Empty swimming pools [BxB]

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A rush of blood to the head

They have to go up to William’s flat to leave Cooper and pick up the car keys. Once they are inside Lennon is excited again because he gets to know another part of William’s life - where he lives. And that part is just blowing Lennon’s mind. It is an open plan floor, welcoming from the opened door, not too big but big for this part of the city. Upon walls there are pictures of William’s family and friends and Nina. There is one framed Broadway musical poster, probably one of musicals William works on. The floor is an old-fashioned parquet with a blend of deep brown and the walls are red brick. The furniture is rustic and dark but pleasing, all the more pleasing, the table in the middle of this place has union jack colours, few newspapers and a used mug on top. Lennon wants to sink in the brown leather sofa when he sees it and never move. He walks slowly around, sees a little kitchen with a small dining table and really big modern fridge, and on the other side of the room he notices the bedroom area and he’s sure the bed is from some high end Scandinavian designer. There is a big mirror, and long windows across the walls had roller blinds.

- I just love your place. Wow. - he enunciates the word love and William thanks him.

- My sister did most of it, she was into this industrial style apartment and I liked it. It’s kind of too manly, right? - he jokes while taking the leash of his dog and letting him flop on the big sofa.

- Definitely manly. - Lennon agrees and thinks about it more than he should. Again, that feeling of attraction towards this man mixed with sadness. Lennon doesn’t feel that much really, he usually meets someone new, if they’re hot they fuck and nothing else comes of it, but today it was a rollercoaster of these different feelings about only one person. He does definitely feel attracted to William and he can admit that to himself now, standing in his manly, rugged flat and looking so, so manly now wearing Lennon’s clothes that hide probably a very fit body. He told him he works out every day.

- I must go.

Lennon has to get the hell away from there right now. Because this man is straight and even though he did notice glimpses of William’s behavior that might say different he is not a freak to make a move on a man in a relationship after meeting his girlfriend. Both being Liam’s close friends, he knows how bad that can turn out. He can have any other man he wants, there’s few in his contact list that he can call right now. They could take care of him if he’s horny. Can they take care of this annoying feeling of sadness because he’s leaving this man and maybe never seeing him again?

- Oh yeah, sure, just give me a minute, I’m going to get my keys. Do... Do you want a quick drink maybe? - William is back to being insecure, like he was in a pub when Lennon was flirting with him. Not flirting, definitely not flirting, just testing. And insecure William is a sight that intrigues Lennon - I’m such a shitty host, didn’t even offer you anything. - William walks slowly to the kitchen. But keeping his eyes on Lennon like he really wants him to say yes.

- Sure. - Lennon mutters under his breath. Unsure of what is happening. Is he reading William wrong. Maybe it is all his imagination. Or hope. William comes back to that spot where Lennon is standing handing him a bottle of water. He can’t read William’s face but it’s different then before. He’s just going crazy, he’s throat is dry, he realises and thanks him for this water. And then he watches Lennon opening the bottle and drinking eagerly. William moves restlessly in his spot trying not to look at Lennon’s face but failing.

- Lennon, I ... - William’s deep almost whispering and timid voice is interrupted by Lennon’s phone ringing. His heart skips a beat, because the phone startled him not because William looked like he is going to ask Lennon something really important.

- Fuck. I’m so sorry. -he goes digging for his phone in his back pocket.

- No, no please, answer it.

- It’s probably the guys, they’re so annoying I can’t e... - he stops talking when he sees the caller ID. He lets it ring once more because he can’t believe this guy is calling him at this very moment. And then he realises William sees the name on his phone because he is standing just one step away from him.

- Aren’t you going to get that? - William asks him with an amused expression on his face. He read the caller’s name. It says Fuckbuddy NYC. He swipes the green dot to answer not looking William in the eyes for some reason.

- What? - He answers already wanting to end the call because he literally has nothing to say to this guy. But they fucked twice so he must have been planning their wedding. He says something about wanting to see Lennon again and how he is free now and forever basically, so Lennon just says no and stops actually listening to him. He’s focusing on William in front of him, he still has his eyes on Lennon, drinking water from his bottle and then leaving it on the table near them. Lennon is being slightly rude now and says how he’s leaving New York tonight and asks him not to call him ever again. That’s when he hangs up and huffs pushing his hair back.

- Who was that? And what did they do to you, you were so rude? - William laughs questioning Lennon about the phone conversation.

- Nobody. Just this guy I fucked and he didn’t take a hint that he was a one time thing. - he decides to say it was once not twice. It sounds better. He doesn’t want to disappoint William. Wants to be good, the best possible version of himself. It’s such a confusing feeling and he doesn’t know where it’s coming from. He turns around to put his water bottle on the table as well but gets surprised when William talks.

- Guy? You’re gay? - Lennon widens his eyes and opens his mouth to speak but doesn’t. William actually asks him if he’s gay. What?

- What? - that’s all he manages to say.

- S...Sorry that’s inappropriate. - William is going through some kind of internal shock because his eyes are blinking fast. Lennon’s heart is beating faster.

- No it’s not. I am, I mean I am whatever, I sometimes like girls too, rarely though, it’s guys I’m attracted to. I thought you knew, that’s why I was surprised you asked. - Lennon comes a bit closer just because his body wants to move that way, he doesn’t actually have control over it.

- Is that a problem? - Lennon asks him because William has a frown on his face, the blue in his eyes half-sinister, wild. He can’t be homophobic. This is something else. He’s scared of his reaction. They are approximately the same height, but William somehow appears much bigger now.

- No.

William replies, his gaze is pulling Lennon in. And then William is leaning closer, his eyes traveling to Lennon’s lips.
This man’s face is too perfect, Lennon thinks. The next he knows, William’s lips are on Lennon’s and it nearly knocks all wind from his lungs. He hardly has a moment to react before William’s tongue pierces Lennon’s lips and swoops in like he owns him.
It is a very sloppy kiss for a few seconds. And then Lennon seems to finally realise what is going on. William just kissed him. It’s like he wants to smother him, it’s bruising, his mouth is all over Lennon’s, slipping his tongue inside with such passion it feels like they are inventing their own kiss, he thinks for a moment they will melt, merge into one person. So his arms reach up and tangle around William’s neck. He doesn’t want to let this end. In an instant William arches up into his chest, moaning at the contact of body heat against his own.

And kissing has never felt this delightful, it has never been this heart-rendering, no. Dreamlike. With every push of William’s tongue he feels closer to heaven. He knows, because he’s been living in hell so far and this right here, this is pulling him away from it.

As they break apart they inhale shaky, shallow breaths, a string of spit connecting their swollen lips, and he is completely mesmerised. William’s eyes are still closed but he looks so beautiful, so flushed and Lennon has a hard-on he is sure will never disappear. Lennon is typically the one to dominate or control the kiss, but nothing about this is typical. Maybe because he was so surprised by it or maybe because he just wants to let William do whatever he wants with him - inexplicable feeling of wanting to please him showing again.

They begin pulling at each other. The heat generated makes Lennon sweat in his clothes so his hands clutch William’s hoodie at the back trying to tell him that he wants it off. The action pulls their bodies together more pressing his hard cock onto William’s thigh. Feeling Lennon’s dick, William moans and the sound sends Lennon into a fury, because there’s no confusion that he wants this. Separating their bodies and grabbing at his hoodie William starts undressing Lennon, and this is the first time they looked at each other’s eyes. William’s blue ones are screaming with lust and he bites his lip yearning for more kisses. Lips meet. Tongues meet. Again.

- L- Lennon...

He hears William’s trembling voice calling his name somewhere on the way to his sofa, he thinks that’s where they’re going, he lost all sense of space and time, William is pushing them there, barely breaking the contact.

- Lennon, please... I’m... aaah - that’s when Lennon starts kissing his neck making William shiver and breathe in a sharp breath. The milky skin of his neck, the smell of him - he needs to see the skin under the clothes because wherever his palms roam it’s hard, it’s warm, it’s muscle.

- I can’t. Stop. Lennon, s-stop please! Fuck.

Lennon’s brain is finally able to comprehend words and he stops.

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