Empty swimming pools [BxB]

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Inside my love

- Hey you. - Lennon says once he enters William’s black McLaren 650S and shuts the door. To say he’s impressed with the car is putting it mild. But he doesn’t comment about it, or about how many billions William has in his bank account.

- Hey.- William says carefully. He starts driving. - Where to?

- To the end of the world. If it’s with you. - Lennon jokingly starts singing these words, a song he wrote recently and William turns his head smiling. Lennon stares back, and starts smiling like a five year old.

- How does my hotel sound? It’s certainly closer then the end of the world.

- Yeah ok. It does feel like that room will be the end of me anyway.

Lennon doesn’t think after he speaks words. It’s what he wants. He doesn’t want to hide. Not tonight. William knows that anyway, he can read right through him. He always looks at Lennon like he knows him better then himself.

- Man. What are you on? - William smiles and reaches Lennon’s chin, turning his head towards him. Lennon loves the contact.

- I’m just happy Will, I’m not high. You better watch the road, beautiful, I know you like my eyes but you don’t want us to crash. - Lennon flirts.

- I can’t bloody see your eyes Lennon, you’re pupils are huge. You took E, am I right? - William questions while continuing the drive to the hotel through the busy London roads even at this time of night.

- Yeah. I just wanted to be happy again. I guess. - Lennon confesses and William is quiet, gripping harder his steering wheel.

- You are not happy? - William tone is serious.

- I am now. - Lennon says quietly, more to himself, but reaches slowly over the gear stick and gently pokes William’s thigh, innocently at first, almost like a child would, but then firmly places his hand there, not moving it. They don’t say anything else.


When they enter William’s hotel room, Lennon breathes in deeply, all the smells reminding him of the last time he was here. He is definitely coming down from the high now, but his feelings and sensations are still heightened, making him realise that he’s breathing the same air William is.

- I wasn’t here for a few days, I was staying at my sister’s place, spending some time with her because, well I go back to New York at the end of the next week. - William says to Lennon while handing him a glass of water. - You might want this.

- Thanks. You’re not judging me now because I got high? Mr posh-rich-baron’s-son? - Lennon mocks him before drinking his water. It is so cold and it feels amazing in his throat. William’s eyes look better, much better than girl’s at the bar, he thinks now, even though there is a slight surprise in them after what Lennon just said.

- Great. I guess you know who I am.

- Apparently everybody knows who you are. But me.

- That right there is the reason I didn’t tell you... - he sits down in a neatly designed lounge area. Head bowed down. Lennon sits next to him.

- In the beginning I thought you knew, I mean people from England usually recognize my last name. Also Liam could’ve told you. But soon I realized you really didn’t know so I just didn’t want to say. I liked that, liked being just some random guy.

- Random guys don’t own condos in West Village, stay in president suits of Four seasons and drive Bugatti’s. - Lennon doesn’t look at him, just picks up a remote and starts flicking through the channels.

- The Bugatti is not mine, it’s my sisters, I... - he looks embarrassed -I was in a rush to pick you up as soon as you texted so I took her car.

- You know it doesn’t really matter, William. I wouldn’t judge. Maybe you would, but I..

- I don’t judge Lennon, I’m not my father. I’m sure I started getting high out of spite way before you even knew about drugs. - William speaks firmly while they’re sitting on the sofa.

- So a rebel in the heart. Doing things just to spite your father. Some things are definitely clearer now. - Lennon muses, still interested in everything else but William next to him.

- Look. I’m sorry, ok? And I’m not seeing you to spite my dad, if that’s what you are thinking. What do you want to know about me? I didn’t actually lie about anything.

- What about your full name? - he looks at him now.

- It’s Gabriel. Gabriel William Hamilton-Smith the Second.

- Jesus. - Lennon laughs. - I like Gabriel. Can I call you Gabby now? - he’s starting to enjoy this too much.

- You can call me whatever you want, Lennon. - he looks at him with a strange spark in his eyes and Lennon tries to understand it. - I usually always use William, and my family and friends call me William because well, it’s less confusing, my father’s name is Gabriel.

- Why did you hide that?

- I don’t like it when people realise that I’m Hamilton-Smith’s son. - He begins, looking away.

- Why?

- Many reasons. They either expect me to be as good, which is impossible considering he’s one of the most successful businessmen in Europe. Or they expect me to want special treatment, throw his name around to get what I want. - William sighs. - I never used his connections. I didn’t want to work at West End because I knew people would think I only got the spot there because of my name. Not that he would ever allow me to, he hates my career in theater. - William dares to look at Lennon. - That’s why I moved to New York and started at Broadway. - it’s quiet except for Lennon’s restless fumbling with the remote. - Give me that, what are you looking for? Do you seriously want to watch TV now? - William takes the remote from him. Lennon looks at him with a soft smile.

- I just wanted some music in the background. - he says- I can still hear the buzzing from the club in my ears and it’s annoying. Sorry. I don’t care about your dad. Or who you are. It was just hard realising I don’t really know you that well.

- I ... here, I can switch bluetooth on, we can play the music from my Spotify. - William tells him and starts setting it up, then hands him his phone. - You can pick what you want to listen to.

- Thanks. - he starts scrolling on his phone - Wow, some good tunes you have here.

- I listen to music a lot, it’s always been a big part of my life. And in my family.

- Cool. Oh, you’ve been listening to my songs? - Lennon is amused after he sees some of his songs in William’s playlist. William smiles. Lennon chooses Tame Impala and plays it in low volume.

- Yeah, of course. I’m your fan.

- I don’t want you to be my fan. I want you to just be mine. - Lennon says without hesitation, leaning in.

Contact is all he wants. Breath, touch, lick. Anything as long as it comes from William. And he is closing his eyes, so close to each other, so slow, feeling the warmth of his perfect body. He doesn’t even want sex, it’s so much more than being physical.

The touch of William’s hand on his wrist, his forehead pressed to Lennon’s, the way he brushes his hair out of Lennon’s face, tucking it behind his ear. And still, he hadn’t kissed him. Not once. He is beginning to go a little crazy. But likes all of it.

- You said you needed me today. - Lennon whispers, eyes closed.

- I need you all the time, Lennon. I desire to be with you. I miss you. I feel lonely when I can’t see you. I am fascinated by you. I love how you taste, your smell, the feel of your skin touching mine. - William is pouring it all out, and he’s not even the one that is high. He is brushing his lips against Lennon’s, squeezing his hands in his lap.

- William...

- I’m sorry about the other day, I didn’t want to be a dick, I just didn’t know ...- William starts explaining, his breath on Lennon’s lips, igniting something inside.

- Shhhh... stop talking. Just kiss me. - Lennon is impatient. William leans and kisses him. It’s only a brush of his lips against Lennon’s, but it’s the sweetest kiss he’s ever received in his life.

- You’re high. - William teases him and Lennon smiles.

- You’re not and that’s not fair. - Lennon takes a little bag from his pocket and waves it in front of William’s face with a smirk. - But we can fix that.

- Weed?! Fucking hell. - they both start laughing and William gets up searching for his cigarettes so he can roll a joint. - You’re a bad influence, Lennon Lewis. This is a non-smoking room you know. - he adds.

- Well I know someone who’s insanely rich that we can borrow some money from to pay the fine.

- Hilarious. So funny. Anyway, I think they’ll look the other way, I never smoke in my room so this one time shouldn’t be a problem.

- Wait. Your room? As you actually live here?

- Yeah. I’m part owner of this hotel chain.

William gets everything he needs and sits back down on the sofa, then starts rolling the joint, mixing Lennon’s marijuana with his cigarette. He doesn’t even notice how Lennon just watches him attentively, in shock after he just said he owns this hotel while rolling a perfect blunt. And he’s realising now how many more things he learnt about him.

- What? Told you I don’t judge you for getting high. - William defends himself and lights the joint. They laugh again, they inhale, they exhale, Lennon comes closer again. They kiss.

- You know, sex is even better on weed? - Lennon says seductively.

- Can sex be any better than it already is? - William asks, licking his lips.

- It will. - Lennon leans in and starts kissing William’s neck, gently sucking on his skin.

- Mmm... You have to stop doing that, you’re going to leave a mark.

- Yeah, that was the idea. - he breathes over the wet skin leaving goosebumps. Then he stops suddenly. - What? You worry that she’s going to see it?

- Lennon...

- Do you plan on her to see you naked anytime soon then? Have you slept with her after me? - Lennon’s jealousy shows and he can’t stop it. He hates this. Why can’t he shut his mouth? He has no right.

- I’m...I’m not answering that. - William stutters and takes a drag from the joint and Lennon breaks the contact.

- I haven’t slept with anyone. Since we kissed in New York. I can’t believe it. It’s like my dick is broken, it only works with you. It’s quite sad, isn’t it?

William is still sitting on the sofa, confusion on his face, and Lennon slumps back into the soft cushions. He is ruining this, whatever this is.

- Come here.

William grabs him by the waist and brings him close, places him on top of him, so that Lennon is straddling his lap. He roams his palms over Lennon’s thighs as they tense against William.

Lennon loves his touch but he always craves for more, he needs to feel more skin. He takes his shirt off, and then starts unbuttoning William’s. Those blue eyes are following his every movement. Sometimes William can be so quiet, but says so much with his eyes.

There’s smoke around them, light from the lamp is not strong, just about right, Lennon feels emotions washing over him.

- I don’t know why I’m saying all these things. I don’t know... what I’m feeling, but there’s a lot of it. - Lennon says.

- You’re just being honest. I’m the one playing hot and cold with you.

Lennon takes the joint from William, takes a hit and holds the smoke in his mouth. He presses his lips onto William’s and opens his mouth while William sucks the smoke in. As a small but teasing smile creeps upon William’s face, goosebumps line his skin and William pulls him closer against his chest.

His hand gently glides through his hair, as he looks at Lennon in a way nobody ever looked at him before, eyes are candles in that light, a bit from weed a lot from Lennon.

And Lennon knows that look on William’s face. A look that breaks all his walls like a wrecking ball and says I know what you want Lennon, you’re needy, and desperate, and lost, and you need me to take control.

His exploring fingers are going down William’s six pack all the way to the waistband of his underwear, tracing that sinful V line that disappears in his trousers. William’s body gets him more high than drugs, he thinks.

So now that they are high on marijuana there is no turning back from the inferno in which libido and marijuana are the best of friends. Lennon’s right hand lightly grazes William’s hard on, then he takes another hit and gives the blunt back to William. With no hesitation he opens his zipper, pulls his erect cock upwards and out. William has such a beautiful cock, uncut, perfectly shaped, slightly bigger than his- and he is big, so he knows it will fill him good, he needs it stretching him. Under his constant pull it gets under that point of no return, hard and leaking.

Not long after Lennon slides down to the floor, kneeling in between his legs, he licks the tip then drags his tongue up the length, swirling around the head.

- Mmm. So sweet. This dick. Want to lick it like a fucking lollipop. - he rolls his tongue around the shaft- No. Sweeter than a lollipop. Fucking honey. Honeydick. Maybe that’s why I’m always craving you.

And then he takes it all, deep and slow. The sweet smell of William’s skin and weed is all he could focus on at first. MDMA in his bloodstream shifts focus then on the sound of William’s cock going in and out of his wet mouth and William’s whispering of his name.

Lennon wants him to scream it, not whisper. He wants to touch parts of him no one else has touched. To own a piece of him that’s yet to be discovered. He wants him to stop resisting, to let go, to shout out loud not whisper like he is hiding. William stops him before he comes, tells him to get up and take the rest of his clothes off and Lennon’s cock twitches both at William’s dominant tone and the thought of what’s to come.

As their naked bodies press against each other, Lennon nearly loses his breath. Slipping one knee between his legs, William rubs his cock against Lennon’s thigh. He loves the feeling of his dick against him, still slick from Lennon’s saliva.

- Turn around.- William whispers in his ear.

Lennon nods shakily in agreement, brow furrowed with need and then turns, William bending him over the sofa. A rush of heat washes through his body, as William moves the tip of his cock closer to his hole.
He feels William move away from him, but returns seconds after, opening the bottle of lube. He spreads his asscheeks and all Lennon thinks is finally when his slick fingers wander inside. Soon Lennon can barely contain his moans, with his lower lip bitten on between his teeth. He hears a condom being opened.

- No. - he pants- Want it without a condom. Please.

- What?

- I’m clean. Got tested as soon as I came from New York. I haven’t fucked anyone but you. I didn’t lie about that. Can you trust me? - Lennon needs this, he needs to feel as close to him as possible.

- I... I trust you. Yeah. Fuck.

- Exactly, let’s fuck. Want to feel you bare. Unless you need a condom?

- I’m definitely clean too. - William is trailing fingers softly over the bump of his ribs, dimples of his back, inked frame on his back and then he brushes his thumb over his hole.
The clean-shaven skin of his asshole flutters under his touch, he secretly wanted William to see it and like it smooth. - That’s all I’ve been imagining, Lennon. You’ve been too, m? - he spreads more lube over it, making Lennon moan.

- Wish you could see yourself. I fucking love your pretty hole, so smooth. You did this for me, Len? - and gone is his speech and his sanity. -Wanted to look sexy for me when I fuck you bare and fill you up with my cum, didn’t you?

- Yeah... - Lennon groans, barely believing that William he knows is saying all these obscenities.

- Fuck, Lennon. - Lennon can’t see him but it’s almost like William can’t believe what is happening to him. - Well I’ll give it to you.

Feeling his thick cock pushing, Lennon moans overcome with pleasure. William slides it into Lennon pulling him apart.

Lennon’s mouth drops open in surprise of how big he is, so huge, so hot, so slick, and so not like anything before. His body tingles taking all of him, it’s as if he feels William’s cock throbbing pleasurably, strangled by his tight hole.
- Fuck. You’re so tight. - William crackles with pleasure, squeezing Lennon’s ass with both hands and spreading his cheeks so he can watch his cock thrust in and out. He’s fucking him good, changing the angles to find the one that is the best for Lennon. He touches the place where they connect.

- Yeah, like that. Like that,oh, oh my god - Lennon whines as William brushes right up his sensitive spot, he is fucking him forcefully now and Lennon looses himself in sounds and smells and feelings.

William is loud all of a sudden, just as he wants him. Nearing orgasm he slides his hand up Lennon’s back grabbing his hair. Gripping enough to let him know that he is there, tugging at his tangled hair, hitting his prostate dead on continuously with each thrust.

- Lennon! You feel so, so good, baby. I’m ... So close. - William grits out, thrusting even faster, his balls slapping against Lennon’s ass - Will you come for me, baby? I wanna feel you come. - flutters in his stomach go into overdrive. Baby.

- Fuck ... Yeah, yeah... William...

Lennon can feel his body being touched in the most intimate way, but what pushes him over the edge was William calling him baby. Baby. That’s something you’d call a boyfriend not a hookup.

And he comes untouched, dripping all over the sofa, screaming into the soft cushion. Seconds later William swears as his hips pound against Lennon’s ass, and the pleasure rips right through him when wet warmth starts spreading through his hole. Baby. Baby. Baby. Am I your only baby now?

William rushes to bring Lennon’s face closer to him grabbing him for the throat, gently but firmly, so his back is pressed flush to William’s chest. - Come closer. I need you to kiss me, missed your lips.

And Lennon obeys, just as William’s softening cock slips out, both breathing heavily, skin still sensitive, colours of William’s eyes more prominent now.

- You’re beautiful. How can you be... ? I met this girl and, and thought her eyes, I thought... but, b-but... it wasn’t you.- Lennon is mumbuling against his lips, his mind swimming in that lovely shade of blue while William keeps him pinned to him with one arm across his chest.

- Shhhh.

- How could I...

- Len. Len. Shhhh... - he shushes him until he is quiet again, skin full of goosebumps.

Then he rubs his thumb on Lennon’s fucked opened hole, spreading the cum that is dripping out of it, making Lennon shiver and clench.

- Filled you up so well.

He then slides his hand around Lennon’s shoulder from behind and pushes the thumb in Lennon’s mouth. He wraps his lips around it, tasting the cum and hums with content at the taste.

- Want more?

Lennon whimpers, clearly overwhelmed, but nods eagerly.

William gently teases his finger back into his gaping hole, moans escaping his lips, as Lennon starts pushing back on William’s finger, spreading his legs wide. He’s so loose now, finger sinks right in, William brings up another finger, spits on it for good measure and then he’s sliding the second one alongside the first with a filthy sound. It’s obscene really, knowing that William’s cum is right there inside him, and he’s making it stay in his hole with his fingers. That part of him will stay there, safe and warm, after he leaves, something to try to hold onto, if only in memory.

This will continue for hours. He can’t get enough.

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