Empty swimming pools [BxB]

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Wandering romance

Drugs keep them awake and horny until Sunday afternoon. When they can’t fuck anymore, they cuddle. Or talk. The room is still very much dark, with thick curtains drawn, so they’re not reminded that the world after all is not standing still.

Messy bed is their perfect world, they are sprawled lazily, for hours, coming down from a high but content. They made a universe for themselves where only they had access.

Lennon would run his finger slowly along William’s jaw, neck, each crevasse, each line along his perfect physique. William would watch his face while he did this. It seems more intimate than kissing him is.

Then they would kiss, sometimes slow, lazy, only brushing their warm lips, then passionately and dirty, tongues fighting for dominance. As they kiss William would roll Lennon over and lie on top of him, Lennon running fingers down his spine. Lennon’s mind feels like it’s floating on a fluffy cloud. These kisses are Lennon’s salvation and his torment. He will die with the memory of them on his lips, he is sure.
Lennon would get hard usually after William whispers what would he do to him, how hard he would fuck him next or how he loved the image of his cock in Lennon’s perfect mouth. He thinks his filthy mouth is a side of William that nobody else knows but Lennon and that’s why it gets him every time. To the world he is proper and perfectly behaved but with him he is this lewd sex-crazed beast.

After those whispers William’s finger would trace the contour of Lennon’s rosy parted mouth. It is evident to Lennon that William particularly loves this part of his face, he always seems to touch his mouth, kiss it or stare at it. His beauty mark too.

For a second Lennon is lost in a simple caress and the raw desire in William’s eyes. Will he kiss him again? Lennon glares at William’s lips too, only disturbing finger on his own preventing him from being the one to steal a kiss. He had gone mad for sure because he felt the unexpected impulse to dart out his tongue and lick that finger. But William reads his mind and inserts the forefinger in Lennon’s mouth, making him suck it, then slowly pulls it out. They both moan hungerly. Lennon is intoxicated - he is intoxicating William, but it doesn’t matter. Nothing would matter after this.


- Stay another night. - William says at one point, somewhere in between licking and biting the insides of Lennon’s thighs.

- I don’t think I can get hard again. - he looks and feels absolutely wrecked but has a giant grin on his face, just lying there, catching his breath after another orgasm.

- We don’t have to have sex. - his fingers come crawling over Lennon’s stomach, while his head rests on his thigh. - Stay.

- What about...? - he can’t say the name. - I mean, isn’t this suspicious?

- She’s not here, she’s in Scotland for a few days, on a photoshoot for Vogue or something. - the fingers are now dipping in splatters of cum there, slowly spreading it out across his stomach.

- It’s not like I can move even if I wanted to.

- Want to eat? Should we order? - William asks. Lennon takes his hand, that is playing with his cum and licks one of his fingers dry.

- There. I’m full.

- You’re so fucking obscene.

William chuckles and kisses his hip bone. It’s strange and gentle and not sexual. Just sweet. Then he shuffles on the bed and lights a cigarette. He stands up to open the window and Lennon just watches him. His naked body, leaning over the window, faint street noise, spring night air mixing with the smell of sex and smoke in the room, the muscles of his back and that perfect ass lit by the glow of the television that neither of them is paying attention to.

He would like to fuck that ass but he’s just enjoying being fucked so much now that he won’t ask William about that yet. He can’t believe how comfortable he got around this man that he even let him see the most vulnerable part of him. He thought he would never want to have someone inside him again.

- Let’s order ice cream. - Lennon tells him from the bed with a smile that he’s clearly not able to contain.

- You want ice cream? Seriously? - William turns around, cigarette between his fingers with his half hard cock just hanging there. Lennon licks his lips while his eyes linger on William’s crotch.

- Mmhm.

- Okay. - William can’t help but smile too. Lennon’s heart beats hard. It’s 3 AM. He’s staying another night. Maybe two.


Lennon knows the drugs are starting to wear off after the high and however high he went he will go that low, maybe even more so. Everything was still okay while William was awake and kept him distracted.

He ordered him ice cream and some random overpriced food from the hotel restaurant and they ate in bed while watching Blue Planet. Lennon has a shower afterwards and wears William’s black knitted jumper that he finds on top of his suitcase. Just the jumper because he knows wearing underwear is pointless in this room. William is speechless after seeing him walking around like that.

They nap. William goes to the gym at some point and Lennon sends him pictures of him touching himself.

William comes back with coffees but they go cold because he rushes straight to bed, rolls Lennon over and slaps his naked ass really fucking hard few times.

He spreads him open and licks his hole while Lennon is still wearing William’s jumper and smells like his cedarwood shower gel. William licks up and down, twirls his tongue around the rim, pushes it in and out of his hole as if he can’t get enough.

Lennon’s mind is dizzy, back arching as William spits right on his hole pushing one of his fingers inside of him. Then another one. Then pushes his tongue inside in between them. When William rubs the nerves inside, he shakes and moans and just before he’s incredibly close William pulls his fingers and tongue out leaving Lennon whimpering desperately into the mattress. He wants to cry how intense all this is.

- Wanna come. Make me come. Can you... Where the fuck are you...William? P- Please? -

He whispers or yells, the tip of his dick so red, leaking because of intense stimulation. His asscheeks are still burning a bit from that spanking and that just adds more fuel to the fire.

- You were doing just fine without me while I was out. So finish yourself off then.

William walks of to the bathroom, seemingly not bothered but once he hears Lennon’s moans from the bed, now lying on his back, erection in his fist and pushing the black fuzzy jumper up his belly, searching for his nipple, he is quick to come back, swearing at his own lack of self-control.

Lennon gasps at sudden feel of William’s wet mouth, involuntary bucking his hips into it, and he is quick to find his release, tossing his head back into the sheets, hair falling into his face, sperm filling William’s mouth as he proceeds to bob his head up and down.

He’s too sensitive, chest heaving, toes curling and slowly William pulls off, allowing Lennon’s dick to slip from his lips then moves up, hovers above his face - just staring into each other’s eyes. Without warning William leans down for a kiss, pushing his tongue into Lennon’s mouth. Taste of his own cum on his tongue makes his brain swim in a new wave of arousal, and he moves his lips against William’s.

William smirks when Lennon swallows, lust and something else burning in his eyes.

- Want yours too. - Lennon murmurs breathlessly, chasing after William’s lips, hands trying to find erection in his track pants.

- You sure, beautiful? I need to shower, I just came from the gym.

He says in between small gentle kisses. Lennon nods as he licks his lips, still tasting himself. William smiles into the kiss and swiftly moves on the bed positioning himself just above Lennon’s face.

- So dirty... Just can’t get enough, can you? -

He is brushing Lennon’s swollen, wet lips with the tip of his cock, he’s still fully clothed in his gym wear with only his erection out. Lennon is begging with his eyes. He pokes his tongue to lick the tip.

- Fuck. That mouth of yours. So pretty. Pretty baby. - Lennon is hypnotised when he hears the pet name. - You want this dick?

He pushes it slowly into his mouth, but pulls out quickly and starts jerking himself off at a brutal pace, only the tip touching Lennon’s opened lips at times. In the daylight peeking through the windows, he looks ethereal when he releases on Lennon’s face and mouth. Their moans echo against the walls.
After they clean themselves up they kiss. Lots of kissing. Sweet honey kisses.

He doesn’t know what day it is or what time. But now William has fallen asleep and all Lennon can feel is emptiness. He can’t sleep, all he can do is look at William’s beautiful sleeping face and wants to cry. He knows deep down it is the drugs making him feel that way, his brain feel-good chemicals have been used up, serotonin and dopamine will take a few days to replace, but he can’t control it.

Then there is ringing from William’s bedside table and when Lennon reaches for it to silence it so it doesn’t wake William up, the name on the screen actually makes him cry.

One tear, or two he can’t tell, but there they are, falling from his tired eyes. There is a picture there too, behind her name, William is smiling and she is kissing his cheek, they look genuinely happy. All of a sudden he feels disoriented, confused, wiping off the tears so William doesn’t see. His mind is becoming an icy wasteland, the wind howls in his soul and wraps icy tentacles around his heart so tightly it almost stops beating. He sits there, longing for his touch again, even though he is right next to him.

His heart aches as he realises - his very first love is actually not his.

All he can do now is leave, because he can’t allow another break down when William wakes up. So he takes a pen and paper and writes a little note for him, gets dressed quickly and leaves the room.
His whole life smells like William, he realises walking out of the hotel. This will take time. Undoing him from Lennon’s blood.

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