A Twin Dilemma

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Chapter 16

Molly sat down at the table where her sister was waiting. “Thanks for meeting me Mandy.”

“It’s no problem.” Mandy smiled at her sister settling into her chair. “We haven’t had been spending much time together recently.”

“True.” Molly smiled setting her phone on the table and picking up her menu. “You’ve been rather busy with Phelix lately.”

Mandy turns a pointed look at her sister. “And you’ve been avoiding me.”

Molly ignored her twins glare. “I haven’t been avoiding you, I’ve been busy.”

“Molly,” Mandy’s voice was somewhat curt, “I know you. You’ve been avoiding me. Look, I’ve already said I’m sorry about the whole Phelix thing, but it’s been three weeks since he stopped coming to lunch with you.” She paused and softened her words. “Are you still mad at me?”

Folding up her menu, Molly placed it on the table. She glared at her sister for a long time. “No. I am not mad at you.” she said very pointedly. Picking up her menu again, she looked over her dinner options again.

“You are mad.” Mandy sighed. “Please, Molly, tell me what I can do to make this right. I don’t want you to be mad at me.”

Molly’s phone made a noise and she looked at it before setting her menu on the table again. “I am not mad at you.” Molly sat up straighter. “But I am rather upset about something.”

“What is it?” Mandy asked eager to see what she could do to help her sister.

“Did you ever tell Phelix about us switching?”

Mandy shook her head. “No.” She was sure that this issue had gone away when he stopped coming to visit Molly at lunch.

“Well you might want to.” Molly said bluntly. “There is a good possibility that I might be pregnant.”

Mandy’s jaw dropped as she starred at her sister. “You’re what?” She gasped.

“You heard me.” Molly answered. Her phone buzzed again and she slipped it from the table to her lap.

How?” Mandy yelled. A few people around her turned to look at the outburst and Mandy blushed. Lowering her voice she went on. “I thought you’d taken the plan b pill after both times.”

“I did.” Molly sat up straighter. “Apparently emergency contraception is not as affective when you take it more than once in a month.”

“And it’s Phelix’s?”

“I’ve only slept with one man during the last two months.” Molly huffed at her sister.

Mandy just starred at her for a minute.

“If you will excuse me for a moment.” Molly stood up. “I have to go to the bathroom.” She didn’t wait for her sister’s reply before heading off through the restaurant.

Unable to comprehend what she had just heard, Mandy watched her sister disappear through the crowd. How could this be possible? What was she going to do about it? Mandy was strictly against abortion and could never ask her sister to do something so heinous. How was she going to tell Phelix? Mandy’s mind boiled with unanswerable questions.


A familiar male voice tore Mandy out from her thoughts. She looked around for the source of the voice praying that she had misheard. Her eyes fell on a very familiar man walking her way.

“What are you doing here, honey?” Phelix walked up to her table and leaned over to give her a kiss.

“Phelix!” Mandy squeaked at him before he could greet her. She stood up and knocked her chair over. She whipped her head around to look over at the restroom hoping that her sister was still inside. “You can’t be here.” Mandy pulled on Phelix’s arm trying to drag him back out of the dining room.

“Wait.” He stood his ground and looked at the panicked mess his girlfriend had become. He looked into the direction that Mandy had glanced. “Are you here with someone?”

“No!” Mandy denied. “Yes!” She squeaked knowing that lying would just make the situation worse. “It’s not what you think!” She pulled on his arm trying to get him to move before he saw her twin.

“Is this why you broke our date?” Phelix asked slightly hurt. “So you could meet up with someone else?” He turned his head towards the restroom looking for the person that Mandy was here with.

“It’s not what you think.” Mandy protested again.

“Who is he?” Phelix asked even more hurt by her attempts to get him to leave.

“It’s not a guy.” Mandy cried.

“Then who is it.” He demanded.

“My sister!” Mandy cried again and pulled on his arm. “You have to leave now.”

“No.” Phelix waved her off his arm starting to get angry. “What has gotten into you tonight?” He didn’t understand why Mandy would be so upset about him meeting her sister.

Mandy looked back over to the doorway praying Molly wouldn’t come out for a while longer. “Please Phelix.” Mandy begged. “I promise that I’ll explain everything later.”

“I can’t.” Phelix shook his head. “I’m meeting someone here too.”

Molly looked at him shocked. This was their normal date night. “Who?” She demanded.

“It does not matter.” Phelix said, looking a little nervous.

Mandy starred at him open-mouthed.

“It’s no one you know.” Phelix explained.

“After what you have done, you have no right to come in here demanding to know who I am meeting and not tell me the same thing.” Mandy said to him very flatly.

“And what have I done?” Phelix growled in the same angry tone.

“You got my sister pregnant!” Mandy hissed in his face.

Phelix backed up from her and blinked, flabbergasted by the accusation, “I did what?” He asked shocked.

“You heard me.” She hissed again crossing her arms over her chest.

“What are you talking about?” Phelix looked at her confused. “I’ve never even met your sister.”

Mandy stared at him shocked that she had just revealed her secret without meaning too. She let out a deep raspy breath. “Sit down.” She pulled on his arm. Phelix looked at her confused and sat in one of the chairs at her table. Mandy righted her chair and sat back in her seat. She picked up her water glass and took a long sip of it to wet her suddenly dry mouth.

“What’s going on?” Phelix asked looking at his flustered girlfriend.

“About two months ago I did something that I really shouldn’t have.” Mandy confessed. “I asked my sister to take my place at one of our dinner dates.”

Phelix stiffened as he listened to Mandy talk. “You did what?” He said shocked.

“I was sick and I didn’t want to break the date with you.” Mandy hung her head, ashamed of what she had done. “We’d been going through a period where you were too busy to make it out, and I fussed about it.” She looked up to the shocked look on his face. “I couldn’t break the date so I asked Molly to go in my stead and pretend to be me.”

Phelix just starred at her.

“It was supposed to be just dinner, but you ended up taking her home afterwards.”

Phelix’s mouth dropped open as she told him this.

“The next Monday you ran into her in the lobby of her office and took her out to lunch thinking it was me.”

“But I never had lunch with you.” Phelix protested.

“Hi, Phelix.” Molly walked up to the table and smiled at her sister’s boyfriend. “It’s lovely to finally meet you properly.” Molly held out her hand for him to shake.

Phelix looked up at the identical copy of his girlfriend. He looked over Molly in a fitted blouse and flowing skirt and then to Mandy in her frilly top and pencil skirt. “Twins!” Phelix gasped as he took the hand offered to him without thinking about it. “You’re twins!”

Molly shook his hand before taking her seat and smiled at him. “Yes.” She said. “And I haven’t had the opportunity to thank you properly for everything.”

Phelix’s mouth fell open again. “But I didn’t…” He gasped, looking back over to Mandy. “I never took her to lunch. I swear!”

Molly looked at him crossly. “He sure enough looked like you.” She glared at him. “Would you like to explain to us what is going on?”

“It was my brother.” Phelix said, panicked. “He was the one that took you out to lunch.”

Mandy starred at him shocked. “So you expect us to believe that you have a brother that looks just like you?” Molly gave him a ‘you have got to be kidding’ look.

“Yes!” Phelix leaped on this like a life line. “Phalen, he’s my twin.” He looked around franticly for something. “He is supposed to be meeting me here this evening.”

You have an identical twin?” Mandy gasped. “Wait! Why was he going out with my sister?” She asked confused.

“She should ask why he was supposed to be going out with her.” Molly corrected her sister’s thoughts calmly.

“Yes.” Molly turned angry eyes to Phelix. “Why was he supposed to be going out with me?”

Phelix starred at her shocked. Unable to think of a plausible excuse, he went with the truth. “I asked him to go out with you for dinner once when I couldn’t make it.” He explained. “I had a big case coming up and I just couldn’t get away. It was only supposed to be dinner.” He stopped at his words sunk in. “Hey! You did the same thing!”

“Hey, Phelix.” Phalen walked up and patted his brother on the shoulder.

Mandy and Phelix both looked up at the new arrival in shock.

“Hey, Beautiful.” He kissed Molly on the cheek before soothing his tie down and taking the fourth chair at the table. “What did I miss?”

Mandy starred at the man sitting across from her. He was the spitting image of her boyfriend.

“They’re just figuring out what happened.” Molly said calmly as she picked her menu back up and gave it another look.

Phelix starred at his brother as Phalen picked up the menu too.

“Oh good. So are you having the salad again?” Phalen teased Molly.

“Oh no. I think I need something with a little more iron in it.” She teased back. “I’m thinking about a nice, juicy steak.”

“The mushrooms and blue cheese crumble is fantastic here.” Phalen pointed out as Mandy and Phelix recovered.

“Wait!” Mandy found her voice first. “You two knew!”

Dropping her menu to the table again, Molly turned blank eyes to her sister. “Of course. It’s hard to sleep with someone multiple times without figuring some things out about them.” She answered her sister flatly and picked her menu back up.

Phalen folded his up and slipped it under the corner of his plate. “Oh, and I’m not switching places with you again.” He said to Phelix as he adjusted his chair. “It makes life too complicated.”

“But, but…” Phelix stuttered. “Phalen, what’s going on?” He asked unable to put all of the pieces together.

Amusement filled Phalen’s eyes. “Apparently, you decided to call in your favor on the same night that your girlfriend got sick and had her sister stand in for her.” He smirked at his twin.

Phelix’s starred at his brother in shock and turned to look at Molly and Mandy.

“Is this true?” Mandy just sat frozen while Molly nodded his head.

“We had a lovely date and it would have just ended there if Mandy had just let me wear my own shoes.” She reached over and smacked her sister in the arm.

“Ouch!” Mandy leaned away from her twin and rubbed the sore spot. “It’s not my fault that you can’t walk in heels.”

“Yeah, but heels should be that high.” Molly snapped back.

“Ladies, please,” Phalen interrupted them, “we are in public and I think we’ve caused enough of a scene here tonight.”

Molly and Mandy both blushed a little properly reprimanded.

He turned his attention to his brother. “Have you figured out what you’re having for dinner?” Phalen tapped his menu emphasizing what he meant.

Still shocked Phelix shook his head.

“Then I suggest you start looking, the waiter will be here shortly.”

Mandy and Phelix both picked up their menus and poured over them.

“So how was your day?” Molly asked Phalen. Picking up her water glass, she sipped at it and listened to him start into an amusing story about one how of his patient’s mothers had got on the Mayo Clinic site and diagnosed her son with scabies when it was clearly a case of the chicken pox.

Phelix and Mandy sat quietly and listened to their siblings chat until the waiter came and took their order.

“Wait.” Mandy’s hand caught Molly’s arm as she reached for the wine that the waiter had brought out for them. “What about the baby?”

“What baby?” Phelix asked, in all of the confusion he had forgotten what had triggered Mandy’s confession.

“Your brother got my sister pregnant.” Mandy complained to her boyfriend.

“Is this true?” He looked over to Phalen for an answer.

Phalen just shrugged nonchalantly and took a sip from him his wine glass. “I like kids.” He sat the glass back to the table.

Mandy’s starred at him shocked that anyone could be that lackadaisical about bringing another life in to the world. She tensed up ready to explode at him.

“Chill, Mandy.” Molly patted Mandy’s hand heading off the impending eruption. “He’s a pediatrician. Liking kids is in his job description.” Molly rolled her eyes at the way Phalen shrugged at this. She pulled her sister’s hand off her arm and picked up her wine glass. “And no, I’m not pregnant.”

“But, you said…” Mandy gapped at her sister.

“I said ’There is a good possibility that I might be pregnant’. I never said I was.” Molly smiled as she sipped her wine.

Mandy starred at her shocked.

Molly sat the glass back on the table.

“You lied to me!” Mandy gasped.

“No, no.” Molly clarified. “There is always the possibility that I could be pregnant. Isn’t that right Phalen.” She turned a smile to him.

“Although birth control pills and condoms are affective most of the time, the only form of contraception that is 100% guarantied is abstinence. There’s always the possibility that either of you could be pregnant.” Phalen leaned back in his chair and rubbed his hands on his pants. “But it’s highly unlikely.”

Mandy blanched at the sheer idea of being pregnant.

“Only you would think of things like that.” Phelix rolled his eyes at his twin.

“I’m a doctor. It’s my job to think of things like that.” Phalen chuckled. “You would be surprised how many of my patients were the results of accidents with prophylactics.”

“Phalen!” Molly reprimanded him. “That’s not nice.”

“Well, it’s true.” He chuckled back at her.

“It’s still not nice.” Molly shifted in her chair. She turned her attention to the other couple at the table. “So what do you plan to do now?”

Phelix gave her a confused look. “What do you mean?” He asked.

“Are you two going to try to work this out?”

Enlightenment dawned on his face as comprehension took him.

Molly gave him a little laugh and looked at Phalen. “You’re right; they are perfect for each other.”

Phalen nodded his agreement and Molly turned her attention back to Phelix and waited for his answer.

He looked over to Mandy sitting nervously waiting to hear what he would say. He placed his hand on the table and she slipped her into it. Phelix looked up at Molly. “I think we have a lot to talk about.” He turned his attention back to Mandy and met her gray eyes with warm crystal blue ones. “But, I think we can manage to work this out.”

Mandy gave him a coy smile and nodded in agreement.

“Just keep at her brother.” Phalen grinned. “If she is anything like her sister, she may take some prodding to get the whole truth out of her.”

A hint of rose colored Molly’s cheeks as she remembered the way he had ‘prodded’ the truth from her.

“Don’t worry, brother.” Phelix’s smiled darkened into something very suggestive. “I won’t stop until I get everything out of her.”

Mandy wiggled in her chair and blushed to match her sister. She knew what was in store for her later.

Phelix shifted his eyes from one sister to the other. “You know, I understand twins, but it’s uncanny exactly how close you two are.”

Molly shot Mandy a familiar glance and pulled the pin from her hair so it fell around her shoulders similar to Mandy’s. Both girls cocked their heads at the same angle and gave Phelix a practiced smile.

Phelix shivered as he looked at the two identical girls. “That’s just creepy.” He turned his head to look at his brother. “How are we ever going to tell these two apart?”

Phalen laid his hand on the table and Molly took it up. “I’ve got mine.” He said raising her hand up. The light sparkled on the band of diamonds wrapped around her wrist.

“What’s that?” Mandy asked as her eyes caught the gift. Molly slipped her hand from Phalen’s grasp and held her wrist over so that her twin could inspect the gift.

“Do you remember the flowers that were sent to me at work?” Molly asked.

“You mean the ones that you refused to give to me?” Mandy nodded and pulled her sister’s wrist closer so she could inspect the band.

“Those were the ones.” Molly confirmed. “This was tied around the vase.”

Mandy rubbed her fingers over the diamonds until she hit the little tag. She flipped it over and read the words written on it “My Beautiful?” She questioned the inscription.

“Once I realized that something was up, I stopped calling her by your name.” Phalen explained. “I couldn’t just call her ‘hey you’.”

Molly laughed at him and pulled her hand back from her sister. “You could have.” She sighed. Molly looked back at Mandy. “He made me promise not to take it off.” She took up Phalen’s waiting hand again.

“A name tag!” Phelix gasped at his brother. “You got her a name tag!”

Phalen chuckled and rubbed his thumb over her knuckles. “It’s not like I got her a collar.”

“No, but that’s a great idea.” Phelix pointed out.

“Careful Mandy, next thing we know they are going to want to tattoo names on us.” Molly sassed.

Phalen pulled on Molly’s hand and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. “And I know exactly where I would put my name on you.” He said suggestively next to her ear in a voice that was just loud enough for her to hear.

Molly flinched back and glared at him.

He laughed his way clear back to his seat.

“Molly,” Mandy’s voice cut into Phalen’s laughing, “So if you weren’t pregnant, why did you tell me you were?”

Molly looked over to her sister and the confusion hitting her voice. She let out a deep sigh. “Phalen and I set you two up to get this out in the open.” Molly explained.

Mandy still looked mildly confused.

“There was no way that Phalen and I could have even thought about a relationship and tried to hide this from both of you. It would have made the holidays rather interesting. Anyway, we were getting sick of sneaking around, so the only answer was to get you two to confess to this whole fiasco.”

“But why pregnant?” Mandy asked.

“It was better than some of the other ideas we came up with.” Phalen smiled at Molly.

“True.” She agreed. “Phalen wanted to have us truly switch places and break up with you two.”

“What?” Phelix asked shocked.

“The plan was to bring you out to dinner and tell you each that we had found someone new.” Phalen explained.

“Then we were supposed to get up and meet up with each other in a place where you would see, but I was worried that Mandy wouldn’t take that well.” Molly looked over at her sister. “I know how you can shut down at stressful times.”

Mandy chuckled. “And you would have been right.” Mandy agreed. “I would probably been too busy crying in disbelief to see what was going on.”

“Another idea was to follow you out clubbing and swap partners.” Phalen added.

“But I didn’t think I could stand an entire night in another pair of Mandy’s heels.” Molly smiled.

“And I didn’t think I could stand watching her in your arms.” Phalen turned a pointed glare at his brother. “I’ve seen the way your hands wander.”

Phelix chuckled at him. “Point.” He agreed. “You could’ve just come over while we were together one evening.”

Phalen gave him and incredulous look.

“Would you have agreed to me coming over while Mandy was there?” He asked.

Phelix looked over at Mandy. “No, I guess not.”

“And I didn’t want to walk in on you two making out again.” Phelix shook his head. “Once was more than enough.”

Mandy blushed at this. “When did you walk in on us making out?” She squeaked.

“That is something that you can talk with Phelix about.” Phalen smiled at her.

Mandy looked over to her boyfriend ready to question him. The sudden arrival of their food shut her mouth before she could ask him anything.

“It looks like we will have a lot to talk about this evening.” Phelix said after the waiter left, effectively pushed the subject off until later.

“I agree.” Mandy said as she folded her napkin into her lap. “We both have a lot to talk about.”

“Well,” Molly stepped in and ended the strange tension building between them, “for right now, why don’t we just enjoy dinner.” She picked up her wine glass. “To new beginnings.” She toasted. The other three raised their glasses and joined her.


“That was fun.” Molly smiled as Phalen walked her down the park’s lit pathway. The rest of dinner had gone swimmingly.

“Now that I have seen them together, they are perfect for each other.” Phalen agreed as he slipped his hand around Molly’s back to her side.

“Do you think they will work out their differences the same way we did?” Molly asked. A smile slipped across her face as she remembered that night on the couch.

“If I know my brother, it will be something close to that.” Phalen said. He squeezed her it him and they walked a little farther together.

“It’s beautiful out here tonight.” Molly pointed out. She looked up to the sky where the stars were hidden by the city lights. “The only thing that would make it better is if we could see the stars.”

Phalen made an agreeing noise. “I’ve got my star right here.” He rubbed her side again. “You are more beautiful than a whole sky full of stars.”

Molly giggled at him.

“How about if I take you out to the countryside and we can walk under as many stars as you want?”

Molly let out a deep contented sigh. “I would like that.” She agreed.

“All right.” He squeezed her against him. “I have this little place just upstate that would be perfect. We can head out there next weekend.”

Molly gave him a confused look. “But, I thought you lived in the city.”

Phalen chuckled. “I keep a place in the country to get away from thing every once in a while.” He admitted. “It’s not much, but it’s cozy and there are lots of stars out there.”

Molly smiled at him again. “Okay.” She agreed. They walked on for a little while longer in a companionable silence.

As they walked, Phalen caressed his fingers over the fabric on the side of Molly’s shirt. His hand slipped lower to her hip before dropping down to her butt and the back of her upper thigh. His finger found what he was looking for and a smile widened across his face. “I’m so glad that you like these.” He flicked the strap holding her thigh high stockings up. He stopped and pulled her around to face him. “You have no idea what those things do to me.” He leaned forwards and gave her a warm kiss.

Molly giggles as he pulled back. “Oh, I know exactly what they do to you.” She said stepping in to him and fiddled with the end of his tie. “And you want to know what?”

“What?” He asked wrapping his arms up around her back.

Molly slipped her arms around him and looked up into his eyes. “I’m not wearing anything under them.” Her eyes twinkled in the low lights of the park.

Phalen let out a deep rumbling growl as he pulled her against him and pressed his lips to hers.

Molly let out a wanton noise as she felt the first signs of Phalen’s arousal growing between them.

Phalen touched his tongue to her lips and she opened her mouth to let him deepen the kiss. They stood there lost to each other until the needed to breathe drove them apart. They both pulled back panting.

“What am I going to do with you?” Phalen asked. He tangled his fingers in her loosened hair and pulled her head forwards to rest against his chest. He kissed her temple softly breathing in her sweet sent.

“Well.” Molly said as she pulled away from him so she could look up to him again. “You could take me home, strip me out of these cloths, and love me all night long.” She suggested.

Phalen drew in a deep breath and let out it gurgle up from his chest. He gave her another soft kiss before pulling away from her and heading them back to his car. “It will take me longer than one night to love you the way I want to.” Phalen grinned at her.

“How much longer?” Molly asked blushing at him.

“A lot longer.” Phalen kissed her hair and hurried her home.

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