We had a walk together

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A memoir. I'm just recollecting one of the happiest day of my life, yet a missed opportunity.

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We had a walk together

It was a strike on that day. Being a Keralite, strike is a common thing which you came across with. As a student, we were not aware of the causes and it’s impact. We just want to know whether the school is functional or not, buses are running or not. Sometimes, buses may have a strike, but schools do function. It was a strike like that. On that occasions, we have to come in our own.

I didn’t plan anything on that day. Just went to the stop as usual. School was around 3 miles away. I stood there for sometime for no reason, kind of waiting for someone. Then I started asking lift from there. As no vehicles accepted my plea for a while, I slowly started walking. Most of the two wheelers are accompanied by school students. Few sadists passed by, without giving lift. I cursed them whole heartedly. I walked slowly with keeping an eye behind, hoping for something.

But the hope gets faded after some time. So decided to walk quick.

Then our school bus passes by. I didn’t want to get in that. It’s kind of embarassement for me get into that bus as a higher secondary school student. I’m so relieved for not taking me in that.

Then at distant, I saw a girl waving hand to the bus and the bus didn’t stops for her.

While moving forward, her image seems to be clear.

It was she.

A moment of euphoria.

My feet started to swift fast towards her. She look so tensed and she noticed me coming.

Upon reaching near to her with a rear smile, she begins the conversation.

“Heyy.... How are you going to planning to go?”

“I don’t know. I tried asking lift . But no one took me. So I decided to go by walk.” I relpied.

“Can I join you?” She asked gently.

Oh My Gosh!!!!!...It was unexpected....God scripts me beautiful day today. I just controlled my happiness and other allied emotions in fraction of seconds.

“Yeah...Let’s go”...I said without a pause.

We started the voyage,

“I actually planned to go by school bus. But they didn’t stopped. Bus seems full. ” She said.

“Oh..Okay Fine.” I responded.

She was walking so quickly.

" Why are you walking so fast?. We have to walk a lot. If we keeps walking in this pace, we will definitely get fainted. Walk slowly. “I ordered her.

I don’t want to get the journey as shorter. I usually had a habit of walking faster. I do walk a lot . So it’s not a big concern for me.

“Hey...It’s already getting late. We need to make it as quick as possible”.She said by shows her watch towards me.

“Are you kidding?. We won’t make it to the correct time. Today, everyone will be coming late. Most of them would have taken leave. So it won’t be a problem, if we goes late.” I said assuringly.

“I actually decided to go back at the moment, when school bus passes by. If I didn’t see you, I would have definitely go back to the home. ” She said.

“Ahaa.” I nodded. It seems like a credit for me.

Then I saw my classmate, Sharaf coming on cycle opposite to us. From his appearance, we can definlitley guess that he is not coming to school today.

He look shocked to see me with her. That expression, when you see your friend with a girl.

He stopped at us. I initiated the conversation, ” Why aren’t coming to the school?”

“Nah..Dude. I just now woke up. I heard the news and I decided not to go” He said.

“Oh.Okay” I said.

“Are you going to school by walk?” He asked amusely.

“Yeah..We just started. ” I said.

“it’s already getting late. Shall we move?.. She interfered.

The way she put forward that request, one can easily sense her uncomfortableness in the conversation.

So we signed off the conversation. He smiles with a teasing look. I can understand his smile.

We moved.

I started to engage her with some talks.

“Did you finish the record works?. I asked her.

“No. Not yet. I still have lot of pending.” She said,

“Could you help me in drawings of the zoology record?” I requested her gently.

“No. I won’t. I haven’t even completed mine. Then, how could I help you in that? May be after that. But I ’m not assuring.” She made her point clearly.

“Okay. But please do consider my plea. Don’t forget. I said in low tone.

Hmm...Hey. Wait. I heard that you already roped few girls on that task. Then why me? . She asked.

“No. I just requested Anjali alone. She demands me more. So I stopped begging. I didn″t ask others. I know no one going to help me on that. I said in order to gain sympathy from her.

It seems like worked. She asked ” May I know the benefit, If I decided to help you?”

“What do you want ?′ I asked.

“Chocolates. Of course. She said quickly.

“Done.” I assured her. But I don’t’ remember I had assured anyone before on chocolates.

“Let me consider that”. She said convincingly.

Then I heard, someone calling my name.

It was Rahul, my junior. I didn’t expect him at all.

“Hi Bro.Are you going by walk?”

“Yeah. I said stupidly.

Woow. Then I ’ll join with you. He said.

Oh.My God.. What the hell is this.,I don’t have an answer for that. I don’t know how to get out him from the scene.

The thing is I haven’t talked him much. At that moment, I cursed myself for friending with him.

We three walked without uttering a word. I can able to sense what she is thinking. She look so uncomfortable. But the junior look so enthusiastic.

After moving for a while, out of desperation, I opened up.

“If you want to go by lift, then you can go.”

“Okay bro”. He said. He can able to sense my feelings too. After all, he is a boy.

Then we walked. He begin to asks lift. After few unsucessful attempts, he finally got away. I waved her hands strongly.

Thank God. I murmured to myself.

Then we resumed our walk.

“Are you preparing for entrance examinations?” She asked.

No. I’m not. I said

“Then what are you going to do then?” She questioned.

“I don’t know. I had many plans But I’m not sure in any one of it. I need to plan” I said like without realising what I’m talking.

“Hmm..She hummed.

I asked her. “And you”

“It’s all depends upon my entrance examinations rankings. But you know I’m scared of it. Exams are about to come and I didn’t even started the preparation. I don’t know how I ’ll manage those?. She said cryingly.

“Don’t lie to me. You always performs well at the entrance examinations. I don’t believe your words at all. ” I said to her.

“No. Not at all. You have to believe me” She begged.

While she talking, I was about to think about the next topics to put forward. I don’t want us to run out of topics. I want the whole journey to be an interactive one.

Sideway shops drews my attention. I wanted to treat her in luxury.

But you know what, all I have is 3 rupees. That it too much on that day. Usually, I used to have 2 rupees in my pocket.

Then I told her to stop and ran towards the shop and bought a bubble gum and honey candy for her.

I lend my hands to her and sigh us to take.

“All is yours”. I said and laughed.

She took all honey candies and left the bubble gum for me.

She thanked me for that delicious treat.

When she is having the honey candy which I offered. I felt like I had done an extra ordinary acheivement. My happiness was overwhelmed. It takes me higher.

Strange feelings which I had never experienced before.

And?????????. I ran out of topics for while.

Suddenly one thing strikes my mind.

“And do you like my spike?. I asked her. Because in those days, my spike has been a talk of the school and I had created a buzz.

She laughed for that question.

“Yeah. I liked it. It was funny.”

“Funny.May I know what funny in it? I asked exclaimely.

“I don’t know. I liked it. But it is funny you know”.

Oh. I said in amusement. I don’t know how to take it. Either as credit or ..

“Oh. My God!! Still we we need to walk. I ’m getting tired.” She said and her pace of walk has been slowed down.

“I ’m not tired at all. I used to walk a lot. Advantage of being as vagabond.” I said as a matter of pride.

" You are crazy”.

“Yeah. I know” I acknowledged her.

Then I spit my chewing gum and asked her ” Can I have your water please?”

“Yeah” She said and at the moment she said I took it from her bag as she kept it on the side pouch.

Suddenly, I heard someone screaming my name.

“it was Naveen, my classmate who was going in someones’ bike. Might be a lift. For a moment, my heart pumped fast.

I felt embarassed. He would definitiley spread what he saw now in the classroom. But at the time, I don’t want to ruin that moments with that thought.

Then I drank the water from her bottle. I’m not at all thirsty. I don’t know why I asked. But I felt like it tastes different.

Then I inserted the bottle in her side pouch of the bag. She just turn and placed it gently.

“Hmmmmmm. ” Again I started running out of topics.

She is walking quietly thinking something. I wish I could able to knew what she was thinking.

“Hey...Tell me something. I am getting bored.” I said.

“What to tell? . I don’t have anything. ” She stoned me.

A moment of silence then.

I just put forward a topic which I don’t want to.

“Tell me your favourite actor and actress.” I asked her.

“I like Aamir Khan and Priyanka Chopra” She said,

I was not surprised her by answer. No answer would have done so.

“I too Aamir Khan. But Priyanka Chopra. I don’t like. I don’t know why. I heard lot of people saying Priyanka. Why is it so?“. I asked.

“She is beautiful and talented. I admire her a lot”

I gave her a uninteresting look.

“What was your dream?. What you want to become?. I asked her

" I don’t have anything right now. What’s yours?” She asked.

“Well. Me too.” The way she responded to my question makes me to answer like these.

Then we both walked forward. School was about to reach.

Several questions came across in my mind. Realizing that the journey is about to end, the last few minutes which I can make use it.

I called her name.

She stares at me. That look I can still remember.

“I wanna ask you one thing. You must tell honestly” I said.

“Yeah. What?. She told swiftly. Her eyes pretends me to ask that question where every guy in a similar situation might have asked.

Well I too might have asked like that. But I had other plans. I did shoot a preliminary question before the actual question.

“Do you love anybody? ” I just asked in low tone.

“No. No. No. I don’t love anyone. ” She said suddenly.

Even though I felt a sense of relief. But I wish to dig it deeper to confirm it like a detective cracking a case.

“I think you are lying. You don’t want it to share to me.” I said.

“No. Not like that all man. I don’t have. I don’t want either. ” She convinced.

“How could it be? Have you ever felt crush on someone?” I asked as her reply did not satsify me.

“No. Nothing like that happened” She said firmly.

“Hmm..It’s ridiculous. ” I said.

She smiled.

I couldn’t utter a word then as I had already lost in her last smile.

I ’m just a thinking fantasy kind of things. Realizing the moments with her. It should have be made better. I should have prepared well. Then do I need to propose her now?..Is this the time?? .....

Can I hold her hand and tell that I ’m in love with her??

Actually I had no ideas of making love. But that conversation makes me think so. I felt like God scripted the scene for us.

Can I?....Can I?....is the questions revolves around my mind.

I’m trying to slow down the journey. But she is making fast. I wanted to hold her hand. But I’m paralyzed.

At last we reached the gate.

I called her name.

She turns back. I felt like she too expects me to deliver those words.

But I’m helpless.

“Go front. I ″ll come later. If we go together, everyone would make fun of us for sure. ”

She laughed and said “Okay”.

I stranded there and she moved forever.

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