A Twin Dilemma

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Chapter 4

Molly sighed deeply when she saw Phelix leaning against the railing waiting for her. Today wasn’t going as she’d hoped. She didn’t know if she could do this again. Mandy had been upset that Molly was meeting up with Phelix at lunch. In just the few, short days he had been seeing her, her twin had found out more about her boyfriend then Mandy had in two whole months. Molly had promptly slapped her sister’s jealousy down. It wasn’t like she had much control over the situation. Besides, Molly shared what information she found out with her twin, so it was almost as good. Mandy had conceded the point and agreed to talk with Phelix about the lunch time visits.

Drawing in a deep breath, Molly steeled herself as she headed out of the building. Forcing joy into her voice, she smiled at the man waiting for her. “Hey, Phelix.” She said as he pulled his hand out of his coat pocket and stood up from his perch. She let him kiss her lightly on the lips. Apparently this was his and Mandy’s normal greeting.

“Ready for lunch?” He asked and turned to head up the street. “I know this little place around the corner that’s fantastic.”

Molly nodded and took the hand he offered. She couldn’t help but love the way her hands fit together. Shaking the thought away, she pulled her hand from him.

Disturbed by the odd reaction, Phelix looked at her surprised. “Is everything okay?”

A shiver a dread shot through Molly’s heart. Her sister had warned her not to do anything that would make Phelix suspect that they were different people. “Fine.” Molly nodded her head and bent her wrist as if it hurt. “I just twisted my wrist a little earlier.”

Concern filled Phelix’s face. “Let me see.” Stopping, he took Molly’s hand and flexed it around. He rubbed the skin carefully feeling the joint.

The slightest hint of pink crept over Molly’s cheeks as she watched his fingers caress her skin. The way he worked his nimble fingers into her skin reminded her of other things he could do with those digits.

“It looks okay.” Me mumbled as he flipped her hand over and inspected the inside of her wrist.

“It’s fine.” Molly pulled her hand back and cuddled it against her protectively. “I just tried to lift something that was a little too heavy.”

Phelix gave her a pointed look and took her hand back. “You must be more careful.” He started off again, caressing her hand as they walked. “Joint injuries can give you problems in the future.”

Molly nodded and sighed, but didn’t pull her hand back from his soft touch.

He led her into a local deli.

Molly looked around surprised that Phelix would bring her here. “I’m a vegetarian.” She protested as she looked at the counter filled with meat products. As it was, she knew for a fact that the pastrami here was superb.

“I know.” Phelix said and let her over to the counter. “The vegetable soup here is fantastic.”

Molly forced the smile on her face not to waver as he ordered the soup and the pastrami on rye. She wanted to punch him for picking the food that she would have chosen! Biting back her frustration at her sister’s diet, she accepted the soup the cook set on the counter top. Fighting through the lunch rush, Phelix led them to a table to eat.

Phelix held most of the conversation while Molly tried her best to be attentive and pleasant. “Is everything okay?” He asked when a touch of her irritation leaked through.

Forcing her smile back into place, Molly nodded. “Just tired.” She tried to cover the frustration she was feeling. The more she found out about Phelix, the more she liked him and she knew that was a bad thing. It was getting hard to keep telling herself that he was her sister’s boyfriend and she didn’t need to screw up their relationship.

“We did get in pretty late last night.” Phelix said softly.

Molly nearly laughed at the statement. She’d expected her sister to have a late night, but having it thrown in her face like that hurt. Trying to keep the disgust from her voice, she nodded. “But we had a really great time.” She said coyly as she knew her sister would have. Something crossed over Phelix’s face that threw her off. Was that… anger? She couldn’t really tell because he shoved it down under a warm smile before she could identify it.

“Yes.” He looked up at the clock on the wall. “But it’s time we get you back to work.”

Molly looked up to realize that lunch had passed faster then she’d expected.

Phelix cleared their table and walked her back to work.

“You know,” Molly looked up into Phelix’s face. “I really do appreciate you taking me out to lunch, but you don’t have to do it every day.” That pained expression passed his eyes again, but he covered it almost as quickly as it appeared.

Phelix stuck out his lower lip in a cute pout as he drew her into his arms. “I enjoy having lunch with you.”

Her heart thumped as his arms settled around her. “I enjoy having lunch with you too,” she admitted, “but I know it’s got to be a lot of trouble for you to come down here every day.”

“I already told you. You’re worth the trouble.” Phelix raised his hand to her cheek and caressed it softly. “Besides, this gives us an opportunity to get to know each other in new ways.”

Molly sighed and smiled at him. How could she be irritated with someone so sweet? “You’re right.” She finally agreed with him.

Phelix drew her in for a soft kiss

Her heart fluttered as he lingered against her lips longer then he should have.

Pulling back, Phelix pushed Molly’s loose hair back behind her ear before releasing her. “Have a good day, beautiful.”

Reluctantly, Molly turned around and pushed her way into the building. She glanced back to see that he had disappeared into the passing crowd. She hated to see him go, she hated the feelings she held for him, and, at the moment, she really hated her sister for being the one that he loved. Pulling out her phone, she sent a text to Mandy. If she wanted to keep her boyfriend, Mandy was going to have to do something about these lunch time visits.


“I don’t know how much more of this I can take.” Molly complained to her sister.

Mandy looked at her twin banging around in the kitchen. “Is he doing something wrong?” She asked, watching her sister break eggs into the chocolate powder that would bake up into brownies. The only time Molly made brownies was when she was upset.

“No.” Molly fussed turning the eggs into the mix. “That’s the problem.” She sighed and looked up at her sister. “If he was a putz I could handle this, but he’s not.” Molly banged the mixing bowl on the table for emphases. “He’s kind.” Bang. “He’s considerate.” Bang. “He’s handsome.” Bang. “He’s everything I’ve ever looked for in a guy.” Bang! “And he’s yours!” Bang!

Mandy sat up and considered the fuss that her sister was making. It was a good thing Molly was using the metal bowl to make her brownies, but Mandy was sure there was going to be a dent in it when her sister was done.

Frustrated with the whole situation, Molly looked up at her twin. “I love you Mandy, and I would never come between you and whoever makes you happy, but this is making me miserable.”

“I am sorry.” Mandy apologized. She didn’t want to see her sister so upset about something. “How can I help?”

Molly wacked the mix with the spoon she was using to stir it. “Talk to him.”

Mandy sighed not knowing how to answer her sister.

“I’ve tried to convince him to stop coming by telling him that I didn’t want to trouble him, but he told me that I was...” Molly paused and corrected her wording. “You were worth the trouble.”

“That’s so sweet.” Mandy gushed.

Shaking her head, Molly poured the beaten batter into the pan. “For the last three days, he has taken me out to all of my favorite dives around work. And do you know what I have eaten there?” She paused to let her sister think about it.

“Salads.” Mandy said sheepishly.

“Salads!” Molly yanked the oven open and slammed the pan onto the top self of the oven. “And while I am eating my crunchy water, he orders my favorite foods.” Molly glared at her twin when she giggled. “He even got extra mustard on the pastrami!”

Mandy’s mirth increased as she took in the torture her sister had to endure. “That explains the empty carton.” She pointed to the deli box sitting on the counter.

Sighing, Molly moved the empty container to the trash can. “I had to go back after work and get a sandwich.” She confessed. “I can’t live on just veggies.” She glared when her sister started giggling again.

“Yes you can.” Mandy wiped a tear of mirth from her eye. “They’re better for you then meat, besides, I do it.”

Molly just shook her head again. They had been over this subject time and time again. It was another one those things they agreed to disagree on. “Look, just convince your boyfriend to stop coming by during lunch.” She dropped the dirty dishes in the sink and yanked the tap on. “Or stopped being a vegetarian so I can get a decent meal during the day.”

Mandy chuckled. “I’ll see what I can do.” She grinned at her twin.

“Thank you.” Molly sighed and slammed the tap closed again.

“So tell me about these dates you have been having with my boyfriend.” Mandy wiggled in her chair ready to hear all about the delicious stories that Phelix had been sharing.

Letting out another frustrated breath, Molly shook her head in exasperation and repeated some of the funnier bits from their lunches.

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