Love Lies Betrayal

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Life is just like the lottery you have to keep playing and have faith to win

Romance / Adventure
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Be my girlfriend

I finally have the courage and asked her to be my girlfriend. And she said yes. I begged her to go home shower and take a nap because she looked exhausted and she’s been wearing the same dress since Saturday.
After the nurse convinced her that she would look after if any changes she will call her. She nodded her head and we left the hospital, I drove her home I made sure that she ate and took a shower.
When she’s done and I was about to leave she holds my hand and said please don’t leave I don’t want to be alone. I smile and said ok I’ll stayed.
She got on the bed and laid down I took off my shoes laid behind her, I embraced her and pulled her back on me.
We were laying down and talking she turned around and faced me, suddenly she touched my face and kissed me I was a little shocked for a minute it didn’t takes long and I kissed her back.
I didn’t want to go further if she’s not sure so I stopped and asked her if that’s she wants because if we continue and you want to stop I will respect your decision but it’s going to hard to stop.
So I asked her again if she’s sure she said yes. That’s all I needed to hear I started kissing her, I took off her dress she was already naked under there. Damn she’s beautiful, she got a beautiful body her full breast it’s not too big and not too small.
I started kissing her again from her beautiful full lips down to her neck and stopped when I reached her nipples.
Took one nipple inside my mouth and sucked it, I did the same to the other one and I keep going down from her nipples to her stomach until I reach my prize.
I took a good look and I started eating her pussy damn that’s the best pussy I ever ate clean and smell delicious. I’m so turned on I couldn’t stop my “moan”.
After the nurse convinced me to go home I did Cree drove me home. I home I ate took a shower, Cree was about to leave I hold his hand and told him don’t leave I don’t want to be alone.
He smiled and said ok I got on the bed and laid down, he took off his shoes laid behind me. He embraced me and pulled my back to him after a while I turned around and faced him.
Touched his face and kissed him he was a little shocked but it didn’t last long before he was kissing me back.
He stopped and asked me if that’s what I wanted I nodded my head and said yes. He went back on kissing me I was so hot with pleasure I couldn’t wait he took off my dress which I didn’t have anything under there now I’m completely bear to him.
He took a minute to admired my body when I looked into his eyes all I see is appreciations and desire that makes me really happy.
He kissed my lips down to my neck and my breast. He took one nipple into his mouth it feels so good I couldn’t stopped my moans he did the same to my other nipple. He keeps on kissing me and going down he reached my pussy and starting sucking my clitoris oh my gosh Cree don’t stop I’m so close I’m moaning and writhing and I come on his tongue.
He lifted his head and looked at me and smirked I blushed he crawled to me and kiss me he positioned his cock into my entrance. He looked at me and he saw my hesitation he asked me if this is my first time I nodded my head and said yes, he said he will go slow and he will be gentle. I said ok.

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