Empty swimming pools [BxB]

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The knowing

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so William grabs the first glass of champagne that he sees. Nina shoots him a warning look but he can’t care less if again she has a problem with him drinking. He really wants to let go of her hand now but he’s afraid that she might suspect something.

Maybe he wants for her to suspect. Maybe they should fight and then it will all be out, he would not have to lie anymore. The thought crosses his mind as he watches Lennon shaking hands with Nina’s friends, murmuring hey, how are you-s , being all lovely and charming, obviously happy to meet some of the familiar faces he likes watching on tv screen.

- Oh my God, look who the cat dragged in. The one and only, Mister Lewis! - William and Lennon both look in the direction of this loud voice.

- Oh. Hey Matty. You alright, mate? - Lennon smiles once he recognizes a young man in white shirt with black bow tie and ridiculously curly ginger hair. Lennon reaches out his hand but Matty has different plans and goes straight in for a hug - all that creates a really awkward embrace but Matty laughs at that so loud and grabs Lennon’s face with both of his hands, kissing his cheek.

- Oh you know I like to cuddle Lennon, why would you deny me that!

Lennon winks at that, they both smile. William takes a sip of his champagne, a big sip - Matty fucking Sinclair. William was never a big fan of this pretentious loud actor and reality star that he met on Nina’s set once, when she was filming a season of her TV series in New York last year, and now even more. Lennon doesn’t seem to mind talking to him, they obviously know each other, but there is something more there and he can’t help but look at the two of them, trying to figure it out.

William himself is on his third glass already and trying to keep a conversation with Nina and one of her other colleagues not far away from where Lennon and Matty are sitting. He can clearly hear Matty’s obnoxious laugh and see the way he is casually placing his hand on Lennon’s leg while explaining something dramatically. The way Lennon’s nearly half-unbuttoned shirt is showing his nipples when he moves is making matters worse. Matty’s face is lit up brighter than a toothpaste commercial and he has that soft look on his face.

He fancies Lennon.

As soon as William realises that he can’t stop looking at their interaction, something strange boiling inside of him. He really needs a cigarette now to calm his nerves but that means he has to go outside and there’s no chance in hell he will leave.
Lennon is watching him too. He nods at whatever Matty says to him, but every now and then he will look at William with worried eyes.

And it is like William can’t look away, he stares right back at him, paralysed in place. If anyone would look closer, they could see the perfected mask of pretense crumbling down and raw emotions taking over. If anyone would listen carefully, they could hear the cries buried down deep beneath the fake laughs. Then there is a vibration in his pocket and he notices Lennon getting up and leaving the table, fixing his long hair with his hand, disappearing in the crowd. William waits a few minutes and quickly reads the message when Nina isn’t looking; it is from Lennon.

- Excuse me, I’ll quickly pop to the loo. - William says while pecking Nina’s cheek.

- I love how your accent becomes stronger when we’re in the UK. - Nina holds him still, not letting him leave yet. She stares at his face, wandering. - I love you. Don’t be long. - she says whispering, almost desperate, pleading. William just smiles, confused by how clingy she is all evening, they were never like this, like those couples.

- I had too much champagne don’t worry, it’s only number one, I’ll be quick. - he tries to joke, and chuckles, but she doesn’t seem to find that funny, only kisses his lips before letting him go. William shakes it off and goes towards the men’s toilets where Lennon’s text said he will wait for him. Leaving Nina behind. Watching him with glassy eyes.

When William enters the toilets he spots Lennon in the far end, washing his hands in one of the last sinks. He can see two more men in there but luckily he doesn’t recognize them. And unless they are into Broadway theater or the family tree of baron Hamilton-Smith, he’s sure they won’t recognize him either .

- It’s about time. - Lennon’s face frowns when William approaches him, still looking at his own hands under the water.

- What? I couldn’t just leave at the same time as you. It would’ve been obvious. - William says quietly, turning around to make sure that nobody’s listening.

- I doubt anyone could’ve noticed anything happening between us. She was holding your hand all fucking night, just to make sure everyone knows how in love you are.

Lennon raises his voice, and turns off the faucet. He looks at William’s reflection in the mirror. William stares at his boyish features, gorgeous with his cheeks flushed and his big blue-green eyes flashing murderous intent. In spite of the fact that he is clearly not here for a quick make out session, William’s gut tightens in anticipation of the sparks that are imminent.

- You don’t get to do this, Lennon. You were all touchy feely with that prick Sinclair right in front of my nose! - William cocks an eyebrow and crosses his arms over his chest. Lennon’s eyes narrow and his cheeks flush even more, then he stands in front of him, at that moment two men leave the toilet.

- What? You didn’t like that, did you? - Lennon questions.

- You two obviously have a history, it’s so bloody evident. He was all over you and you played along, Lennon!

- He’s just a friend. There’s no history there. I told you, I haven’t been with anyone since I met you. Oh. - a bitter little sneer twists up his mouth. -Were you maybe jealous,William? Do you actually care enough to be jealous? Hah? Do you?! Do you care, William? - he stomps a foot, then looks even more furious when he realizes he’d done it.

- Be quiet Lennon, for fucks sake. Someone can come in.

- I don’t fucking care. - Lennon fists clench.

- I care. - William says quietly, looking at Lennon’s face up close.

- I know, you are so worried that you’ll get caught cheating on your girlfriend but let me tell y...

- I care... shut up Lennon, damn it! I care about you! I do care. - Lennon frowns in confusion. All William can think about is how stunning Lennon is in his anger. He closes his eyes and tries to focus. Lennon starts to talk again.

- Fuck William, this is.. -

But then William cups his face and silences him with his lips. The kiss is gentle, comforting at first, but William presses into it, opening his mouth in invitation. Lennon surrenders with a moan, thrusting his tongue inside to tangle with William’s. The kiss escalates quickly, becoming a desperate, carnal coupling that had them both panting. They break a kiss as soon as they hear the door being opened, and William pushes Lennon into one of the toilet stalls at the speed of light, closing the doors behind him.

William stares down at the face that he knows more intimately than his own now. Of their own volition, his hands lift to cup each side of Lennon’s face and his breath hitches audibly, coming in short, hot bursts that are sexy as hell. His eyes drop to William’s lips. William watches Lennon’s lips part, so soft and inviting, and he can’t contain a groan.

The next thing he knows, their mouths are fused again. His lips against Lennon’s, not gently, not asking. Taking.

He nudges Lennon’s mouth open with pressure from his own, plunging in with a demanding sweep of his tongue. He thrust his tongue back in for more, all thoughts of caution - of self-preservation gone. He has to have more. He has to taste this mouth. Has to devour it and possess it and -

William backs off abruptly, gasping for air. He closes his eyes and curses. Lennon blinks rapidly, his lips parted and flushed and tempting.

- God, Lennon. - William’s voice is so deep and hoarse. - I’ll never get enough of you.

Lennon blushes. William traces his lip lightly with the tip of his finger. It pouts slightly, William gazes so intently at each divot of that lip, as if it could tell him everything he doesn’t know. And he doesn’t want to look up. Because if he looks up, he may find himself at the mercy of questioning eyes, pleading, begging to know what he is doing, and William is not at liberty to say because he simply does not know. Do I love him? He cannot form an answer with his lips because he is so focused on Lennon’s.

They are still locked inside a damn toilet stall, and William wonders why an important moment like this has to happen in a toilet. At least it’s clean, he thinks.

- I hate that I’m such a drama queen. Sorry I snapped. I .. hate seeing you with her. Fuck, I hate admitting that to you too. - Lennon whispers because there are people outside talking - luckily this stall is very private, with no gaps under the stalls revealing people’s feet.

- Lennon..

- Let me show you how sorry I am. Please. Let me. Yeah?

He reaches for William’s cock, that is already hard and pressing into Lennon’s hip. William blinks and is struck by the desperation in Lennon’s voice. Then Lennon settles himself on his knees in front of William. He unzips his trousers, grabbing it with both hands and holding on tight while he sucks the fat head into his mouth and groans loudly. Latched on tight, the pop when he pulls off is loud and wet.

- Ohmygod, fuuuck... - William can’t believe what is happening, when only five minutes earlier they were having an argument.

- Love how you taste, love making you come. - he breathes, licking and mouthing the precome from William’s crown before sucking him down again.

- I can’t believe you’re doing this now. You’re... Fuck. Lennon, baby... You’re crazy. - he says when he looks down and sees Lennon looking spaced out on his cock, possibility of someone hearing them there heightening the arousal.

- Mhm...- Lennon breathes out, looking up at William. - Crazy about you.

- I’m crazy about you too. So gone. Ah ... -

William chokes out, throat closing on the depth of emotion that comes rushing through him. He slams harder once, twice into the back of his throat, burying Lennon’s nose into the light hair above his cock. God, he needs more. Or he needs to stop. He isn’t sure anymore.

- This is too good. You are too good... to let go. I .. fuck!

Lennon is relentless - sucking and licking and suddenly he reaches behind his balls, starting to circle gently around his hole. William is mindless, quivering mass of raw nerves when Lennon pushes a wet finger into him, sliding along his walls, not much, just enough to push him over the edge.

He screams into his sleeve to silence himself and freezes for a split second before coming wildly in Lennon’s mouth, while jet after jet of semen shoots from his cock. Lennon groans roughly, taking it all in.

William weak on his legs, drops to his knees on the floor, sags weakly in Lennon’s hold, panting as tremors continue to wrack his body after Lennon carefully slides his finger from William’s clenching hole. He rocks them, lovingly petting William’s back and nuzzling into his neck. William kisses the top of Lennon’s head and brushes his cheek over the soft curls of hair, breathing in the scent of him.

- That was amazing. You are amazing - William whispers, fruity smell of his hair making him more dizzy. Nothing matters. The fucking toilet. The time they are gone.

- I hope you didn’t mind - my wandering fingers. - Lennon smiles in William’s neck, still not moving from their embrace.

- No, of course I didn’t mind. I loved it. Fuck. It felt.. I don’t know, I would try anything with you. I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to top. At all.

William confesses and Lennon laughs, slowly pulling away from the hug, taking toilet paper to wipe the remaining cum from William’s crotch.

- You know I love when you take control. It feels almost liberating. But we can try that too. - Lennon talks while focusing on cleaning up. - We will try it? - he then asks shyly, carefully dragging every word.

- We will.

- But you’re going to New York? And..

- I will talk to Nina. I have to. As soon as I get to New York...

- Well obviously, you can’t do it now, can you? It would be kind of awkward if you sit next to each other on the plane tomorrow. -

William smiles at his words, he cups Lennon’s cheek and pulls him closer, making him drop tissues on the floor, his lips lingering over Lennon’s, not kissing just breathing each other in. Strawberries and fancy champagne.

- Yeah, I already feel like a dick for cheating on her, the least I can do is break up with her normally, without drama. Yeah?

- Of course. I agree. Yeah... - Lennon’s eyes are twinkling, he nudges his nose against his, and William feels all giddy inside.

- And then I can come back to see you again, once I have my days off. Or you can come visit. Whenever. -

William is smiling. This feeling is so strange; it stretches throughout his whole body. It’s overwhelming, yet makes him feel complete. It feels right. All the things he’s saying - it feels right.

- Well...My schedule is full next two weeks, in studio recording, and a couple of radio interviews. But...

- Then I’m coming back to London to see you. And in the meantime I expect lots of those dick pics you like to tease me with. - Lennon snorts, his fingertips playing with the short hair of the back of William’s neck.

- Okay. So.. this is only goodbye for now?

- A very, very nice goodbye for now.- they both laugh. - Hey, what about you? - William asks, pressing his palm against Lennon’s crotch.

- I ... well, I came already. Just having your big dick in my mouth does it. - Lennon admits, shaking his head in embarrassment, and standing up to try to clean himself. William laughs again, zips his trousers and before leaving the stall he pecks Lennon’s lips, soft, barely there, a feather like touch, because even though he’s leaving tomorrow he gets to kiss him soon again. He will kiss him again. He will make him his.

- I’ll go wash my face while you clean yourself up. See you outside.

Lennon and William seem to be in their own world when they leave the men’s toilet. Did they think they are still in the safety of William’s lush hotel room where nobody could see them? Probably. Because smile on his face is dumb and obviously result of misbehaving and Nina is standing in front of him, right outside the toilet door.

Then her look turns to Lennon, his hair is as wild as the jungle, untamable and unruly, his lips sinfully red with a boyish grin.

William certainly knows how Lennon looks after sex, that is one more thing he loved about him. He would always look destroyed, flushed cheeks and swollen lips. The fact that he is the one who would make him that way, turned William on even more.

She knows what’s in front of her. White knuckles from clenching her fist too hard, and gritted teeth from effort to remain silent. Her face is red with suppressed rage. William has never seen Nina look that way.

His facial expression sinks faster than the speed of sound, his skin becomes icy and pale as white itself.

Is he even breathing? It is over, and even though he was planning to tell her everything and confess his feelings for Lennon, this is not the way he wanted it to happen. Nina doesn’t deserve this. The humiliation.

- Nina.

He tries to tell her that he is sorry, but nothing else comes out. A single tear slides down from her warm, chocolate-coloured eyes, followed by another one, and another one, until soon, a steady stream of salty tears flows it’s way down her cheek, releasing the sadness. Releasing the truth.

She runs for the door, her pointy-toed stilettos click-clack on the shiny floor and William looks desperately at Lennon, like he is asking him what he should do. Lennon looks as confused as William and before he can say anything, William turns around and goes in Nina’s direction.

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