A Twin Dilemma

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Chapter 6

Molly laughed as she took in the sight outside the front doors of her building on Friday. Phelix looked good leaning against the railing waiting for her. He had one hand stuck in the pocket of his dark-blue, suit pants and was relaxed back with his ankles crossed. He looked up as soon as Molly stepped out of the building.

“Hey there, beautiful.” Phelix smiled, pushing up into a more respectable position.

She smiled back as he leaned forwards and kissed her softly.

When he pulled back he lifted a single red rose up between them and spun it.

“What’s this for?” She asked taking the offered flower.

“It’s an apology.” He explained. “I don’t know what I did on Wednesday to upset you, but I’m sorry.”

Molly chuckled as she looked at the rose. She knew she shouldn’t be, but she was happy that he had shown back up today. Yesterday’s lunch had been rather banal. “You didn’t do anything on Wednesday.” Molly smiled and smelled the flower. “I was just tired.”

Phelix made an odd noise at her. “Then consider it an apology for missing lunch with you yesterday.” He placed his hand on Molly’s lower back and steered her off to find food. “I’d gotten called away for an emergency and couldn’t make it back in time to take you to lunch.”

Molly laughed. “You don’t have to take me to lunch every day.” She sighed. Her better judgment was starting to overcome the joy she had gotten from seeing him waiting for her. “I know how much of a pain it is to get across town at lunch time.” Molly looked up at Phelix. She was surprised to see a tightness around his eyes. Was that irritation? Why had her words upset him?

“It’s no trouble at all.” Phelix’s smile replaced whatever other emotion was showing in the corners of his eyes. “I enjoy having lunch with you. It brightens my day.” By the time he had finished his words, the irritation was gone.

“Thank you.” Molly looked down shyly. “To be honest, I really did miss you yesterday.” She tensed slightly as she realized what she had just said. “But you really shouldn’t go through the trouble.” Molly amended her statement. She was supposed to be convincing Phelix to stop coming by during the day. Not encouraging him.

“You’re so sweet.” Phelix kissed the hair at her temple. “Now let’s get you something to eat.” He held open a door for her.

Molly chuckled as they went in to order. It looked like today was going to be another salad day. She smiled and spun the rose in her fingers. To spend time with someone as sweet as Phelix, maybe she could learn to be a vegetarian.


“So I talked with Phelix about stopping by at lunch time.” Mandy handed her twin a glass of wine.

Molly tucked her feet up into her sister’s couch and listened. “What did he say?” She held her breath as Mandy laid out the fate of her lunch time encounters.

“He apologized for bothering me and said that he would stop.” Mandy nodded her head.

Molly took a long pull of the wine and savored it for a moment before swallowing. Even though it had only been a week, she would miss the conversations and banter that never failed to make her smile. She shook her head to clear the regret from it. This was for the best. “So that means I can get back to my normal routine.” Molly forced a smile on her face.

“Yup. No more annoying guy to bother you.” Her sister said oblivious to Molly’s true feelings. Mandy paused for a moment and looked at her twin. “Did he stop by again today?”

Molly nodded. “Yes. And he brought an apology.”

Mandy gave her a confused look. “An apology?”

“Apparently he thought I was upset by something he had done on Wednesday and brought me a rose.” Molly had left the flower upstairs when she had come to visit her sister.

Mandy’s confusion turned to concern. “That’s odd, he didn’t say anything about it when I saw him on Thursday.” Mandy cocked her head and thought about her evening.

Molly tried to wrap her brain around the situation. “He also apologized for not showing up on Thursday afternoon. Something about an emergency.”

Mandy just looked at her confused. “Maybe he’s just overworked.” She shrugged. “You know how lawyers can get.”

“That must be it.” Molly agreed. She couldn’t help but think something was not quite right, but she shook the feeling away. “So tell me about this trip you’re taking next weekend.”

“It’s going to be great!” Mandy gushed. “A friend got us into a Shoshoni yoga retreat. It’s going to be an entire weekend of relaxation and yoga. Nothing to think about but me and resting.” She paused and looked at her sister. “Are you sure you don’t want to come? I could still get you in.”

Molly chuckled at her sister. “Not my thing.” She shook her head, but encouraged her sister to gush on more about the upcoming trip. Molly swirled her wine around in her glass and churned her own thoughts around. Her sister had finally put an end to Phelix’s lunchtime visits. A note of sadness swirled through her at that thought. She tried to shake the feeling away and listen to her sister go on about tantric breathing and chai tea, but that little pocket of forlorn just would not go away.

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