Empty swimming pools [BxB]

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As it was

Anticipation. Waiting. Lust. Longing. Wondering. Teasing. Suspense. Unknown.

William just knows all the ways to make him undone. It seems as even their relationship couldn’t just happen, there had to be obstacles and time and waiting and angst in order to make it that much more meaningful and worth all the wait.

So when it comes to sex, William uses the same pattern- and even though Lennon complains and whines and begs he secretly loves it. And William only does it because he somehow knows Lennon loves it. William always just knows what Lennon wants.

So when he storms into the house without even a message, call or a knock on the door beforehand, Lennon really doesn’t know what to expect. He knows he’ll be fucked, thoroughly and brutally but he doesn’t know how and that’s where the real thrill is.

He never had that before, because he was always the director of his sex plays but now he is glad to just be a puppet, a simple marionette controlled by strings in William’s hands. Without words, which makes it even more intense, William almost runs towards him when he sees him sitting at the piano. Lennon stands up, already breathless because he’s been on edge of an orgasm a few times today already and just the sight of William, eager and desperate for him also, makes him even more excited.

This is not just about sex and getting off, this is his boyfriend coming home to him and showing him love.

William is quickly unbuttoning his shirt, losing the tie, toeing the shoes of somewhere on the way to Lennon and Lennon is only in his joggers but he feels overdressed so he starts taking them off and walking towards him at the same time and it’s fucking ridiculous and they would both probably laugh at the image if there isn’t more important thing. They fly into each other’s arms, William’s smell hits his nostrils and he just wants to kiss his skin.

Lennon grabs him by the neck, fingers raking through his short, soft hair, helplessly pulling at the strains to get him as close to him as possible and then he violently shoves his tongue down his throat. William just inhales and sighs when their mouths attach. He moans and digs his fingers into Lennon’s hips, before sliding them over his ass and gripping it strongly in order to rock his crotch against Lennon’s erection.

He then fumbles with the belt and the zipper of his trousers and in a second he is pushing Lennon back against the piano and turns him around, his joggers still around his ankles and William still almost fully dressed. He feels William’s fingers caressing the skin of his thighs and lower back where the scars and bruises are fading away but William will probably always see them. But when he touches his ass and the plug is gently being pushed out he knows that William won’t change his mind this time. Lennon moans, he can’t wait to have the real thing but plug is instantly pushed back in. William starts fucking him slowly with it.

- Lennon... - he hears his voice for the first time since he rushed in. - I’m going to fuck you hard first. - he takes the plug out with a lewd sound, and Lennon’s hole clenches in desperate need to be filled again. Lennon has his strong grip on the piano, when William slaps his ass cheek so hard that Lennon cries out, vibrations traveling everywhere, his asshole, his balls and dick. He is so close to his peak, it’s embarrassing. He feels his lips on the back of his neck. - Then I will make love to you.

- Please...

- No need to beg, you’ll get everything you want, baby. - another slap on the same cheek and Lennon just gasps shocked but turned on beyond reason.

- You know what to say if you want me to stop, hm? - Lennon nods, of course he knows, he remembers everything. He sees from the corner of his eye William coating his hard length with lube, probably had it ready in his pocket for this.

- Gabriel. - he chokes out.

- Good boy.

He presses his erect shaft to his entrance, circling around teasingly, then slapping the tip against his rim a few times, and he hears wet smacking sounds. Then he slides his dick into Lennon’s hole and he opens his mouth in silent scream, the stretch so painfully sweet. Lennon arches his back and William bottoms out with a loud moan. Lennon feels him part his asscheeks to probably look at their bodies finally connected, his hole being stretched around his cock.

He drives his dick into him again and again, deeply. Lennon’s mind is spinning with the addicting mixture of pain and pleasure. His balls burn with cum, eager for release. Then he swiftly turns him around and lifts one of his legs up, and slams back in.

Their eyes finally meet, and he sees that predatory look in his blue eyes, so dominating but so full of love. He is still fucking him in his suit, disheveled, sweating and Lennon is trying not to loose his balance, but then William brings his other hand and curls it around Lennon’s throat.

He gasps, shocked but exited, feeling of William’s strong hand being wrapped around his throat. It should be scary but it’s not. The hold is not that strong, it’s just there, holding him in place against the piano, pressure is light, never harmful but what it does mentally to Lennon is unexplainable.

- Ah! I need to... I...Can I come? Can I? P-Please. FuckFuckFuck. - William’s eyes have a glimpse of something new, like a surprise.

- Shit, you want my permission to come? Are you waiting for me to tell you you can come, Lennon?

Lennon wasn’t thinking about it, not really, it was all subconsciously and unintentionally but since this morning when William told him not to come, it’s been in the back of his mind, he is supposed to come only when William tells him to.

He just blushes, nods frantically, grip on his throat deliciously increasing his pleasure and his ass digging into the piano, right on the spot where William slapped him.

- Yeah, I need you... mmm...

- Yeah? - he’s fucking him in short, deep thrusts. Lennon’s heart skips a beat at the intense eye contact.

- Wanna come.

- Then come. - he whispers into his mouth. It’s instantaneous after that, he says the magic words and the switch in Lennon flips. He shivers uncontrollably, eyes slipping shut, forehead dropping on William’s shoulder as his cock starts spurting cum. William realises the hold on his throat and grips his thighs tightly, he’s trying to keep him balanced.

Cum is dripping out of his cock, down on the floor, strings of thick cum just land on them and where they are connected. He pulls out slightly, collecting as much of Lennon’s cum he can with the head of his cock and slowly pushes it back in Lennon’s gaping hole.

Lennon moans but it’s too much, his prostate is too sensitive and he’s so lightheaded that he needs to lie down. William thrusts again and again using Lennon’s own cum as lubricant and that seems to set his nerve endings on fire; every vein, every nerve feels like it is rubbed raw. His body goes limp, his eyes rolling back in his head as William continues to fuck him mercilessly.

- I... can’t... no. Too much...

- Shhh... you’re doing so good Len, look at me.- William slows down his thrusts and gently places a hand on his burning face, Lennon is surprised when he looks up, he didn’t even notice that his sight is blurry, there’s tears ready to spill any second. He focuses on the warm palm and blinks away his tears.

Those blues eyes are suddenly so warm, his act dropping in only a second with the reminder that he plays like this only to please Lennon.

- I can stop. Just say the word.

- Never stop. Don’t wanna stop. Just... - he breathes harshly when William wraps his fingers around his spent cock and gives it a few pulls.

Lennon feels emptiness and he doesn’t know what’s happening, but he is being moved to the bench in front of the piano and positioned so he is lying on his back, his legs spread and held in the air as William breaches his sensitive rim again.

- You look so fucked out already, baby. - William smiles down on him and Lennon whines, he’s falling, somewhere so far away, he just nods, eyes half closed, his dick starts getting harder and harder again, his prostate repeatedly abused. William takes it in his hands and starts working it until it’s completely hard.

- Mmm... - he slurs, he feels drunk, he wants to beg William to give it to him harder but also to stop. - You’re so deep.

- There you are. - William quickly resumes his punishing pace, Lennon’s legs trembling and body shaking.

He hears his voice distorted in the background So beautiful, Want to fill you up so badly, So perfect, Take this dick, Perfect boy and it’s making him cry out.

William’s hand is rubbing Lennon’s cock as he reaches another high, screaming when he finally comes again all over his belly and William’s hand.

He doesn’t even feel when William reaches his high, only hears a roar in the distance, not sure of time and space, like he’s living within a dream. He is dazed and out of his mind, too hot and confused.

Then there’s William’s face just above his, looking at him with loving eyes, kissing his forehead and his skin prickles. He’s never looked more stunning.

- Tell me you’re okay, love, please? Lennon? - Lennon can’t speak and there’s worry in William’s eyes but it was perfect, it made him whole. William knows how he likes it. Knows best. He would be a fool to ever think for a moment that someone else could work Lennon’s body like William can. He breaks him and puts him back together. - Shit, it was too much?

- Will... - his eyes are filled with awe as he stares down at Lennon, then his eyes move down, and he kneels between his parted legs, his lips slide across his belly, the tip of his tongue swirling in his belly button imitating how he tongued his hole that morning and day before. Lennon grips his hair and William looks up at him, lips wet from his load. - Loved it.

- Sure?

- Of course. I trust you. - Lennon is pliant and staring adoringly at him, William is so careful now not to be rough, not to touch his sensitive cock or ass, just looming over him.

- Maybe we should be more careful, you seemed completely out at one point, what if... what if I’m actually hurting you but you’re too gone to tell me to stop?

- You won’t hurt me, you know me too well. You know me better than I know myself. I need this. Sometimes. Not every time.

- Come on, let’s take you somewhere comfortable.

- Bed?

- Bed. - he helps him up on his feet, he is wobbly but laughs and William kisses his cheek.

He leaves to get a bottle of water from the kitchen after he checks with him if he’s okay to walk by himself. As he walks he feels his hole loose and open, being stretched all day with a toy and penetrated hard with that thick cock.

- Fuck, baby, you are gaping so much. - William groans when he appears in the bedroom behind him, watching Lennon bury his head in the soft sheets. He can feel himself leak, and he sighs, content.

- Do you think you can fit your fist in there?

- You dirty kinky little shit. - William chuckles and flops on the bed next to him, biting his neck playfully.

Lennon definitely wants to explore more, he likes how it feels, being opened up by something bigger, being split open like that feels so wrong, naughty and bad. But it feels so good being bad. Having William indulge him and not judge him makes him so happy, but he obviously doesn’t want to push it to the extreme. Just the feeling of his gorgeous cock stretching him open, is all he would ever need and he doesn’t want to ruin that experience for both of them.

- Although... you like my ass tight.

- I do indeed. I also don’t want you to be sore. That’s why we won’t be doing that often, ok?

- Mhm..

- I’m going to shower quickly, wash this office smell off, ok? - Lennon pouts but nods. William ruffles his hair and whispers into his ear. - Only 5 minutes, promise. Drink this water and don’t fall asleep? I’m not done with you.

Lennon smiles. As soon he’s gone, Lennon drinks the water, only then realising how thirsty he is. Listening to the sounds of shower in the distance he curiously reaches back with his hands. His fingers trace the wet rim, touching the sensitive hole. Lennon’s mouth opens in a silent moan as he dips a finger inside, and then two, the ruined and puffy rim clenches around his fingers, as he feels more of William’s cum leaving his body. He’s crazy with lust again.

- You... - he hears William’s voice and he sees him standing in the middle of the room, wet skin, muscles sculpted to perfection and dick standing tall and thick against his toned stomach. - God. That’s hot. - William sounds entranced, instantly begins stroking himself.

- Put it in me. Fuck me, William. - He hides his face in the pillow as if he’s embarrassed, but he’s really not, he wants him again. As close as possible. William approaches the bed, places a soft kiss on his ass cheek, the one he spanked, and Lennon shamelessly pushes his ass back in invitation. He is aware that William is startled by the sight in front of him. And then he feels him licking noisily at his hole, shoving as much of his tongue as he can.

- Fuck, that’s good, so good. You love eating my ass? - Will hums on his hole and takes both of his ass cheeks and squeezes, tongue breaching in, sucking eagerly, dirty slurping sounds filling the room. Lennon fists the sheets, writhes uncontrollably and he moans Need you need you. William climbs up his body, supports himself on elbows and tilts Lennon’s face so he can kiss him.

- Need you too, baby.

- Ah ... yes. - and he feels him drive inside all at once, stretching again, but it’s so different. He doesn’t rush. He doesn’t speed up.

It’s deep but so slow. Lazy. Moans and groans and grunts escape both of their mouths and Lennon expects him to start fucking him any minute now, rough, slam into him until it hurts.

- Will, ah... you can... come on. Harder. - he starts pushing himself back onto his thickness, urging him. - Fuck me.

But he doesn’t. He continues with the same, slow speed. He senses William moving away and sitting up, then he pulls out, flipping Lennon on his back.

He fixes his eyes on where they are connected when he fills him with his cock again with a moan. But it’s so careful, with long, smooth strides and it lasts and lasts. Then he sucks on Lennon’s nipple, then gently bites into Lennon’s peck, running his teeth down on the skin, before kissing up the skin he just mauled. Then he licks his neck, sucks there while his hips continue with slow, lazy rhythm, and Lennon’s heat is swallowing him in, he doesn’t know what is happening but it’s breaking him apart in a completely different way then before.

He buries his hand in his hair, tilting his head so he can kiss him. Lennon doesn’t question it, just opens his mouth and breathes him in, kiss is almost innocent, just teasing and slow exploration of their mouths, and he is so lost in the kiss not noticing that he’s standing on the precipice of unbelievable bliss. He is completely tuned in to William’s body and a feeling of deep contentment spreads throughout his being. William is making love to him.

Lennon gasps and grips William’s hips, and William just looks at him, telling him with his eyes what he actually told him with words when he came home, but Lennon was too excited and lost that he didn’t register. I’m going to fuck you hard first then I’m going to make love to you. He is digging his fingers into his thighs, opening his mouth.

- God, William. I... I’m...

- I know. - William nods as he peppers kisses along his shoulder. - I know. - then he groans into his neck when he is just slightly quickening his pace, getting closer to the edge. He is kissing over his pulse and the mark he left there.

- God, you feel amazing. I love you. Love you so much, Lennon.

Lennon just whimpers when William wraps a hand around his length and his heart is beating like hundred drums.

He is loved. What a wonderful thing is to be loved.

He frantically starts reaching for William’s mouth, begging to be kissed, to be loved more, to never stop.

As he instantly makes his wish come true - he always makes his wishes come true, they moan into the kiss, feverishly, and he feels William’s cum spill inside of him, a vicious cry he never heard before from William filling the room. Seconds later he follows, an incomparable pleasure William gave him swallows him whole. The air around them feels hot and thick and his lungs are burning with every breath.

He hears a satisfied exhale and William’s breath is warm against his mouth. For seconds he can’t do anything but to pant unsteadily, trapped underneath William’s body, dragging fingers along his strong shoulders.

And he loves being trapped by William, in every sense of the word.

- William... - Lennon says after a while, and William opens his eyes.

- Yeah, I’m here... - William reassures, his thumb now stroking the skin of Lennon’s cheek, the other hand comes from where it’s been around his cock, he wipes it off quickly on the sheet before he holds his neck. - I’m here, baby.

- William. - he says again, a bit more desperate this time. Lennon has so many things on his mind.

- Let’s rest now, yeah? You must be exhausted. - Lennon just hums and when William slowly pulls out he protests.

- N-no no please, don’t go. Shit.

William smiles down at him. - My needy pretty boy. - he is - I’m just getting some wet wipes from the bedside table so I can clean you up, I’m right here.

- No, I mean... can you... I love having you inside me... The feeling of your cum...

- I know baby, it’s hot as fuck.

- Mhm... can you get that plug and ... you know? - he smiles, feeling giddy.

- Yeah? You want that? - William raises his eyebrows, his grin devilish.

- Maybe. Yeah. Was thinking about it all day. Want to try.

- Okay yeah. - William just kisses him and mumbles into the kiss. - I’ll be back in a second.

Lennon is really sleepy and fuzzy, his body can barely move but feels safe and calm, the only thought swimming in his brain is William saying I love you.

Only seconds later he feels sheets shifting around him and William’s warmth is back, his hands slowly spreading his heavy legs and then asscheeks, placing gentle kisses along his thighs and his fingers gently rub over his rim, fucked raw and wet, but Lennon doesn’t move just lays on his back, spent, enjoys his touch, then feels William delicately pushing the plug into him with one swift movement.

- You alright? - he asks watching Lennon for any signs of discomfort. He quickly uses a wet wipe to clean them both and Lennon turns on his side almost falling asleep right after that. His heart wants to burst from how caring and protective William’s being right now.

- Yeah, it feels good... I’m just tired. - he answers sleepily, eyes half lidded as he looks at William lying down on his side, facing him.

- Sleep.

- You’re so... - Lennon starts, words dying in his mouth, as they intertwine their fingers under the covers. - Thank you.

- Mmm... - William hums but his eyes are closed already, he needs his rest too but Lennon whispers, he probably won’t hear it.

- I love you too.

Lennon’s not sure if he is in the middle of dreaming when William’s voice in his ear pulls him back to consciousness. Yawning widely he reaches for William, still disoriented, groggy. The room is dark, except for a light spilling in from the hallway door left ajar and he’s unsure of the time of day or how long he has been sleeping.

He feels William’s fingertips drag back and forth along the length of his spine, coating his skin with goosebumps. It feels so good. Then he realises that he is wrapped up against him, Lennon’s face beneath William’s neck, half of his body on top of William’s.

- Len. Lenny ... - he is so comfy and fatigue still has his brain all fuzzy. - Wanna get up?

His lips start placing little kisses just on his forehead. - Come baby, you have to eat something. I ordered some food.

- Mhm... sure. - he pulls out of his grasp and then just rolls over, facing the other way. He needs just five more minutes. William laughs and the mattress dips behind him, William shuffles and molds himself to Lennon’s back, kissing his neck and whispering in his ear.

- Babe... it’s almost midnight, we slept for 6 hours.

- Fuck, really?

- Mhm. I’m starving. And I know you are. Need your energy back. - Lennon nods and William tentatively continues peppering his kisses along his face and neck and back. - I’m sorry if I hurt you.

- What? I’m fine.

- I mean, you... there’s bruises. - he carefully touches the tender skin on his neck and torso where he sucked and bit. He doesn’t want him to worry, everything is more than perfect.

- I got carried away. You were so beautiful Lennon, so mesmerising, so mine that I couldn’t keep my hands off you. - William tilts his chin up so he can ghost his lips over Lennon’s.

- I promise you it’s everything I wanted. When I see your marks on me I know I belong to you. - he tells him.

- Yeah you do. - he’s breathing a bit heavier, voice husky and thick with want. - You belong to me.

Lennon breathes in and then covers his mouth with his own moaning into it. He feels him pressing into him from behind and he’s only then reminded of the toy buried into his hole.

- Will... - he croaks desperately feeling warm all over again. He clenches down on it automatically, whimpers a little.

- Food. - William mumbles into the kiss while Lennon tries to reach for William’s cock, not even hearing the doorbell.

- What?

- Food’s here. - he breaks and smiles while he gets up.


They eat McDonald’s cross legged on the bed and laugh and scroll through their phones catching up with the world they ignored, they joke, they kiss.

One moment William is throwing fries at him laughing his ass off when one is stuck in his rumpled hair and the other Lennon’s is jumping on him. And it escalates.

William reaches behind him with one hand carefully tugging on the base of the plug. It’s a smooth slide out. The sensation of William’s sperm beginning to slip past his rim, is so overwhelming that he desperately goes to straddle William.

- Let me see you. Turn around baby, the other way, straddle me the other way. - William instructs him and he obeys. He just loves being watched. William created this safe place for him where being watched like this can only be a turn on.

- Fuck, that’s... tell me what you want, my fingers, my mouth or my cock? - William is giving him all the reins.

- Your.. um... fuck. Y-your cock.

- Come here. - William guides him slowly by the waist, lifting his ass in the air and then angles himself to Lennon’s entrance. He begins to sink down and they groan together.

- Yeah beautiful, take it.

- It feels so good... - Lennon moans as he closes his eyes and trembles, he starts rocking his hips while supporting himself on William’s shins. - Oh yeah. Oh god.- he’s building his pace, bouncing himself off of William’s erection. Then William grips his waist tighter and moans behind him, like he’s already falling apart from Lennon’s eager movements.

- Want to see your pretty face when you come for me. Turn around. - Lennon won’t object, he misses his lips and this position doesn’t allow kissing so he’s more than happy to face him. Lennon anchors his knees against the mattress and just slides back down at the same time as he licks into William’s gorgeous mouth. Lennon’s hands are splayed atop of his ribs, he loves how William enjoys being under his mercy for a change and it shows how amazing and diverse of a lover he is. - Fuck, yeah, fuck yourself, baby.

Lennon finds his rhythm, his muscles burning and William’s cock stretching him wide all over again, his body impatient for the ecstasy that is just around the corner. William squeezes his asscheeks and then slides his palm over the spot where they are connected to feel his dick disappearing.

- Mhm... like that... yeah... Like all that cum in your ass, hm? You’re so fucking wet...Yeah, make me come inside that ass again. - Lennon pants and nods, wanting that too. He speeds up, up, down, up higher, down harder, limbs heavy but he’ll work hard for this because reward is so worth it. He feels William’s hand disappear from his rim and land gently on his face, the brush of his thumb over Lennon’s swollen bottom lip and Lennon sucks the tip of it into his mouth.

- Mmmm... taste good. - Lennon smiles a devilish smile around his finger, tasting the cum that’s been leaking from in hole. William’s eyes are all over his face and body, worshiping him, admiring him when Lennon leans back supporting himself with his hand on William’s thigh. He tips his head up towards the ceiling and almost screams, this angle thoroughly making his prostate swell and he grabs his cock. He’s stoking up that fire until it roars, until his ears are buzzing and his breath catches in his lungs, until his muscles ache with the exertion and his balls are so tight and full and ready.

- You close? - William breaths out and starts grinding up into him deep, meeting each movement of Lennon’s pelvis.

- Ah... yeah, yeah.

- Oh shit, Jesus Christ baby. - they are both overheating and breathless but when William slides his palm over Lennon’s lower stomach and presses there, he is like a desperate animal ready to attack. Lennon follows William’s surprised widening eyes.

- Look baby, fuck, that’s.... - he moves his palm and the way Lennon’s stomach bulges a little every time William buries himself deeper and deeper.

- I’m... fuck... I’m all the way in t-there, I see myself in your belly. - he almost chokes on air and the sight is enough to push Lennon over the edge, his cock needs only a few gentle pulls and he’s spilling across William’s stomach, flying high and free, his body exploding into bliss.

William only waits a second and he lifts his hips off the mattress and drills his cock up into Lennon, ruthless and fast. He moans, a low, deep sound that fills the room, dancing around Lennon’s skin.

- Jesus, is it always gonna be like this?

- Don’t know. I hope not because I might have a heart attack sooner than later. - they are hot, sticky mess but he doesn’t think he could possibly be happier.

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