A Twin Dilemma

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Chapter 13

“Have a good weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.” Phelix said, pausing in his prep to give Molly a hug.

She squeezed him back not wanting him to leave for work. They had spent most of the evening cuddled up on the couch watching a Doctor Who marathon. Molly had laughed out loud when he had suggested the British science fiction show. It had been one of her favorites growing up. “Take care.” Stepping back from his arms, she pulled his blanket around her holding out the chill of the morning air.

Phelix rubbed the blanket around her. “Send me a text so I know that you got there safely.” He leaned down to kiss her lightly.

Molly touched his chest through his suit as they kissed. She liked the charcoal gray marital and the way it made his eyes sparkle. “Of course.” She agreed as they parted.

He straightened his tie and turned to leave.

Concern flashed through Molly’s mind as she realized he was going empty handed. “What about your stuff?” She looked over at the garment bag and pillow sitting on her loveseat.

“I’ll get it next week.” He reached out and ran the back of his fingers down the side of her face. “That is, if it’s okay with you?”

Molly found it funny that he would need to ask that question. “Sure.” She smiled and leaned her head over to press into his hand. She loved the feel of his hands on her skin.

He rolled his fingers over to cup her cheek. “Then I will see you later.” Pulling her face up to meet his, he kissed her one last time before slipping out the door.

Molly sighed in contentment and leaned against the closed door. She knew she shouldn’t be so happy in his company, but she just couldn’t find the heart to crush down those emotions. Sighing again, she pushed herself away from the door and tried to decide what to do with herself. Thanks to Phelix, she had a whole day off to do anything she wanted.

Going back to bed sounded like the best idea and she headed back to her room. Folding up the blanket wrapped around her, she dropped it on the foot of the bed before slipping into the sheets. She cuddled deep into them for a few minutes, but couldn’t get her mind to shut off. She and Phelix had spent another action packed night in her bed and the cotton cloth still held their aroma. Molly hadn’t noticed it when he was here, but now that he was gone, she could almost taste the spicy scent he’d left behind. Drawing in a deep breath, she savored the memories the smell brought back. It made the sore muscles in her belly pull and her heart long for him to come back.

Molly threw back the covers and got out of bed. Being wrapped in those tantalizing sheets made her want for company she wasn’t supposed to be keeping. Looking back at the bed, she considered changing the sheets. It would have been the best thing to do, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Mandy had promised to put an end to Phelix’s lunch time visits, so last night might have been the last time she’d gotten to be with him. Pulling the covers up, Molly made the bed. Having his scent in her bed would not sway her into making more laundry then she already had.

Having taken care of the bed, Molly pulled a t-shirt and some sweatpants from the dresser. She loved the strappy black night gown Phelix had picked out last night, but it was much too thin to wear for the day. She pulled it off, remembering how he had laughed when she put it back on this morning. It had, after all, spent most of the night on the floor. She draped it over her bed to deal with later.

Once dressed, Molly grabbed up her phone and Phelix’s blanket and went to lie on the couch. She was still a little tired and didn’t really want to do anything. After a quick text to her sister, she found a comfortable place to curl on one end of the couch. Closing her eyes, Molly let her mind wander back to the night before and the time she had spent cuddle next to Phelix. She was really going to have to do something about the feeling swirling through her. A ding from her phone announced her sister’s response.

“Morning. How was your night?”

Molly laughed and tapped in a response. “Interesting… In the old Chinese proverb way.”


Molly was surprised her sister didn’t get the reference to the old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting time. She had used the saying around her sister many times. “I think I’m starting too really like your boyfriend.” She admitted.

“… You’re not supposed to start liking him.”

“I know, but it’s hard to not like someone after sleeping with them three times. Plus he is supper nice and smart.” Molly sighed as she sent this message off thinking of all of the wonderful things he had done.


“Yes, three. You were right when you said he was persistent. He decided to join me in the shower and then he followed me to bed.”

“Molly!! How could you!”

Clicking on her caps lock, Molly punched the message into her phone as hard as she could, pissed at the accusing message. “IT’S NOT LIKE I WAS GIVEN MUCH CHOICE IN THIS. HAD YOU TOLD HIM THE TRUTH THEN I COULD HAVE STOPPED IT FROM HAPPENING!” It was a few minutes before Mandy responded.

“I’m sorry. I’ll talk to him when I get back on Sunday night.”

“Are you going to tell him the truth, or just get him to stop coming by at lunch?” Molly bit her lip praying that her sister would agree to tell Phelix the truth.

“Can we talk about this later? I have to get to the yoga class.”

“Fine, but you need to tell him the truth. He deserves to know.”

Mandy didn’t respond to this message.

Getting her sister to admit she had done something wrong would take an act of congress, but Molly also knew that admitting the truth had the potential to cause her sister some very really problems. They had both told a lie big enough to end Mandy’s relationship. Molly draped her arm over her eyes and sighed as she thought about the situation. Had everything just ended with dinner that one night, things would have been fine. If Mandy had stayed with Phelix, she could have introduced Molly to him later and no one would be the wiser. Even after having sex on that first night, the situation could have been salvaged. But now, after two weeks of lunch, him taking care of her, and the amazing evening they had just had, Molly wasn’t sure things could be fixed. For one, she really wanted to see Phelix again.

Phelix was everything Molly had ever looked for in a guy; sweet and caring with a good sense of humor. He seemed to enjoy the same things she did. It boggled her mind trying to figure out how Phelix and her sister were dating. Mandy would had missed the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ reference on the food. It would have been impossible to get her to sit through four hours of Doctor Who, much less laugh about the differences between the old series and the new series. She had lost interest in it when she found out MTV ran music videos at all hours of the day. Over their time together, Molly had found that she and Phelix had very similar tasted in both food and culture.

Molly paused in her train of thought and turned that point over. Of course! Mandy had found a male version of her sister. An opposite to her personality. Someone that she could fight with and then have amazing makeup sex with. Molly groaned out loud as she fit all the pieces together. Mandy would never be happy with someone with her own personality. She needed someone to take charge, to show her how things are done, to take care of her when she needed it. As the oldest, it had been Molly’s job to take care of her younger sister. True, they were only 2 minutes apart, but she had always been more responsible than Mandy.

Molly got up from the couch, pissed that she hadn’t made this connection already. There was no way she could come between Phelix and her sister now. Mandy needed someone to take care of her. She needed a male version of Molly. Maybe Mandy would listen to him better then she listened to Molly. All of her life, Molly had tried to expand Mandy horizons, but the woman was perpetually into what was popular at the moment. Maybe Phelix could make Mandy’s world more than the most trendy styles and hottest clubs. All Molly had to do was find a way to forget about the amazing sex she had last night.

A horrible thought hit Molly as she paced. She’d had sex with Phelix last night, twice. Both without protection. Rushing to her bedroom, she ripped open her dresser looking for something she could wear out of the house. She needed to get down to the local pharmacy. The last Plan B pill had forced her to have her period a week early, but she didn’t want to risk the chances of getting pregnant with Phelix’s child. That would really throw a wrench into any of Mandy’s plans.

Stuffing her feet into her shoes, Molly located her keys. It had been five years since she had been on birth control pill and now she was going out for emergency contraception for the second time in a month. She just hoped that the pharmacists wouldn’t think too badly of her. Maybe she should get a box of condoms just in case. She could always tell Phelix that she had forgotten to take her pills that day. Molly shook her head and decided against it. Mandy would see to it that they didn’t get together again. Anyway, with his size, what type of condoms would Phelix wear?


Mandy sat down on Molly’s couch. Picking up the throw pillow, she tucked it in her lap before turning to her sister. “You don’t have to worry about Phelix anymore.”

Molly raised an eyebrow at her sister. She hadn’t expected this from her sister so late on Sunday night.

“You told him the truth?” Molly asked as she starred at her sister in surprise.

“Not exactly.” Mandy didn’t look at her sister as she answered. “I told him that I thought his visits could cause problems at work.”

“But Mandy,” Molly protested, “he knows Mr. Baker.”

“Exactly.” Mandy said. “If he knows your boss, it could get out that you’re not me. Anyway, what are the girls in your office going to say?”

“Oh, I’m sure there’s going to be hell to pay on Monday.” Molly nodded. “One of the girls saw Phelix taking me out on Wednesday. I suspect there will be a lot of questions to answer when I get back in.” She sighed. The girls in her office were nice, but they were the biggest bunch of gossips she had ever known.

“See. Now all you have to do is tell them that he was my boyfriend and everything will be fine.” Mandy answered.

Molly shook her head seeing a problem with this. “Think about that for a moment, Mandy. Phelix has been in at least twice to see Mr. Baker while I was sick. If I tell the girls that he is your boyfriend, it could get back to Mr. Baker. And if he knew Phelix by sight, then there’s a possibility that he might see him again. It would be bad if the truth got back to your boyfriend this way.”

Mandy grimaced at the thought. “I see what you mean.”

“I think you should tell him.” Molly insisted again. “So that he doesn’t find out some other way.”

Mandy sighed. “I will.” She hung her head. “I promise, but not just yet. I don’t want him to be mad about this.”

Molly nodded her head understanding what her sister was worried about. “So tell me about your weekend.” She prodded her sister into a different subject. They spent the rest of the evening chatting about the yoga camp and what Mandy had learned there.

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