Empty swimming pools [BxB]

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Champagne supernova

Rolling over with a soft moan, William reaches for him, wanting to wrap his arm around him. Lennon’s skin felt so good against his hand last night, his ass resting against William’s torso and igniting new sparks of flame. William’s body responds just thinking about him and things they’ve done.

It’s too much sometimes. It’s not like William doesn’t have experience, before Nina he had partners, he wasn’t a stranger to casual hookups and one night stands, he had another girlfriend but it didn’t last long. So he is definitely not shy in the bedroom. But he’s certainly never been like this before. Lennon is bringing out of him the side he never knew existed.

It’s like he wants to own him, ruin him for anyone else.

Fucking him without a condom was such a stupid thing to do, but it’s as he was under a spell. Lennon needed it so much, wanted to fill some emptiness inside of him that William knows exists, so naturally William was there to give him what he needed. It should’ve been wrong and twisted but it felt so natural.

Has this bed always been this big? He wants to have him near. He won’t fuck him again because he worry it will be painful - there was times when they were rough. A stab of guilt cuts through him. He wants Lennon to recover, maybe draw him a bath or ask the receptionist to book him a spa day.

His hand travels over the bed, and William opens his eyes. He is gone. Running his hands through his messy bed hair, he gulps back a groan. He is still so tired, because they only managed to catch short bursts of sleep in between the fire. At least he slept, he isn’t sure about Lennon.

He feels spent, yet euphoric. He runs his fingers over the pillow and remembers, his eyes closing as the sweet ecstasy of the last couple of nights penetrates the corners of his brain. He is not sure what time it is or when Lennon left and he can’t help but wonder why he did it without saying goodbye.

When he gets up to open the thick dark curtains William notices the note.

Your sex is fire. Your kiss is lava. You fucking ruin me. I’d willingly burn up in your flames, melt in your arms and suffocate with your breath if it meant I would see you again before you go back to New York. There’s an event on Saturday evening, Radio One Annual Gala that I have to attend and it would be nice if we can meet there. LL

Lennon’s handwriting makes his heart skip a little and there’s no doubt that Lennon Lewis is one of the most underrated lyricists in the world at the moment. If William was a teenage girl he is sure he would put the note in his diary. Together with the cinema ticket. He’s in too deep. After checking his phone he decides to call Nina, Lennon’s note still in his hand.

- Hey, where are you all day? - he can hear from the other side of the phone, guilt building up somewhere in his stomach. Closing his eyes, he gets ready to say another lie. He is a bastard, he knows, but he can’t fight the demon inside him.
He’s been messaging her a few times during these days but always short and without interest.

He wonders what went wrong, he was happy with her and his life was normal before this. He thought normal is what he needed.

He hated his life before New York. In school he was a miserable teenager who hated his rich friends, rich school and everything about being his father’s son. When he was 12 or so he was getting in the car, his dad’s driver ready to drive him to school. But his shirt wasn’t tucked in. It was one of the biggest fights they ever had. Things like appearance were very important to his father but it seemed like he never cared who he was on the inside. He was never allowed to do things that he truly enjoyed, like acting in school plays or going to the skate park with friends that aren’t from his rich school. First time his father saw him come home drunk he slapped his face and grounded him for a week. After that William just started getting better at annoying his father by drinking more, smoking more, getting high more.

When he was 18 he met Arthur in one of the rehearsals at the Royal academy of dramatic art which he attended, and the only reason his father allowed that school was because his mother asked him to on her deathbed.

He knew he liked Arthur the same way he liked his ex girlfriend. He wasn’t denying it, he went for it. Wasn’t ashamed when soon the whole school found out because he wasn’t actually hiding - they made out in the hallways at occasions and had quickies in the toilets. Being with the same sex wasn’t actually that strange in his school - the school was in London, where it was all normal and accepted but when his father found out, then it all went to hell. He made sure William regretted it - by beating the life out of him. Also he made sure Arthur never stepped his foot in the same University which made William cry more than the bruises on his body. So when he moved to New York at the age of 23 and met Nina it finally seemed that his life was normal. Peaceful and without drama. Like it never was before, like he desperately needed it to be.

But then he meets Lennon, and his mind is on him. Every. Fucking. Minute.

He makes William lose control. Lennon shook his hardened exterior and made William want him. It shouldn’t have happened; wasn’t in his plans. Lennon wasn’t in his fucking plans. And, yet, when he is alone, the only thing that consumes his thoughts is Lennon, so as soon as Nina left for Scotland he was quick to message him.

All he wants is to listen to the delicious noises he makes while he fucks him. To feel Lennon’s flesh around his as he comes for him, over and over again.

That alone is worth attending a Radio One Annual Gala for. He could have said no, but something inside of him wanted to see Lennon in his natural surroundings, outside these four walls. If William was smart, he’d play sick and not go, but something darker inside of him wanted to see him around other people, in public. These feelings demanded to be explored, even as his mind warned him of the consequences. He considered the consequences, and, yes, they scared him. Lennon was pushing his boundaries, pushing his self-control.

- So Nina, I was thinking, I kind of changed my mind about that event. I know I said I don’t want to come with you but it would be nice.

- Oh really? Not too tacky for you anymore? - Nina jokes on the phone, using William’s words to describe the event that will most likely have all of the important and not so important celebrities of the British pop culture. When she told him cast from her show was invited and attending, William not so politely declined, calling it tacky wannabe celebrities shit show.

- I still think that. But you know.. It’s free booze.

- Like you can’t afford it? You have a bottle of Dom Perignon that’s worth 8.000 pounds.

- 8.600 actually. And it’s in my father’s house. I don’t really want anything from that place. - William says.

- You’re unbelievable. But yeah, we’ll go, I really wanted to. And I have this perfect gown for it. We’ll have fun on our last night before going back home.

Nina says and her words are fading away while William brushes his fingertips over letters written on the piece of paper. He buries his face again in the pillow greedily drinking in their intermingled smells until his chest feels ripped open and his throat aches. I don’t belong with him, but I want it so badly he thinks.

He is tempted to allow Lennon’s seduction. His kisses pushed him further, consuming his mind with a desire that scared him, and yet exhilarated him at the same time. It will be the last time he sees him before returning to New York which is good, because he needs to get away from him, and fast. Lennon is quicksand, and William is sinking.


Under the moonlight the avenue lays still. A warm but rainy day in May is now replaced by a cool breeze and William saunters under the trees with a Saint Laurent jumper dangling from his arm. He walks between the pools of streetlight, on the footpath that leads to the venue, Nina holding his arm, her high heels on the pavement still wet from rain, the only sound. A pair of headlights come blinding them temporarily, but then another one comes behind and they could now see dozens of people stepping out of their cars or taxis, dressed up, walking towards the event inside. Once inside they greet a few people and photographers take pictures of them that will end up in tomorrow’s gossip columns.

The room is buzzing with excited chatter. The music grows louder as they walk in silence. Glittering chandeliers remind him of the life he was born into. Being inside this place with Lennon somewhere under the same roof, is driving him insane.

Nina says they should go and find the table where her friends are sitting but then in the sea of people he sees him. William stands there with his eyes locked onto Lennon.

William swallows the lump that swiftly fills his throat as Lennon’s turquoise eyes sweep the room and land on William. He is decked out in a black velvet suit and black shirt slightly unbuttoned showing his tattooed chest. He is blowing his mind.

William has to remember how to breathe as he takes the stairs. When he and Nina reach the bottom of the stairs, Lennon walks over, his eyes roaming over William’s body hungrily. His sexy grin is blinding, his jaw moving in a slow, wicked way as he is chewing on a gum and William nervously looks at the ground, not knowing what is Lennon planning to do or say in front of Nina. He shouldn’t be looking at him like that in front of her.

But Lennon pulls her in a tight embrace and tells her how beautiful she is, he then compliments her dress and even guesses the designer. Anthony Vaccarello let me keep the dress after the Vogue shoot she says proudly but Lennon then says Anthony is a good friend of mine, been chasing me for months to model for his autumn winter campaign but I’m not into modelling anymore. William can swear that he senses a bit of jealousy and competition in the casual name dropping or in the way he said how gorgeous she looked.

Then he hugs William, gently squeezing the jumper at his back, a gesture that Nina can’t possibly see and William tenses, under his touch.

- Nice to see you in London, William. - Lennon says convincely, pulling away from the hug.

- Nice to see you too. - time for what William does best - acting.

- I’m here with the band, we’re just there at the bar. - Lennon points at Nate, Sam and Jorja laughing at something.

- Awesome. Glad to see you all again, let’s catch up?

Nina says excitedly and Lennon and William exchange worried looks. William knows Lennon’s face well, even though they haven’t spent that much time together, he can read his face easily. There are so many feelings there - nervousness, fear, sadness, confusion, but he is trying so hard to stay composed and put his best Lennon Lewis act.

William wants to tell him something, to comfort him, explain that he too is confused, scared but that he came anyway. He came because of him. He doesn’t know why, probably to torture both of them more. Because it is madness to come to an event with your girlfriend when you know your lover will be there.

Nina is almost desperately holding his hand, almost like she knows that if she lets go William will run away from her. Maybe it is all in William’s imagination, he is not thinking clearly at that particular moment - hundreds of conversations told in loud voices, all of them competing with loud pop music, Lennon and one of his tattoos on his chest shyly showing under the shirt, a tattoo that William now knows every line and shade of.
Then they move and go to talk with the guys from the band at the bar, William and Lennon successfully ignoring talking to each other. Jorja is looking smugly between them and William thinks that she knows. He regrets coming here now because there will be no chance for him to talk with Lennon alone. He decides it’s time to walk away.

- Nina, I think we should go and say hi to your friends.

- Oh yeah, the whole crew is there. Well, it was great to see you guys. - Nina flashes her pearly white smile. -Let me know when you’re in New York again.

- Definitely. Enjoy the champagne! - Nate winks and raises his glass.

- Oh. Lennon. - Nina abruptly turns back around and William’s heart sinks to the floor. - Since you’re such a big fan of the series, why don’t you join us, I can introduce you to the cast, they are all here, most of them I think? - Nina says all of a sudden and William closes his eyes in frustration. Please say no Lennon, please say no - he thinks.

- I...I don’t ..I might come a bit... later. It’s .. - Lennon sees William’s face and tries to escape but Nina grabs his hand.

- Oh, come on. Just have one drink with us. You guys don’t mind? - she turns to the rest and Jorja and Nate look at each other with a knowing grin, saying that they definitely don’t mind, while Sam stays quiet like he really doesn’t care or knows what they are even talking about.

- Sure, yeah, one drink. Why not. - Lennon says and doesn’t look at William, but smiles gently at Nina.

It’s going to be a long night, William thinks.

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