A Twin Dilemma

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Chapter 8

A smile creeping across Molly’s face as she came out for lunch on Tuesday to find Phelix waiting in his usual spot. There was a rather large basket next to him that piqued her curiosity.

“Good afternoon, beautiful.” Phelix greeted her with his normal soft kiss. “Ready for lunch?” He asked as he picked up the basket.

Molly cocked an eyebrow at the wicker box. “What’s that?” She asked as he took her hand and led her to the corner.

“Lunch.” He smiled smugly.

“But I was supposed to buy lunch today.” She pouted at him playfully.

Phelix pulled her against his side for a hug as they crossed the street. “I thought a picnic would be a nice change.” He led the way down the street to the little park.

“Fine.” Molly smiled at his deviousness. “But I’m getting lunch tomorrow.”

Phelix kissed the side of her head again, but didn’t say anything.

Molly let out a little sigh. She was starting too really like those little kisses.

“All right.” Phelix finally agreed. Guiding her over to the large fountain in the middle of the park, he sat his burden on the ledge around the pool and placed Molly next to it.

Phelix flipped the lid back to reveal several lacquered boxes. “I hope you can use chopsticks.” Lifting a box out, he set it into her hands. He added a pair of polished chopsticks to the top of the box.

Molly could not recall if her sister could use chopstick, but figured it really didn’t matter. She set the box in her lap and fitted the sticks to her hand. “Of course.” She clicked the sticks at Phelix.

Laughing, he took the other two boxes out. Retrieving two bottles from the basket, he flipped the top shut. He set the two boxes on top of basket and popped the top open on the largest one to show four lines of sushi. There were some slivers of pickled ginger and a dab of wasabi in the little cups built into the side of the box.

Molly laughed in joy and surprised. She loved sushi.

Phelix pulled the lid off of the soy sauce. “I’m sorry these aren’t exactly freshly made, but they are vegetarian, so it shouldn’t make a difference.”

“Did you make these?” Molly took off the top of her bento box and looked in at the rice and mixed vegies.

“The bentos, yes, but sadly, I got the sushi from Wasabi on 25th.” Phelix admitted as he handed one of the bottles over to her. “I hope you don’t mind oolong tea.”

“It’s fine.” Molly accepted the bottle and opened it. She took a drink of the amber colored liquid. “This was very thoughtful of you.”

Phelix smiled in response. “Anything for you, beautiful.” He picked up his chopsticks and dug into his box.

Molly smiled again and looked at her food again. “Itadakimasu.” She said and picked up her meal.

Phelix chuckled at her.

“What?” She huffed as she caught up a bit of rice. “I like Japanese.” She stuck the bite in her mouth to enjoy his work.

Phelix’s grin widened as he worked on his own lunch. “Somehow I knew you would.”

Molly searched her brain to see if her sister had ever mentioned anything about Phelix taking her to a Japanese restaurant. She couldn’t think of one, and Mandy had a really bad habit of telling Molly everything that they did together. Especially after Phelix had started stopping by for lunch. “So what are you going to do this weekend?” She asked as she ate.

A confused look crossed Phelix’s face.

“While I’m away at the Shoshoin retreat.”

The confusion changed to surprise.

“You forgot about the retreat.” Molly said flatly.

Phelix laughed. “I guess I had.” He rubbed his hand into the back of his neck slightly embarrassed.

Shaking her head, Molly turned back to her food waiting for him to think about his answer.

“I guess I’ll be looking forwards to Monday when I can see you again.” Phelix chuckled. “When do you leave?”

Molly was sure that Mandy had told him all about it, but she decided it would be a good idea to remind him. That way he could save a little face with her sister. “Thursday evening shortly after work.” Molly informed him.

Phelix nodded his head and went back to his food. “That means two more lunches before you leave for the weekend.” He sounded a little sad at losing that last lunchtime.

“Hey.” Molly reached across the basket and patted his shoulder. “Don’t be upset. I’ll see you tonight.” Her insides twisted as she thought about her sisters standing date with this man. The smile that crossed Phelix’s face was definitely bitter.

“Yeah.” He said and turned back to his food. They ate in silence for a while as Molly pondered his reaction. He’d told her yesterday that he was looking forwards to getting her back into bed, but that idea put him off today. Okay, it was her sister that was going to get into his bed tonight, but he didn’t know that. Molly sighed as a hint of melancholy slipped into her mood. She looked down at the food she had been eating. It no longer tasted good to her, so she put the top back on the part that she hadn’t finished. “Thank you for lunch.” She smiled up at Phelix. “It was very good.”

Concern crossed his face. “Are you done already?” He asked considering the untouched sushi on the basket.

“I’m not very hungry right now.” Molly admitted.

Phelix gave her an evaluation glance. “Are you feeling all right?” His concern deepened.

Molly shrugged, not really commenting on it. She had felt a little off today, but that could have been the rather large pile of folders someone had left on her desk this morning. “Yeah, I’m all right.” She finally decided. “I think I’m just a little tired.” She tried to hand the bento box back to him.

“Why don’t you take that with you?” He suggested. “You can eat it when you get hungry.”

Gratitude washed over her. “Thank you.” She rested the box in her lap as Phelix cleaned up what was left of their lunch. “I’m sorry for cutting lunch short.” She sighed rubbing the golden leaves painted on the black box.

“Don’t worry about it.” Phelix reached over and placed his hand on her cheek.

Molly leaned into his hand slightly.

“Just make sure you get some good rest tonight.” He caressed her skin with his thumb.

Opening her eyes, Molly looked at him concerned. “Does that mean your canceling our date tonight?” Mandy was going to be super mad if she had just mess up her sister’s date.

“Not if you’re feeling better by this evening.” Phelix sounded worried about her.

Molly let out a weak laugh. “Don’t worry, I will definitely be better by this evening.” She reassured him.

Phelix gave her a long look before kissing her lightly on the forehead. “Just don’t push yourself.” Standing up, he lifted the basket and held his hand out for Molly to take.

She let him help her to her feet. “I won’t.” She promised.

Phelix pulled her in to cuddle against his side as they walked back to the medical offices.

“I’ll have this back to you soon.” Molly held the box up as they closed on her building.

“Take your time and enjoy it.” Phelix kissed her temple again. “Thank you for a wonderful time.”

“I’ll see you later, then.” Molly leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.

Phelix looked at her surprised at her show of affection.

Molly quickly scanned her memories to see if she had just done something her sister wouldn’t have, but relaxed when a lopsided grin spread across Phelix’s face.

“Yes, I’ll see you later.” He petted her hair back from her face before letting her head inside and back to work.

Molly pulled out her cell phone to send her sister a text message. This was definitely something that Mandy needed to know before Phelix showed up tonight for their date.

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