traces.
The whole room still smells like sex and sin but maybe to William only. Two glasses on a bedside table. Lube and condoms? They were on the bedside table. Now they’re somewhere in the sheets. Sheets stained with cum. Used condoms, wrappers? Fuck. Nina is not going to that part of the room luckily but William will have to think fast.

- Why don’t you sit here and I will get ready in a second. You know what..I’m ready now.

- You’re only in your joggers. I know you like it casual but maybe you should add a t-shirt? -she laughs at him, and he smiles uncomfortably, yeah, he should wear actual clothes.

- Yeah, right.. Silly me. Wait here, I will just grab some jeans and a t-shirt. - William goes to his suitcase, and puts the first thing he finds, some jeans and a white t-shirt. Then grabs his phone and wallet. Shit, he sees a black hair elastic right there on the floor, close to where Nina is.

- You might want to bring a jacket, it’s a bit chilly this morning. London is always so cold. - Nina complains, and William goes back, reluctantly, and picks up a black hoodie. Lennon’s.
Damn it, he can’t get rid of him. He still has this piece of clothing with him, after Lennon gave it to him in New York. He will never admit that he carried it with him to possibly use it as an excuse to see him. Maybe he can use it for next time? Fuck, what is wrong with me, I just almost got caught and I’m still thinking about next time?!

Nina is watching him suspiciously now, and he does try to read her face as well, does she suspect something? Did she see something he missed?

- How was the rest of the party? - he decides to change the subject while rushing her out.

- Do you really want to know? Anyway you’ll hear all about it at lunch, Charlotte will join us there. - she replies a bit irritated, but William decides to ignore her, closes the door behind them and puts the tag on the door knob for housekeeping to clean his room.

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