Empty swimming pools [BxB]

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He enters the security code at the gate to let himself in and walks into Lennon’s house. The sliding glass door in the living room is opened wide, warm breeze moving the sheer white curtains and he sees him outside in the garden sitting cross legged on the lounge chair in his Versace bathrobe.

It is plush white with barocco painted sleeves and belt, it also has the letters of his name sequin-embroidered on his chest. It’s ridiculously adorable and he pauses a few feet away and wonders how he got there. With him.

God, he is beautiful. The perfect combination of rugged and wild and pretty and innocent. William slowly walks through the grass towards him. Lennon can’t hear him with the headphones on, he’s lost in the music and book he has in front of him. The air smells of almost summer, pink and white and orange and blue painted in the sky, it’s a beautiful end of the day.

Lennon glances up and smiles as William sits down, he twists sideways, takes off his headphones and puts them on William without a word. He presses play on his phone. The sound he hears is gripping.

- This is amazing. Love the chorus. - he listens some more. - The guitar is good.

- Will you approve? Did you pay attention to the lyrics, it’s kind of experimental? In the previous label they would never want this.

- I’m not giving you my professional opinion anymore because I just quit today.

- You actually have done it?

- Yup. But I like it. Very much. I talked already to Rick and James, they said you have quite a few new material and you guys can start setting up a new date for studio time with the producers.

- Thank you for taking care of everything after... the thing. Cancelling and rescheduling... I didn’t want that. I’m always responsible with my music.

- I know, it’s not a problem. If the recording goes well you can release the album in autumn. Start touring at the end of year. But only if you’re physically and mentally ready, you know nobody at the label will pressure you.

- I will be ok, Will. I told you. I’m fine. Doctor’s appointment went well. I just have to start new medication, because the old one is not effective for some reason. I get pain in my back, not a lot but enough to be annoying.

- Ok, so... - he holds his breath as he slowly removes the headphones. - I wanted to talk to you about something. It’s important. It’s... it’s about Nina.

- Have you seen her? - Lennon’s face expression is showing caution.

- No. I broke up with her, you know that? - William tone is much more sharper. - Charlotte kicked her out of her house. I don’t know where she is and I don’t ever want to see her. Except behind prison bars.

- Prison?

- There is a surveillance camera on the street in front of Matty’s house. I know the truth. She pushed you under the car. - Lennon tenses after he hears William’s words. - Now you can do something about it. There’s a solid evidence that she tried to kill you.

- I just want to forget about it. - Lennon looks away, his face hardening.

- I know but this is serious, she deserves to pay for what she’s done to you. Also, what if she intends to hurt you again?

- I have security, bodyguards, I don’t give a fuck.

- How can you be so nonchalant about it?

- I’ll think about it, ok? I need to... think about it. Can we not talk about that now? I was in a really good mood. The song we made last night, and the doctor’s appointment went well, and this sunset, even the bloody birds are singing.

- Ok, ok... We can talk about it some other time. - William shakes his head and looks at the sky that Lennon is enjoying so much. - Have you eaten?

- I had pizza at Nate’s. You? There’s stuff in the fridge if you want.

- I ate at the pub across the road from my office. It’s been such a long last two days at work. I’m exhausted. - he closes his eyes.

- When are you officially done?

- In a month.

- And then?

- I don’t know. Thinking of going back to theatre.

- In New York?

- No. Here. Been looking for flats, can’t be staying in the hotel anymore. I can’t have Cooper there with me.

- Is he still in New York?

- No, he’s at my dad’s house.

- You can stay here.

- Wow superstar, you might want to ask me out on a date or something first before asking me to move in together. - William jokes.

- N-no, I mean like housemates.

- Housemates... mmm. No. Thanks, but no. I want another title. - he reaches for Lennon’s ankle, like he wants to claim him, chain him to himself. His thumb is stroking circles on Lennon’s skin, writing a question he wants to ask. There’s silence, a comfortable one, peaceful, just right. This kind of closeness makes him happy. William closes his eyes again.

- Missed you. - Lennon says quietly, not looking at him, reading apparently. A wave of turbulent emotion swells and crashes in William, are Lennon’s walls finally coming down?

- I’m here. - he breathes out of him with no bullshit, no snark. Just the truth.

- I know. Just... I got used to having you here in the house every day. It’s ridiculous, you’ve been gone only for a day...

- Hey. Come here. - he pulls him gently by his hand and brings him on his lap. The movement makes Lennon’s robe open slightly, revealing his pink nipples, and the base of his dick, the rest still covered with white fluffy gown. - I’m not going anywhere. Even if I find a flat, I will still see you... whenever you want me. I’ll come here or you can come to my place.

Lennon just listens, doesn’t say anything, he is interested in William’s buttons, just playing with them, then removing an invisible lint from his jacket.

- When will you fuck me again? - his eyes meet William’s and how did they switch that fast to that topic?

- Jesus... Lennon... - William’s head falls back in frustration and amusement and he laughs. - When you say shit like that...

- Do you want me to beg?

- No, Len. - he swallows, tone serious now. - No need for begging, I want it the same. - he brushes his fingertips over Lennon’s nipple and he flinches in surprise, William’s fingers cold to touch. Lennon closes his eyes and moves slowly in his lap, trying to get some friction. - But I think... I think we’ll wait a bit more, yeah? - Lennon groans and it makes him look like a grounded teenager, and he hates that he can’t give him that but he is just so, so worried and he promised himself he’ll only do it when Lennon’s 100% healed.

- Fuck you, William. - it’s not malicious when he says it, he grinds more into him, making William harder in his trousers. - If this is one of your edging games I don’t like it this time. - he slips one hand down his belly and he pulls his dick out, starts stroking himself, right there in William’s lap. Eyes closed and voice hoarse. - I need it.

The bathrobe is loose now, revealing all of his beautiful, clean skin. It’s like he’s going to get it on his own if William doesn’t want to help him. But William knows it’s not about sex or Lennon using him, it’s about what sex represents, instead of using words he uses his body to show him his feelings, his surrender. William is frozen, aware of every nerve ending in his body standing at attention. Unfiltered want rips through him.

- Shit. You’re killing me... - William just watches the show for a few seconds and then leans and licks his nipple, one, two, three small licks. The air is getting cooler with the sun almost down, and it hits his wet nipple, making him shiver.

- Get up and take off your bathrobe. - William’s voice makes him wake up from his trance and he doesn’t react at first, but then William grabs him by his waist and slowly pushes him on his feet. William rearranges himself on the lounge sofa, lies down with his head on the armrest.

- Come baby, sit on my face. - he pats his chest and signals for Lennon to straddle him. He is hesitant and his face is flushed. William chuckles. - You just showered, right? And we’ve done worse, why are you blushing?

- I’m not blushing... Just... - he hesitates but comes near, drops the bathrobe on the ground and swings his leg over William’s stomach.

- The other way. Face that way. - and he motions to his legs, Lennon eyes go wide but he obeys and straddles him, his back to William’s face, he is completely exposed and naked. William reaches for his thighs and pulls him closer to his face, his waist is slim, hips curving out, ass plump and round.

- W...William are you sure? Fuck.

- Mhm... Do you want me to beg you? - his palms ghost over his thighs and back and balls, inhaling the warm clean scent of him. - I want to eat your sweet ass so much, want to fuck you with my tongue, baby. Please let me... yeah? - he pushes Lennon down on his face, his breath tickling the crease of his ass, and William knows Lennon is anticipating, wanting. He squeezes his ass cheeks.

- Mmm... missed you so much. Missed everything.

- I... missed you too, fuck, William... do something.

Humming William grips his asscheeks and spreads them apart slowly. The sight of his pink, smooth hole together with the smell of his fruity shower gel makes him dizzy. And the fact that they’re doing it outside makes his dick twitch in his trousers. As deep blue streaks the orange of the setting sun, William finally leans up and licks over his hole, the sensation making Lennon clench around nothing and gasp.

- Yeah...

He does it again and again and again and then swirls his tongue around his rim. He is slow and teasing and he doesn’t want this to end quickly. Lennon just tries to muffle his moans with his hand and then tries to peak over his shoulder to see the action himself.

William eats him out like a starving man, his spit now all over Lennon’s hole, dripping down his perineum and balls and William’s chin. He bits gently his asscheek, then strokes his fingers over the sensitive skin between his balls and hole and pushes his tongue in the small hole, moaning. Vibrations are adding to stimulation and Lennon just whimpers, body writhing, thighs trembling as William drills his hole slowly, getting more and more of his tongue inside as Lennon relaxes his walls.

- William... m-more... - Lennon is desperate, his body shaking and reaching for his cock every few seconds. He then reaches for William’s dick and tries to unbuckle his belt but William moves his mouth from Lennon’s hole and taps his thigh.

- No, don’t touch me.

- But I want to suck you, I want you in me, anywhere... come on... - he whines and William loves how much Lennon needs him inside him, he’s always been so desperate to be filled by his cock, his fingers, his cum. It’s so fucking dirty.

William just pushes him back on his face, tongue right back in his warmth. He will give him one finger, maybe two because he knows he needs it so much more now than ever. Now they are finally back where they should be. He pushes a finger in together with his tongue.

- Yes! Yes! - he cries out and William pushes another one.

In and out his hole, in and out, in and out, brushing over his prostate only very slightly. He stretches him, dirty squelch is heard upon his motion and William thinks his dick will make a hole in his trousers how painfully hard he is. Lennon is so close now, his back arching and moans obscene. Then William slips his fingers out.

- Ride my face. - his voice husky, hoarse, demanding.

Lennon obeys moving his hips down on William’s waiting tongue. He rolls his hips and then moves back and forth, desperate to find the perfect motion that will bring him to the edge. William tongue is there, ready to be used, abused. Lennon is getting lost in the feeling, picking up the pace, hips moving quicker while his hands are spread over William’s stomach, supporting himself while he rides his face. He moans and curses as his dick receives the slightest bit of friction on William’s shirt, but he needs more, he’s chasing his orgasm and it’s so dirty to do it this way, using William’s tongue.

- Want... ah... eat me out, yes... yes. Make me come. Please.

He pants, keening and William’s just groans against his entrance, tongue licking, slurping, probing, tasting. His hole stretches around his tongue easily and Lennon grinds his ass down on his face begging to be fucked harder, thighs squeezing around William’s head. It sounds like Lennon is sobbing and William feels his ass clench up, body shaking as he strokes his dick a few times until he is coming, tightening around William’s tongue, leaving mess on his own hand and shirt.

- Fuck. Fuck.- Lennon swears as pleasure overwhelms him and his hole is above William’s face, the sight of pink, clenching and throbbing flesh glistening from his spit is driving him insane.

He’s never had experience like this before, a partner he wanted to do these kinds of things with. And he knows Lennon’s the same. Certain types of fetishes and interest in particular parts of the body that are considered wrong, games of submission and domination, lewd and vulgar scenarios in the bedroom; they all are their way to share and satisfy their longing for extreme closeness and acceptance. They feel so safe with each other that doing the dirtiest, shameful acts like this only represent the extension of their love.

Because this is love, William feels it in every part of his body. This sets him free, this makes him whole and he can lose his old, shamed, guilty self.

Lennon falls down on his side, his head somewhere where William’s legs are and he starts laughing and then William starts laughing while wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt. He reaches for the cigarettes and lights one, as twilight turns into night, the sun takes the heat with it. His eyes meet Lennon’s and he reaches for the cigarette in William’s hand. They share it without words as the breeze rustles the leaves of the old willow tree at the end of the garden and Lennon’s hard walls come down a little like they always do for him.

- Let me ... m? - Lennon reaches for tent in William’s trousers.

- Shit baby, stop... - he hisses, grabs Lennon’s wrist and stands up and then adjusts himself. He will not be able to control himself if he lets him touch his dick. And Lennon is still not ready. - Later, yeah? I really need to shower. - he smiles down at him and brings his hand to his lips. He kisses his palm and Lennon shivers. Then he takes his bathrobe from the ground and gives it to him so he doesn’t get cold.


After finishing his shower he walks out to the living room where he finds Lennon. There’s soft music from the record player and he is writing in his diary, sitting on the carpet floor between the coffee table and the sofa. William settles behind him on the sofa, cross legged, wearing black joggers and white cotton sleeveless top.

- We didn’t kiss. - William pokes Lennon’s shoulder with his toes.

- What?

- Kiss me.

- Why? - he leans back, amused. And William wraps his hand around Lennon’s throat, his grip firm, and he pulls him back, Lennon’s head is pushed down on his lap now and William bends forward until he is above his face. They breathe into each other.

- Why? Because I want to kiss you all the damn time. I’m obsessed with these... - he drags his forefinger along Lennon’s parted lips while still holding him by the throat and pressing lightly at his Adam’s apple.

Lennon looks at him, a cheeky grin spreads across his face, his dimples poke out and his eyes look unreal in this lighting. Up close he notices every detail, every shade of green in his right eye and every shade of blue in his left eye, every little freckle on his nose and sensual line of his Cupid bow.

- And as much as I love doing every little dirty thing to you I love kissing you more. - And I love you but I’m scared it’s too soon to tell you he thinks. I want to be good for you, yeah I can fuck you rough because you need that sometimes but what I really want is to worship you from head to toe, because you’re my world and I need you to know how much I adore you.

He captures Lennon’s lips in a slow, upside down kiss. Soft. Lennon parts his lips then and William slips his tongue inside. He drowns in the perfect rightness of the two of them. They kiss long and deep, he is inhaling him, drinking him in, tasting with long sweeps of tongue, letting every emotion in him breathe into Lennon’s mouth.

- I love the way you kiss me. - Lennon whispers into William’s opened mouth and he grips his hands onto the arm William has around his neck. He feels Lennon’s Adam’s apple bob under his palm when he swallows. He feels his pulse underneath his fingertips. - You taste like honey. Honey and summertime.

- Can I stay tonight, Lenny baby? - William asks and then pecks his lips. He presses a kiss to his cheek. Then a kiss to his forehead. The sound of his smooches echo in the living room and Lennon giggles.

- You can stay tonight, sweet baby honey. - he says cutely, smiling innocently. William can barely hide his grin in Lennon’s hair.

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