A Twin Dilemma

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Chapter 5

Thursday. Molly stepped out onto the street and looked around for Phelix. A wave of disappointment swept through her when she found he was not there. Shaking her head, she turned up the street to the bakery on the corner. Thought of the missing man floated around her head and she considered her feeling as she walked. She should have been happy that Mandy had finally convinced him to stop coming by, but she wasn’t. Even though she knew he was Mandy’s boyfriend, she couldn’t help the fact that she enjoyed his company. He always had something to say to make her smile.

Molly pushed the door to the bakery open and joined the line. Looking around, she studied the crowed of people in the shop as she waited. She caught herself checking the faces of the men to see if Phelix was among them. Shaking her head again, she stepped up to the counter to order two of the meat buns that this place was so famous for. At least today she would be able to enjoy something that she actually liked. Molly sighed loudly when the baker handed over her bag. She decided that the best thing to do was to go back to her desk and eat there. In just the few short days that Phelix had been stopping by, she had gotten use to his company and siting in the shop alone didn’t sound very appealing. Molly pressed her lips into a hard line and schooled her thought back to where they should be. Phelix was taken and she did not need to be lusting after her sister’s man. She glanced around the street one last time before going into her building. Obviously, whatever she had said last night had finally put an end to her lunch time dates.

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