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Ways of the Mafia

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I am THE BOSS ,I run a tight ship here which means there is absolutely no room for error “Night Night” BANG BANG!! In order to be the best you got to beat the best It’s either KILL OR BE KILLED So I guess that makes me A KILLER But most importantly AM A MOTHER I am Rosalina Elenora Mottle Costa Underboss for the Nighthawks and Professional Assassin, I am one of the most feared infamous criminal the world has come to know and this is my story. Eat ,Sleep ,Kill ,Repeat that has been Rosa's motto for almost 9 years while taking care of her daughter, what happens when her estranged boyfriend/babydaddy happens to pop back up in her life and has no intention of leaving .How will Rosa handle the trials coming her way.

Romance / Action
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The beginning


This story contains scenes that some readers may find disturbing and may not be suitable for younger persons ,read at your own risk.

Welcome to Ways of the Mafia I have a few things to discuss. Firstly I am begging you please pay close attention to the English subtitles. Mainly because the MC in this story speaks multiple languages (7 to be exact).With all of that out of the way I’ll begin the story now. Enjoy Loves 😉😊😘

Rosalina POV

9 Years Ago Sicily Italy

I can’t be pregnant I said shaking the stick violently hoping that the one of the pink lines would just vanish “I need to tell Scott, who am I kidding he doesn’t want a baby ” I stated slightly panicking I can’t raise this child alone, feeling tired and stressed out I exited the bathroom.

Suddenly there was a loud banging noise on my door .Who the hell is knocking at my door at the time of the night ,the pounding eventually got louder “Am coming jeez stop trying to break my door down” instantly the knocking seize weird .When I got to the door and opened it no one was insight ,only a envelope with my name printed on it was placed neatly under my door. Being the curious person that I am, I took up the envelope and tore it open, what the hell is this;

Dear Rosalina

Goodbyes are not forever Goodbyes are not the end They simple mean I’ll miss you Until we meet again I love you mi amore take care

Scott XOXO

I must have been a real bitch in my past life , cause karma sure is bitch slapping me right about now, pregnant and now single this is some A class bullshit right here. Everything is falling apart faster than I can pick up the pieces and I vowed from today that I will not love another only you my little fetus.

A week later

I put so much time and effort weighing my options. Should I stay or should I go. The only home I knew was Scott Benvinto Depenci Fernandez and he evicted my ass out. I no longer had a place or person to call home.

I left the only place I knew and I traveled half way across the world to start fresh and that was what I did ,I started a new life in a new city ,in a whole new fucking country , A different continent that was in a different time zone from my child’s father and the love of my life , I felt like a new person and I was looking forward for what's to come as I changed forever.

Present time 9 years later

“Hurry the fuck up bitch, boss wants this thing done as soon as possible” is this fool really talking to me I state lazily in my mind.

“Get him in line J” I said to my right hand man Jacques. Jacques is a stand up guy that barely even speaks two words without you telling him to. “Shut the fuck up Bryan, your wasting the goddamn oxygen “J politely instructed Bryan todo “No dude if she doesn’t hurry the fuck up am gonna shoot her myself” Bryan stubbornly stated , people and their pride I tell you.

“Shot me” I said laughing , oh that was good , this dude could be comedian cause he got jokes “Let me enlighten you, in this business your the fucking stepping stool so do me a favor and show a little respect kid” I told Bryan deadly calmly “After all your just the messenger” “I’ll kill him next time he disrespects me” I directed that statement to J.

“Let’s go the job’s finish” I said to everyone in the room “Finally” I heard Bryan said under his breath, if I wasn’t listening closely I sure would have missed it. That’s it lets see how much he likes walking back to base.


“REALLY ROSA YOU GONNA LEAVE LIKE THAT” Bryan shouted after my car drove off .Serves him and his big mouth right. I bet this will teach him a lesson.


On the way walking to the library I spotted Uncle Dominic, my moms boss, there he stood talking to the tramp called Victoria. “It’s always a pleasure working with you Mr.Rosso” she said seductively while trailing her bony fingers over his chest. Desperate much bitch , I saw Dominic rolling his eyes while finishing up his conversation “Victoria let’s get you home now" “Yes handsome how about you walk me out” She said while walking in my direction.

Dom following closely behind her , just great “Who's kid is this” said the bitter bi-- oh I mean witch “Who you calling a kid lady” I sassed back towards her “Vik I’ll deal with this just go” Dom told her as he kissed her check and the old hag was off , FINALLY. Once she was out the door Dom turned to me , oh shit he looks pissed “Sage I told you this floor is off limits” He said seriously

“I know but this the shortest way to get to the library ” I said to Dom batting my eyelashes at him “Where’s your mom” He questioned “She’s on a job with Jacques collecting a package” I told him what mom told me before she left, “Oh alright I guess it’s me and you then, but please try to stay off this floor” Dom said walking off “Come on then little one what are you waiting for” He called over his shoulder as I hurriedly skipped behind him.


Home sweet home ,I am beat from all that packing at the warehouse along with dealing with Sammy's bullshit just because he's the boss's nephew he feels he can act and talk a certain kind of way , but he got another thing coming I'll knock him down a few pegs if it comes to it along with teaching him how to respect woman if it's the last thing I do.

As I stepped under the steaming hot water I felt the coils in my back release I braced my self against the shower walls thinking about Sage's dad I know it's bad for me to keep remembering he left me for crying out loud and here I am sulking like a puppy who just got kicked ,a sigh left my lips as I turned off the water and stepped out of the bathroom to find my pride and joy sleeping peacefully on my bed ,these are the little things that brings me joy when I feel the darkness taking over ,my princess will always be the light at the end of the tunnel that I would see when I went to far , I would do anything to see my baby smile and if anyone dare's try to hurt her I’d move heaven and hell on earth just to keep her safe . Buonanotte bambino mio (goodnight my baby) I said while kissing her forehead before tucking her in.

After looking through my closet for my night wear I went towards the bed removing the sheets and pillows on the other side of the bed to lie next to her.

Hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter. be sure to leave a like comment and do share guys.

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