A Twin Dilemma

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Chapter 7

“What are you doing here?” Molly asked as she stepped out of the building to get lunch on the following Monday.

Phelix just smiled at her from his normal spot leaning on the railing with his hand in his pocket. “Waiting for you.” He leaned forwards and gave her a welcoming kiss.

Molly laughed. “I thought you said that you wouldn’t come by at lunch time.”

“I missed you.” Phelix shrugged and led her off down the street.

She chuckled at his non-chalet attitude to breaking his promise. “We spent most of the weekend together.” She pointed out, knowing her sister hadn’t been home either Friday night or Saturday. The only reason Molly hadn’t called the cops was a drunken text on Friday telling her that her twin was out with Phelix. Molly had trying to cool the jealousy that stole over her in a long bath, but had to resort to a pint of ice cream to kill her emotions.

Phelix just shrugged again. “What can I say,” he smiled, “I can’t get enough of you.”

Molly laughed again. “Come on.” She sighed, “Let me buy your lunch.”

Phelix cocked an eyebrow at her. “I thought it was the man’s job to treat a lady.” He grinned.

“Maybe.” Molly grinned back. “But you bought lunch all last week, this week it’s my treat.”

“Oh no.” Phelix swept his arm around Molly’s shoulder and pulled her in against his side. “It wouldn’t be proper if I let you do that.” He kissed her temple. “Besides, I didn’t pay for you all week.”

Molly scoffed at him, but didn’t pull away from his embrace. She loved the feel of him close to her. “You only missed one day.” She huffed. “And what about the weekend.” She was pretty sure that he had paid for whatever her sister had consumed while they were out.

“That’s different.” Phelix whispered into her hair.

Molly shivered at the tone in his voice. There was something almost angry about it. Glancing up, she tried to gauge his reaction. His eyes were darker than usual and they held something that she just couldn’t understand.

Stopping short, Phelix pulled her around to face him. Trapping her in his arms, he pressed a kiss to her lips that left her weak in the knees.

Molly couldn’t help but melt into the passion burning from him. When they parted for air, it took Molly a moment to catch her breath. Her heart was racing and a hot pull of longing filled her deep inside.

“I can’t wait to get you back in my bed.” Phelix whispered and pulled her in so her head rested against his chest.

Shocked by this sudden outpouring of emotion, Molly stood their dumbfounded and listened to his heartbeat while the people on the sidewalk flowed around them. Her hands caressed the material of his coat feeling the muscles under them.

“The scratches are all healed up.” He said softly into her hair.

Remembering the feel of his bare skin under her fingers, embarrassment rushed over her skin. She pushed back from him. “Um... I’m sorry about that.” Molly turned away from him to hide the red on her face.

Phelix laughed and pulled her back to him. “Don’t be.” He kissed her again. When he moved back he caressed her cheek with his thumb. “It was a really special night for me.”

Molly’s heart leaped up and she could feel the first vestiges of tears pricking at the corners of her eyes. Turning her face away from his hand, she closed her eyes to fight down her feelings. She was sure he and her sister had had sex many times since them. It made no sense why that one night would have been special to him. Taking a cleansing breath, she looked back up to him with a smile she really didn’t feel. “Come on.” She nodded her head, pointing down the street where the café was waiting for them. “Let’s go get lunch before it’s too late.” She worked to keep the pain she felt from showing in her voice.

Phelix stared at her for a moment longer before releasing her. “All right.” He took her hand and caressed the back with this thumb. “But I’m buying today.”

Molly chuckled. “Fine, but I get lunch tomorrow.” She shot him a sidelong look.

Phelix gave her a mischievous smile. “All right.” He gave in. “You can get lunch tomorrow.”

Molly wasn’t sure what was up, but she had a sneaking suspicion that she wouldn’t be paying for lunch tomorrow either.

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