A Twin Dilemma

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Chapter 10

“How are you feeling?” Mandy asked as she felt Molly’s head. It was obvious that her twin was really sick.

“Not good.” Molly admitted as she shivered in the bed.

Mandy held out a thermometer to take her sister temperature.

Molly took the plastic covered probe into her mouth and looked up at her sister.

“I’m so sorry.” Mandy apologized as she watched the numbers climb. “I bet you caught this from me.”

Molly didn’t want her sister to feel bad so she didn’t agree with her out loud. “It’s okay.” she said as soon as her sister took the beeping thermometer out of her mouth.

Mandy looked that the number concerned.

“But, Phelix brought me home today.” Molly sighed.

Surprise raised Mandy’s eyebrows. “He did what?” she asked hoping that she hadn’t heard her sister correctly.

“Phelix brought me home.” Molly said again. “He’d stopped by for lunch again today.”

Mandy sighed heavily. “What happened?” She hung her head to listen to her sister’s story. How could she get made at Molly for having lunch with her boyfriend? He’d already promised that he would stop coming by during the day. The fact that he broke his promise made her upset, but then again, how could she be upset with him when he did some of the sweetest things? Molly had already told her about the wonderful boxed lunch that Phelix had made for her yesterday.

“I wasn’t feeling good when I went down to lunch, and it got worse when I got close to food.” Molly said. She swallowed trying to appease her upset stomach. “He took me back in and told my boss that he was taking me home.”

Mandy gave her a confused look. “Wait, he told Mr. Baker that he was taking you home and that jerk didn’t have anything snotty to say?”

“No.” Molly shook her head. “I don’t know why, but I think he recognized him. Called him Fair-something.”

“Fairlane.” Mandy nodded supplying Molly with Phelix’s last name. “Why would your boss know my boyfriend?”

“Phelix said he knew one of the doctors in the building.” Molly answered. “He told me that was the reason he was in there when I first ran into him.”

“Point.” Mandy shrugged it way. “What else happened?”

“Well, he brought me home by taxi and carried me upstairs.” Molly looked at her sister. “Why would he bring me up here and not to your apartment?”

Mandy sighed. “Because he hasn’t been in my apartment.” She admitted. “He usually picks me up at the front stoop and we go over to his place.”

“Really?” Molly said surprised.

Mandy just shrugged. “He’s got a really nice house.” He admitted. “What else?”

“Well, um… he forced some pills and water on me and I kind of yacked them up.” Molly blushed.

Eewwww!” Her sister squirmed at the thought. “Please tell me you did not make him clean that up.” She looked around for possible signs of wayward yack.

“No.” Molly’s blush deepened. “I made it to the bathroom, but he did hold my hair back.”

“Molly!” Mandy sighed indignantly.

“What was I supposed to do?” Molly cried out at her sister. “It’s not like I chose to get sick or to have your boyfriend take care of me.”

Mandy sat up away from the fuss her sister was making.

“I didn’t want any of this!” Molly sobbed. “I never asked to go on a date with your boyfriend! I didn’t want to have sex with him! I never asked for him to show up at work and take me out to lunch! I’ve done everything I could think of short of being cold to him to get him to stop! It’s not my fault that he is kind and considerate and cares about you! You should be happy that he’s willing to take care of you while you’re sick!” Molly clenched her jaw shut as her stomach rolled from the aggravation she was feeling. The color drained from her face as she covered her mouth and urped up a little. Bolting from the bed, she made it to the toilet just in time.

Mandy followed her and stood in the doorway watching her sister curl on the floor retching up bile. “I’m sorry Molly.” Pulling down the towel that Phelix had dampened earlier, she rewetted the tip and handed it down to her sister. “I will see what I can do about Phelix.”

Taking the towel, Molly wiped her face and hands off before leaning over to rest her head on the side of the bathtub. “He said he would stop by this evening and check on me again.” Molly warned. “Did you give him a key to your apartment?”

Mandy starred at her in shock. “No.” She said when she found her voice.

“Find my keys.” Molly sighed and closed her eyes.

Mandy quickly left for the living room, but was back a few minutes later. “They’re not here.” She said a little panicked.

“Then, unless you want to tell him the truth, you had better get out of here.” Molly reached up and pulled one of the bath towels down over her.

Staring at her sister huddled under the fluffy towel, Mandy waffling on the decision.

“I’m not going to do anything in this condition.” Molly huffed. “And if he tires, I’ll just puke on him.”

Mandy giggled in spite of the situation. “All right.” She turned to go. “I’m sorry Molly.”

“Oh, Mandy!” Molly called to her sister.

Stopping, Mandy looked back at the sick woman.

“Get anything you wouldn’t eat out of the refrigerator, just in case.”

Mandy let out another laughed and agreed.

“And don’t throw it away. I want it back when this is over!” Molly yelled hoping her sister would save her meat. She had some really nice steaks in there. She relaxed to her bathroom rug and huddled under the towel shivering. This was definitely going to be a long night.


“What are you doing here?” Phelix asked when he found Molly curled up on the bathroom floor.

She had thrown up twice more since her sister had cleaned out her refrigerator and left. “Figured it was easier to stay here than go back to bed.” Molly confessed as Phelix helped her up off the floor.

“You’re going to catch your death, lying on that cold floor like that.” Phelix lifted her up and to carry her back into the bedroom. His hand hit the strap from her stockings. “What’s this?” He plucked the elastic softly.

Molly just shrugged and leaned her head over to rest on his shoulder.

Laughing, Phelix sat her on the bed. He slipped his hand under the edge of the shirt and unhooked the guarder belt holding the stockings up. “Do you always wear thigh high stockings?” Phelix asked as he pulled the silk material from her legs.

Molly sighed. “Sometimes.” She almost always wore them, but her sister found the straps and belts uncomfortable.

“I see.” Phelix rolled them up and sat them on the table next to her bed. “Is there anything else that I should know about you?” He raised a curious eye to her.

Molly considered telling him that she was his girlfriend’s twin, but she didn’t think Mandy would appreciate that much. Instead she just shook her head as he tucked her back in.

“Then rest here and I’ll see about something for you to eat.”

The idea of food wasn’t very appealing, so Molly just shook her head and rolled over.

Chuckling, Phelix patted the blankets down over her before heading out to make food.

Molly pulled her phone out from under her pillow and looked at it. As she expected, her sister had texted her as soon as she saw Phelix arrive. “He’s here!” the text read.

Molly laughed and sent one back to her. She wiggled up in the bed so she was sitting up more. “Figured that out. He found me on the bathroom floor. Did you get the meat out of the frig?”

“Of course. What you doing on floor?”

“Trying not to throw up?”

“LOL. You should be in bed.”

“There now. He made me go back.”

“AWWW. So sweet.”

“Should I tell him you think so?” Molly giggled as she sent this one.

“NO!! No telling him.”

Molly giggled again

“What’s funny?” Phelix asked as he came into the room with a tray.

Molly dropped her phone face-down on the comforter so he couldn’t see the screen. “Nothing.” She said a little too fast.

Phelix narrowed one eye a little at the lie.

“One of my friends was checking to make sure I was okay.” Molly amended her answer. She really didn’t like lying to Phelix.

He smiled at her corrected statement. “Well, it’s time to eat.” Phelix set the tray on her bed.

Molly looked at the little wooden desk like thing. It has short legs that would raise it up to sit over her lap. “I’m not really hungry.” She admitted. She didn’t even want to look at the mug of orange stuff on the tray.

Phelix lifted the mug up and held it out to her. “I know, beautiful, but you really should try to eat something.”

“What’s this?” She asked looking at the odd liquid. She took the warm cup from his hand.

Phelix shrugged. “Jell-o.”

Smiling, Molly looked at the thick liquid. “This is not jell-o.” She swirled the stuff in the cup around.

“Okay, so it’s warm jell-o.” Phelix grinned. “But it will make you feel better.”

Molly raised an eyebrow but lifted the cup to her lips and took a tentative sip of the substance. The fruity taste of oranges rolled across her tongue. She licked at the gelatin where it coated her mouth. “This is good for me?” She asked and took another careful sip of the liquid.

“It’s got sugars that you need to function, water to help keep you hydrated, and it’s easy on the stomach.” Phelix sat on the edge of the bed near her feet. “Just don’t drink it too fast, or you’ll be back in the bathroom.”

Molly nodded. “Where did you learn all of this stuff?”

Phelix shrugged. “When there’s a doctor in the family, you learn lot of interesting things that you never wanted to know.” He rubbed the blanket over Molly’s legs. “Like what the different colors of snot mean.” He smiled as she laughed backing the liquid she had just taken into her mouth up into her sinuses. Hopping up, he quickly took her cup before she could slosh it out and over the bed spread as she coughed. “I’m sorry.” He laughed as he rubbed her back.

Glared at him, Molly swallowed trying to clear the jell-o out of places it was not supposed to go. “That was so wrong.” She finally said when the coughing subsided.

“True.” Phelix set the cup down on the side table. “But it made you laugh.”

Molly chuckled again. “True.” Clearing her throat, she leaned back against her pillows. “But I think it upset my stomach again.”

Phelix placed his hand on her head and checked her temperature. “You’re still running a fever.” He said. “Why don’t you get back under those covers and try to get some more rest. You can finish that later.” Phelix lifted the blanket up so Molly could slide back into bed properly.

Molly glanced at the cup of cooling liquid. “But what if it sets up?”

“Then I’ll bring you a spoon.” Phelix kissed the side of her head. “Now sleep for a while.”

“Hey.” Molly called to him as he tucked the wooden tray up under his arm preparing to leave.

He turned back to look at her.

“How did you get back into my apartment?”

A sheepish smile slipped across his face. “I borrowed your keys.” Shrugging, he left the room pulling the door to.

Chuckling again, Molly rolled over in the bed and pulled out her phone. “Your bf is devious.” She typed a message to her sister.

“How so?”

“Not only did he try to kill me with warm jell-o, he stole my keys to get back in.”

“Warm Jell-o?”

“He gave me warm jell-o for my upset stomach. Said it was good for me.”

“Don’t eat it… not vegetarian.”


“Gelatin is made from animal proteins. Don’t eat it.”

“Too late. You will just have to suck it up.”



“Can I come up, or is he staying?”

“I can hear him in the kitchen, so I assume he is hanging out for a while.”

“*SIGH* okay, let me know what happens.”

“Okay. Going back to sleep for a while.”

“Get better.”

Molly closed out of the messages from her sister and noticed that she had one message from a number she didn’t know. She clicked it open and smiled at the text.

“Hey Beautiful. Just texting to let you know that I’m on my way. I hope you’re doing okay. See you soon.”

Reading through the message a second time, Molly snuggled down into her blankets with her phone. It made her happy that he had sent her message. She closed her eyes and drifted back off to sleep holding her phone. It didn’t even occur to her that he hadn’t sent the message to her sister’s phone.

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