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A Twin Dilemma

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When her identical twin begs for her help, Molly finds it impossible to say no to her ill sister. Oh the things we do for family! When her identical twin begs for her help, Molly finds it impossible to say no to her ill sister. What’s one romantic dinner with her sister’s new boyfriend? Molly has the whole thing figured out. Just sit across from the amazingly hot guy and pretend to be her sister. Easy! But it’s not so easy when a minor accident has her spending a passionate night in Phelix’s arm. She swears she will never swap places with her sister again. Now, all she has to do is put the whole mess behind her and just be happy she saves her sister’s relationship. But thing’s don’t always turn out as planned. A chance meeting at lunch changes everything. To save her sister’s love life, Molly takes up the role of her twin once again. But Phelix is more persistent then Molly ever imagined. Now Molly is faced with a hard decision. Should she keep her sister’s secret and continue pretending to be her twin, or follow her heart and tell the man she’s falling for the truth? Both choices will lead to the end of a relationship. But how do you choose between a sister you love and the man of your dreams?

Romance / Humor
Julie Wetzel
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Chapter 1

“How could I let my own flesh and blood do this to me?” Molly pondered as she scanned over the menu. She dropped the thin book down just enough to watch the handsome man on the other side of the table worry the edge of his menu as he thought. His crystal blue eyes scanned across the page for a moment before lifting up to catch her watching him.

Phelix folded his menu and dropped it onto the table. “Have you decided what you’re going to have, Mandy darling?”

Molly let out a sigh. She still couldn’t believe she’d let her twin sister talk her into this. How was she supposed to have dinner with her sister’s boyfriend and not let him find out they had switched places? “I think so.” Molly answered, closing her menu. She took a sip from her water glass, thinking about what she was going to order. “The portabella stuffed ravioli with sun dried tomato sauce. What about you, Phelix?”

“Those are very good.” Phelix agreed. “I think I’ll have the lasagna, if that’s all right with you?” He considered Molly with those gorgeous eyes.

Molly wanted to cry at the thought of having to watch her date eat what she really wanted, but Mandy had spent most of the last few years as a vegetarian so anything with meat was out of the question. The large mushrooms were the closest thing to animal that her sister would consume, but she didn’t mind others eating meat around her. “Of course.” Molly smiled biting back her frustration. Her sister was going to owe her big time for this one.

“Would you like some wine to go with dinner?” Phelix asked, picking up the wine list.

“That would be very nice.” Molly nodded, leaving the choice of beverage up to her sister’s boyfriend. She wasn’t that much of a drinker, but her sister was. In fact, Mandy had met Phelix at a bar just over two months ago. She’d been so excited that she hadn’t shut up about him since. Molly had finally put an end to her sister’s ramblings when she started in on how wonderful he was in bed. Those were some gory details Molly felt she could do without. As it was, Molly hadn’t been on a real date in years. She had dumped her last boyfriend when she found him banging one of the nurses in the medical center where she worked. That was the last time she was ever going to date a guy from her office. Molly hadn’t found the heart to look for someone new yet.

“How about a nice Merlot?” Phelix offered.

Molly just barely kept the cringe off her face. Red wine went straight to her head, but Merlot was one of her sister’s favorite wines. “That sounds wonderful.” She agreed again with a warm smile. “So how was work?” Molly pushed her dinner date into small talk.

Phelix went off into the latest case at his law firm.

Molly listened to the rise and fall of his warm voice wondering how her sister had ever landed such a hunk. Armed with their petite frames, long blonde hair, and gray eyes, she and her sister usually had the pick of any man they wanted, but Mandy had hit the jackpot with this one. Phelix was exactly what every girl wanted to bring home to mama. His chocolate hair was just long enough to hang into his face ever so slightly and Molly could feel those crystal blue eyes burning into her soul when he looked at her. She could tell that he worked out even through the dark blue dress shirt and coat he wore. After a few days without a shave he could’ve passed for one of those Chip and Dale dances Mandy had taken Molly to see for their birthday. The pause in his words drew Molly back from her fantasies of waving dollar bills at him as he stripped to some erotic beat.

Phelix looked at her expectantly.

Embarrassment colored Molly’s cheeks when she couldn’t pull the question he had asked from her brain. “I’m sorry. Could you please repeat that?”

Phelix smiled and leaned back in his chair. “I asked how your day was.” He repeated.

“It was good.” Molly nodded and went into a description of a normal day pushing papers in the billing office at the clinic. Mandy and Molly were both medical coders working for the same company, but in two different offices. It was a total lie. Mandy’s day had been anything but nice. She had come down with a stomach bug that had her sleeping on the couch with a bucket by her head. Molly had tried to convince her to call Phelix and cancel their date, but Mandy refused begging her sister to take her place for the evening. Phelix had broken their last three dates and Mandy had thrown a fit. She promptly informed him that if he broke another one she would take it as being dumped and move on. It would be impossible for her to break their date after the fuss she had made. Only Mandy’s tears and Molly’s love for her sister had Molly sitting in the upscale Italian restaurant in her twin’s favorite red dress and heels that were much too high to actually walk in.

“That sounds interesting.” Phelix encouraged Molly to continue talking.

She launched into a story about the girls in Mandy’s office. Mandy liked to chatter about everything and Molly tried to imitate her sister as best she could. It usually wasn’t too hard to fool people when they swapped places. Their voices were almost identical and they had spent almost every day of their life together. This wasn’t the first time Mandy had asked her sister to stand in for her at a social function. It was, however, the first time that social function was with someone her sister was sleeping with. Molly had pointed this out, but her sister had an answer for that one. She and Phelix had only seen each other a few times during the two months they were going out. Phelix’s job had been keeping him extremely busy. Most of their dates had been either in barrooms or in the darkness of Phelix’s bedroom. They really hadn’t been out to a nice sit down dinner yet, so this was the perfect time for Molly to fill in. All she had to do was eat with him, pretend to be Mandy, and not go home with him. Mandy had even given Molly permission to kiss him good night.

Molly ended her chatter when the waiter placed their dinner on the table in front of her. She had never been so glad to see a plate of food. At least now she could busy her mouth with eating and not talking aimlessly like her sister usually did.

“Thank you for having dinner with me tonight.” Phelix said as he cut into his lasagna. “I’m sorry I’ve had to break so many of our dates recently.”

Molly nodded around the bite of ravioli she had just stuck in her mouth.

“Work has been so busy lately. There’s a really important case coming up and I’ve been working overtime trying to get it together.”

“Thank you for asking me.” Molly answered. “I understand how important work can be.”

Phelix raised an eyebrow up and gave her a questioning look. “I thought you were upset about me breaking so many of our dates.” He pointed out.

Molly refrained from the face-palm she felt she deserved. She had forgotten that was what had gotten her into this mess. “Of course I don’t like being put aside for a job, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the need for it every once in a while.” Molly tried to save herself. She stirred the sauce on her plate around a bit before looking up into his eyes. “Just try not to do it too often.”

Phelix smiled and picked up his wine glass. “Of course not.” He held the glass out. Molly raised hers and they took a drink together.

Molly spent the rest of the meal swapping meaningless banter with Phelix in a manner Mandy would approve of.


“Thank you for a wonderful dinner.” Molly said as Phelix opened the car door for her. “I had a really great time tonight.”

Phelix held his hand out to help her from the car. “You are quite welcome.”

Molly took the offered help and let him lift her to her feet. She hated the skyscraper heels her sister had insisted on pairing with the short red dress.

Phelix wrapped Molly up in his arms, molding her tightly against him. “I had a wonderful time tonight.”

She had been dreading this part of the date all night. Earlier in evening, she had found that his touch made her skin tingle. Being pressed into him, she could feel all of those delicious muscles her sister had gone on about.

He breathed softly on her skin before pressing his lips against hers.

A zing of electricity shot through her as the passion of his kiss weakened her knees. If he hadn’t been holding her so tightly, she would have ended up sprawled on the ground. She was breathless by the time he withdrew from the kiss.

“Are you sure I can’t keep you company tonight?” Phelix asked as he placed another light kiss on the corner of Molly mouth.

She thought about it for just a moment. It would be easy for her to follow the call of that warm pull deep inside her. God, she wanted to take this man upstairs and let me do all of those things her sister had tried to describe to her. “I’m sure.” Molly pushed away from his solid chest. “Unfortunately, I have to head into the office early tomorrow for some make up work.” It was kind of true. Mandy was going to go in tomorrow to make up the day she’d missed today.

“I understand.” Phelix kissed Molly softly once more before releasing her. “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

A twinge of regret ran through her as she stepped away from his warm arms.

Phelix’s smile held a hint of disappointment. “Have a good night.”

Molly let out a longing sigh and stepped backwards towards her apartment building. Mandy wasn’t worried about Phelix knowing where Molly lived because she held the apartment one floor below her sister. “Good night, Phelix.” Smiling at him, she turned to head inside, but the tip of her stiletto heel caught in the soft caulking the city used on the sidewalk. Unable to compensate for the sudden uneven footing, Molly let out a loud squeak and crashed to the ground.

“Mandy!!” Phelix cried, rushing forwards to the fallen woman.

A blush the color of her dress rushed over Molly’s face when she felt his hand brush down her hip flipping the hem of her flowing skirt down.

“Are you alright?” Phelix asked as she gathered herself up.

Drawing her legs up under her, Molly sat up. “Yeah.” She looked down at the stupid heels that had caused her fall. The shoe was in one piece, but her ankle hurt badly. “I think so.” Turning her hands over, she looked at the scuff marks gracing the palms of her hands where she had tried to catch herself.

Phelix took one of her injured hands and examine at it.

“I’m okay.” Molly pulled her hand back and rubbed the heels together, dislodging the grit that had embedded itself into her skin.

Phelix held his hands out for Molly. “Here, let me help you.”

She looked up at him for a moment before taking the offered assistance. The scraps didn’t bother her, but she was rather worried about the pain in her ankle. Molly gasped as she put weight onto the injured leg. She teetered as the foot refused to take the load.

Phelix caught her up against him so she wouldn’t fall over again.

“I think I hurt my ankle.” Molly admitted as she looked down at the stubborn body part.

Phelix chuckled his agreement. “Let’s get you inside.” He grinned as he scooped her off her feet. “So where are we going?” He asked, mounting the steps to the entranceway.

Unable to see a way around it, Molly gave Phelix directions to her apartment on the fourth floor. She held on to him tightly as he carried her up the stairs. “You really don’t have to do this.” Molly spoke softly, embarrassed at how much of a klutz she was.

Phelix squeezed her as he turned down her hallway. “I couldn’t have just left you lying on the street.” He teased.

“That’s not what I mean.” Molly huffed as him. “I could have walked up.” She was sure that her ankle would have held her is she had gotten rid of the stupid heels.

“It’s best not to put weight on it.” Phelix said. The teasing tone had vanished from his voice. He smiled to soften his words. “Besides, why would I pass up the chance for this?” Squeezing her again, he grinned at the surprised gasp that slipped from her.

“Thank you.” Molly said as she pulled out her keys expecting Phelix to put her down. She was shocked when the hand holding up her legs snaked up and snagged the bits of metal unexpectedly from her fingers. “Hey!” Molly cried out at the loss of her keys.

Phelix unlocked the door, ignoring her protests.

Unable to do anything without being dropped, Molly just held on to her sister’s boyfriend as he carried her into the darkened apartment. “I could have done that.” She complained as she squirmed in Phelix’s arms. He shifted her so her feet touched the floor, but didn’t release her completely.

“You don’t need to be standing on that ankle.” Phelix insisted as he helped Molly through the living room to the couch. The apartment was modestly furnished with a blue couch and matching loveseat. A wooden coffee table sat on the floor between the couch and an entertainment center. Two matching end tables held old fashion crystal lamps on either end of the couch. Phelix pushed the coffee table out of the way so he could get a good look at Molly’s ankle.

Reaching over, Molly clicked the lamp on. “Oh hell,” she said as the soft light reflected on a line of dark blood trailing from a tear in her silk stocking. She’d been sure the twisted ankle was the only damage she had done in the fall.

Pulling his handkerchief from his pocket, Phelix placed it over the bleeding wound. He pressed down hard for a moment. “Hold this.” He said, shifting his hand so Molly could take the cloth. Once both hands were free, Phelix turned his attention to her swollen ankle. Slipping off the impossibly high heel, he carefully pressed his long fingers into the joint.

Molly hissed in pain when he found an especially tender spot.

“Does this hurt?” Phelix asked as he gripped Molly’s foot and moved it around gently.

Yes!” Molly gasped when he bent it inwards.

Phelix prodded the sore skin for a moment longer. “It looks like you might have sprained it.” He rubbed her foot soothingly before standing up from the floor. “Do you have a first aid kit?” He looked around the room as if the desired item would present itself.

Molly pointed towards a darkened hallway. “There is some first aid stuff in a box in the bottom of the closet.”

Pulling off his jacket, Phelix laid it over the back of the loveseat as he went to find bandages.

Lifting the handkerchief away from her knee, Molly looked at the cut. It wasn’t as bad as she first thought, but she was going to have an interesting time pulling the shreds of silk out.

“Peroxide?” Phelix called from the hallway.

“There should be a bottle in the bathroom.” Molly yelled back to him.

Shortly, Phelix came back with a bottle and the box of random first aid supplies that Molly had squirreled away. “Why don’t you have a proper first aid kit?” He asked as he dropped his score on the table.

Molly shrugged. “Never needed one.” Her heart fluttered as she watched him pull loose his tie and roll his sleeves up.

Phelix dropped down in front of her and looked at her leg again. “You shouldn’t wait until you need a first aid kit to get one.” He said as he took the cloth from Molly’s hand. “It’s something every home needs.”

Hanging her head, Molly nodded. “I’m sorry.” She said softly.

“Don’t be sorry.” Phelix softened his words to let her know that he was not mad at her. “I’ll get you a first aid kit.” He promised as he laid his soiled handkerchief on the table.

Molly shivered as Phelix caressed her thigh just above her injured knee.

“Let’s see what we can do about this.”

Hey!” Molly cried out when Phelix slipped his hand up under her skirt. She tried to squirm away from his intruding hand.

His hand tightened around her thigh, preventing her from pushing off with her injured leg. “Just be still.” Phelix said as he let go and popped the clasp holding her thigh high stocking in place.

Molly relaxed when she realized that he was just releasing the sheer material so he could pull it down. “I’m sorry.” She apologized. Of course he needed to get the stocking off before he could bandage the cut. “I guess I’ve had a little too much wine.”

Phelix patted her leg gently. “It’s all right.” He soothed her as he slipped his other hand up the dress to the top of her stockings. “I would much rather leave these on.” He shot her a devilish grin and caressed the bare flesh along her inner thigh.

Molly’s eyes widened at the suggestion in his voice.

“Maybe next time.” He sighed, slipping his fingers under the band of her stockings and pulling it down her thigh. Very carefully, he lifted the soft material over the cut and pulled the stocking free of Molly’s leg.

Molly looked at the angry red mark on her knee. “I did a number on it.”

“That’s not so bad.” Phelix said as he poked at the injury. “It just needs cleaning up a little.” Picking up a washcloth from the pile on the table, he dabbed the warm, wet cloth onto the wound.

Biting her lip, Molly tried not to cry out in pain, but it slipped from her anyway.

Phelix looked up at the whimper. “It will be okay.” He promised and shifted up so he could kiss her softly.

Molly accepted the offered comfort. Another pang of regret shot through he as Phelix dropped back down to tend her wound.

“Thank you.” She said as Phelix cleaned and disinfected the cut. It was impossible to ignore the way his fingers trailed along her uninjured skin as he worked.

“You’re welcome.” Phelix grinned as he found a bandage large enough to cover the injured area. He glanced over as the discarded shoe that had caused Molly’s problem. “You really should be more careful in those things.”

“I know.” She sighed. “I’m just not use to wearing them. It was my sis—” Molly stopped mid-sentence as she realized her error.

Phelix looked up at the unnatural break in her speech.

“I mean,” she quickly backtracked before she could give herself away, “They were the only shoes that matched this sweet dress.” Molly shifted on the couch showing off the red dress as much as she could without getting up.

Phelix grinned and moved so he was eye to eye with her. “And you look absolutely amazing in it.” He leaned forwards to plant another powerful kiss on Molly’s mouth.

Shivering, she leaned into it accept the passion from him. Her insides were screaming at her urging her on. Molly’s world was spinning by the time he broke their kiss. Closing her eyes, she leaned back into the cushions of the couch to recover.

Phelix caressed her cheek before sitting back on the floor to finish bandaging her foot.

Drawing in a deep breath, Molly forced herself to look at the man rummaging in her box of medical stuff.

Phelix pulled out a roll of wide tape. “This should work.”

“What’s that for?” Molly asked as he pulled off several long lengths and stuck them to the edge of the table. She recognized the tape from the time Mandy had forced her into that handkerchief top for a costume party.

“I’m going to tape up your ankle.” Lifting Molly’s foot, Phelix laid several strips of the tape down the outside of her foot.

Molly watched in fascination as he wrapped the tape around her foot and leg. “Is that was it’s for?”

“Of course.” Phelix laughed. “What did you think sports tape was for?”

She just shrugged, unwilling to tell Phelix what she had used it for. Mandy had brought that tap up to put over their nipples because they were going to the party without bras. “Where did you learn to do that?” Molly decided to distract him with a question.

This time Phelix shrugged. “It’s a skill everyone needs to know.” He explained. “This is basic first aid.”

Molly just nodded. “Maybe you can teach me sometime.” She suggested, liking the idea of getting to know Phelix more, even if he was her sister’s boyfriend. Molly sighed as she remembered her predicament. Her sister was actually kind of serious about this man and there was a likely chance that her twin wouldn’t let her see him again after he was done bandaging her up.

“I would enjoy that.” Phelix said and sat back to look at his work. “All done.”

Molly looked at his handy work. They tape was crisscrossed back and forth over her foot. She tried to wiggle it but found that it was bound pretty tight. Molly shifted forwards on the couch to get up.

Placing a hand on her shoulder, Phelix pushed her back into the cushions again. “Hands.” He demanded.

Molly gave him a confused look and turned her hands over to look at the abrasions on her palms. They really weren’t that bad. “Their fine.” She said, rubbing them together.

“It doesn’t matter.” Phelix insisted. “They’re cut up and need to be cleaned.” He held his hand out for Molly to place her hand in his.

She sighed and acquiesced to his request.

Phelix cleaned and bandaged Molly’s palms.

Shaking her head, Molly watched as he tapped the pads down over the cuts. They would last for about five minutes while she got ready for bed. As it was, she was going to need a very cold shower to cool the warmth Phelix’s attention had caused her. “Are we done now?” Molly asked as Phelix gathered her medical supplies back into the box where it had come from.

Phelix chuckled at her impatience. “Yes.” He stood up and held his hands out to her.

Molly kicked off the other heel and took his hand to stand. Now all she had to do was see him out and they could call it a night. “Thank you for helping me.” She said as she stood up. To her surprise Phelix swept her legs out from under her. She squeaked loudly at the unexpected motion. It took Molly a moment to realize that Phelix wasn’t heading towards the front door. He was heading to the hallway that led deeper into her apartment. “Um…” She said, trying to figure out what he was doing.

“You should stay off that ankle for the evening.” Phelix insisted as he pushed the door to her bedroom open.

Shock stole Molly’s reasoning skills when Phelix spun around and sat down on the edge of her bed with her. Her mind went into panic mode when he shifted her so he was staring straight into her eyes.

“You look absolutely amazing.” Phelix whispered as he raised his hand up to pull Molly face over so he could kiss her.

The heat from his skin burned along her jaw as the passion from his kiss addled her mind more. She knew she should stop him. Push him away and make him leave, but she just couldn’t do it. The last little bit of her mind that was working properly told her that it would be troublesome for her sister if she refused his advance. Refusing him wasn’t something that Mandy would do, even if she was slightly injured. The rest of her mind wanted him to continue. It had been too long since a man had made her feel the way Phelix did. Molly melted into his embrace knowing that there would be trouble for her actions late, but, at the moment, she really didn’t care.

Phelix made a please noise as Molly’s lips moved to kiss him back. The intensity of their kiss increased as he shifted on the queen sized bed leaning the willing woman in his arms back to the comforter. His hand ran down her back caressing her through the material of the dress. Pulling back, he gazed into her gray eyes.

She could see the desire darkening his eyes as he slid his hand up her hip and side.

“So beautiful.” Phelix breathed as he hand trailed up Molly chest to caress the hair back from her face.

Molly let out a sigh as he shifted his weight over top of her and recaptured her lips. Her hands came up to rub his sides through his dress shirt.

Phelix smiled at her touch and move his attention away from Molly’s mouth. He kissed and nibbled his way across her check and down to her throat.

Moaning, she titled her head back when his teeth ran over the sensitive skin of her throat. She could feel his lip curve into a smile as Phelix ran his fingers under the straps of her dress. She closed her eyes so she could better enjoy his efforts.

Molly gasped as Phelix’s trail of kisses found the neckline of her dress. Her eyes popped open in surprise when the material shifted out of the way without resistance. She had not noticed when he had unzipped the back of the short dress.

Phelix pulled the red material down to expose the lace of the black bra Mandy had insisted Molly pair with the skimpy gown. His hand rubbed across the soft flesh he had just exposed, pulling a moan from Molly.

Running her hands up around Phelix’s shoulders, she curled her fingers into the soft hair at the back of his neck.

A please sound vibrated out from the man as he pulled the dress farther down Molly’s body.

Slipping her arms free of the shoulder straps, she slid out of the dress and went back to caressing the man giving her pleasure.

Phelix’s hot mouth pressed into the flesh of her chest, driving another moan from her. A quick tug on her left cup pulled the offending material back so his lips could find the swollen tip of her nipple. He nibbled on it, driving more little sounds from her.

Molly’s fingers found their way deeper into Phelix’s hair holding him to her.

His fingers replaced his mouth and fiddled with her nipple as he shifted his attention to the other breast still tucked inside the black lace bra. A gentle tug had that mound free and in his mouth.

Molly moaned again as the feel of him on her skin drove shivers of electricity to places deep inside her.

Phelix groaned as her hips tilted up and pressed into his solid weight. The hand that had been caressing her breast trailed down her stomach to her waist. He gripped her hip hard and pulled it up so she pressed into him again.

Another sound of pleasure escaped from Molly’s lips. A warmth had formed deep in her core and she could feel the wetness seeping out preparing her for what she knew was coming.

Phelix’s stimulating attention shifted again as he slid down the length of her body. Worshiping every inch of her flesh he passed, he worked his way down the smooth expanse of Molly’s stomach. Pausing for a moment, he slipped his tongue into her navel and tugged her dress down over her hips.

Molly hissed in pain as the material pulled across a sore spot on her hip.

Phelix stopped and looked up to make sure she was okay.

“Hip.” Molly informed him of what hurt.

Brushing his fingers over the location where her hip had met with the pavement, he tested how bad the bruising was. “It will be okay.” He kissed the purpling skin.

Molly cracked a grin and raised her eyebrow. “Oh, so you’re a doctor now?” She teased.

Phelix grinned mischievously at her. “Yes,” he purred, “now hold still so I can give you something for the pain.” Going back to what he had been doing, he pressed his face up between Molly’s legs.

She giggled at the sudden contact and the playful way he mouthed her through the lace of her panties. Her giggles turned to moans as he found his way around the material and into the wet warmth waiting for him below.

Phelix made short work of the one stocking still wrapped around Molly’s leg.

Her hips rocked up as he pulled the last remaining clothing from her lower half.

“So lucky.” Phelix breathed across her now exposed skin before running his tongue up between her folds.

Molly gasped again as he found a sensitive spot.

His smiled widened as he hit the delicate flesh again making Molly twitch. Phelix slipped his hands up under her hips and rolled them up so he could get better access to all those hidden, tender spots.

Unable to reach him without sitting up, Molly balled her fists up into the blanket as he tortured her with his tongue. Just when she thought she could take no more of his nimble mouth, one of his fingers found the opening at her center. Shutting her eyes, she gasped as the digit wormed it way inside of her. Molly moaned and bent so she could tangle her hand into his brown hair as he carefully pumped his finger in and out of her. She looked down at the man pressed between her thighs and caught the light reflecting from the other room in his crystal eyes. Embarrassment stole over her as she realized that he was watching her. Every moan, every twitch, every weird face she made, he was taking it all in.

The moment of embarrassment didn’t last long as he slipped a second finger inside her to dance with the first. Her world only lasted for a few seconds longer as the orgasm ripped through her making her body convulse around his wiggling fingers.

Phelix leaned back from his work and stroked the last of the spasms from Molly’s body before sliding his fingers from her. He licked the sweet liquid from his hand as he considered what to do next.

With her eyes closed, Molly was unsure how long it took her to pick up the pieces of her shattered world and put them back together. She had barely noticed when Phelix’s hand had withdrawn from her, but she did notice when his weight pressed back onto the bed. Opening her eyes, she found that he’d stripped out of his clothing. The light shining down the hallway was just enough to reflect off the sculptured muscles of his chest and stomach as he moved above her. Her eyes flashed down his body and a pang of panic hit her when she saw his aroused state. She had been with men before, but it had been a while and none of them where anywhere near the size Phelix was. “Be gentle.” Molly pleaded with him.

Phelix nodded and pressed his lips to hers. “Always.” He sighed and wrapped his arm around her back to drag her up the bed.

She let out another moan as their skin touched. Molly grabbed on to his shoulders as he maneuvered them up to the pillows. She wiggled under him until she was comfortable again. The band of her bra cut into her over sensitive skin, irritating her. Growling at the frustrating clothing, Molly twisted slightly so she could get her hand near the strap and release the band.

Phelix made a pleased noise deep in his chest as the clasp popped open. “Very nice.” He whispered, pulling the black material away from her skin and chucking it across the room. Pressing to her lips for another deep kiss, he lowered his body to rest on top of Molly.

She could feel his hardened state pressing into her belly as he shifted himself against her.

Phelix worked his way between Molly’s legs and eased them apart as he kissed her. Lifting himself up slightly, he shifted to his knees poised to take her. He groaned hungrily into her mouth as the tip of his member caressed the soft skin of her stomach. Pulling back the hand he had tangled in her hair, he ran it down her body. He paused long enough to flick the tip of her nipple before continuing down between her legs. Rubbing her again, he grasped his hardened length and guided the tip to the opening waiting for him.

Molly gasped as he slipped into her.

“So tight.” Phelix moaned as he pressed more of his length into her. He took it slowly and let her body adjust to his unusual size so he would not hurt her.

Molly was sure that he was going to split her in half, but he somehow managed to get all the way inside her.

He paused for a moment longer before giving a small thrust that seated himself completely inside her.

Molly cried out when he hit bottom, but the pain was quickly replaced with pleasure as he started to move.

Phelix started out with short slow strokes, but quickly found a solid rhythm as Molly’s body adjusted around him.

Her hands found purchase on his solid back as another orgasm sent her over the edge again.

Slowing slightly, Phelix lingered in his movements as she quivered around him. When most of the delicious spams had passed, he picked the tempo up again pushing her over that wall again. He hissed as her nails raked over his skin in her passion. This time he did not slow down to let her recover. He crushed his lips to hers and picked up the pace until Molly’s world shattered around her and left her screaming into the night.

She clamped her legs around Phelix as he reached his peak deep inside of her. They hung on the edge of oblivion together for a moment before collapsing into a heap on the bed.

Molly’s mind was numb as she came down from her high. Her trembling limbs would not listen to her and she could still feel Phelix deep inside her, but she was content. As feeling returned to her extremities, her fingers worked their way up into the mess she had made of Phelix’s hair.

He sighed contently and rolled so he was no longer resting on top of her.

Molly shivered as his length slipped from her body leaving her feeling vaguely empty inside.

Shifted up the bed, Phelix rolled onto his back. He drew Molly in against him and rubbed his face into her mussed hair sighing contently. Kissing her hair, he wrapped his arms around her to relax in the afterglow of their passion.

Molly cuddled in against him enjoying his warmth. Throughout the evening, she had grown to like the man, but she knew that he would leave soon and found that she didn’t want the evening to end. A ping of jealousy swept through her as she thought about her sisters good fortune at finding such a kind man that was so go in bed. A note of regret followed closely behind, but she pushed it away. She would worry about her sister feelings tomorrow. Molly shivered slightly as the cooler air of the room lapped the sweat from her body.

Phelix grabbed up the edge of the comforter they were laying on and dragged the lose end over them.

Molly sighed again as the material blocked out the draft and she drifted off to sleep cuddled in against Phelix’s warmth.


“I slept with your boyfriend.” Molly admitted when her sister came up to check on her the next day.

Mandy stopped and stared at her sister stretched out on the couch. She took in the comfy sweats and pint of Phish Food ice cream her sister was eating before continuing over to sit with her. “What happened?” Mandy sighed, kicking her heels off so she could sit on the couch. She picked the throw pillow up and cuddled it in her lap.

“I really tried to send him off with just a kiss,” Molly said as she studied the mostly eaten ice cream, “and it was working until I fell down.” She stuck her injured leg out where her sister could see the medical tape still wrapped around her ankle.

“What happened?” Mandy’s voice took on a more concerned note as she touched the wound.

“I caught one of your heels in the sidewalk.” Molly shook her head at her clumsiness. “Phelix carried me up here and bandaged it up for me.”

“He’s so sweet.” Mandy gushed.

“He’s sweet all right.” Molly agreed. She scrapped together another bite of ice cream as she talked. “He even carried me clear to bed so I wouldn’t hurt my foot.” Molly stuck the dark chocolate fish into her mouth. She sucked on it thinking about what to say to her sister. “How was I supposed to get out of that one?” She asked going for slight indignation.

Mandy hung her head and thought about it for a moment. “Point.” She conceded, unable to get angry at her sister. Molly would not have been in a situation where sex with Phelix was a possibility if Mandy hadn’t insisted on the switch. She had hoped that Molly could’ve found a way out before anything happened, but given the situation, Mandy could understand how the night ended up with them in bed. “So how was it?” Mandy looked up at her sister.

Molly’s eyes nearly popped out of her head at the question. “How was what?” She asked hoping she had misheard her sister’s question.

“The sex.” Mandy clarified. “How was it?”

Molly blushed as she thought about last night’s experience. She pulled another fish from her frozen treat. “It was good.” Molly answered not looking at her sister.

Mandy smacked her sister’s leg gently urging her into telling the truth. “Come on!” She grinned knowingly.

“All right!” Molly huffed. “It was the best sex I have had in years!”

Mandy giggled at her. “It’s the only sex you’ve had in years.”

“Man, Mandy.” Molly shook her head at her sister, ignoring the verbal jab. “That man can do things with his tongue that should be outlawed.”

Mandy grinned. “I know!” Leaning over, she squeezed the pillow in her lap. “So tell me everything.”

“No.” Molly said indignity. She didn’t want to share her sexual encounter with her sister.

“Aww.” Mandy complained. “But I might need to know if Phelix asks.”

Molly rolled her eyes at her sister. “Just know that he knows how to knock a woman for a loop.”

Mandy gasped. “You passed out!”

“No,” Molly huffed, “but it came very close to that.” She sighed as she gave her sister the details that she needed. “I couldn’t move much for a while afterwards. I can’t even remember when he left.”

Mandy gave her sister an odd look. “You mean he stayed the night?”

“I have no idea.” Molly sighed. “I vaguely remember him pulling the covers over top of me before falling asleep. When I woke up this morning, he was gone.” She looked up at her twin. “He really is a sweetheart though. Not only did he set my alarm so that I wouldn’t oversleep, he left a glass of water setting on the table with some painkillers for my leg and a note.”

“A note?” Mandy perked up.

“It’s in the bedroom,” Molly nodded her head towards the hallway. “It basically said that he had a great night and told me to take it easy on my ankle for a while.” She looked down at the impossible high heels her sister had kicked off before tucking herself up on the couch. “You might want to go with flats for the next day or so.”

Mandy nodded her understanding. “So what else?” She fidgeted in her chair excitedly.

Molly just laughed at her sister. “Overall, it was a very good evening.” She smiled. “Even with the unexpected bout of sex.”

Mandy paused for a second as something occurred to her. “Get dressed.” She patted her sister’s leg again and tucked the throw pillow back into the corner of the couch. “You can tell me everything on the way.” Finding her shoes, she slipped them back on.

Molly sat up, alarmed at her sister’s words. “On the way where?”

Mandy pulled on Molly’s arm to get her moving. “On the way to the drugstore.”

Molly stood up and hobbled as her sister pushed her towards the bedroom. “Why?”

“If I know Phelix, he didn’t use any protection.” Mandy explained.

Shock crossed Molly’s face as she realized their mistake. “Oh God, Mandy!” she gasped. “What am I going to do?”

Mandy chuckled lightly. “It’s all right.” She soothed her sister. “You have a few days to take a ‘Plan B’ pill, but they work best if you take them right away.”

Molly sighed in relief. “What would I do without you?” She smiled and went to get more acceptable clothing.

“You wouldn’t have been having sex on the first date.” Mandy teased.

“Yeah, about that, let’s not do this again.” Molly shook her head. “I like your boyfriend, but I don’t think I can handle another night like that.”

“Good point.” Mandy nodded. “I think I would have to get mad at you for sleeping with my boyfriend a second time.”

“Hey!” Molly tossed her sweatshirt at her giggling sister. Now all Molly had to do was get her emergency contraceptives and she could put this whole ordeal behind her.

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