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Stepping Into Your Soul

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A geeky young doctor enlists the help of an uninvited supernatural guest to win the heart of his long-time crush before she gets swept off her feet by their Mr. Perfect boss. ***** Asher Jansen is one of the many new resident doctors that have joined St. Bernard Hospital. In sync with his luck, there's a freaking pandemic. Hello Covid-19! He doesn't mind working 80+ hours a week and his daily main source of nutrition being a protein shake and instant noodles. Not at all when he gets to work alongside his secret crush, the girl of his dreams, the beautiful and smart yet friendly, Kaylee Fisher. The only problem is Kaylee only has eyes for their medical director Jacob Parker. Okay, that's a lie. Aside from Kaylee already liking someone else, Asher is probably the gold standard of dorks that sports super thick glasses and rotates between only two pairs of chucks. So yeah, zero fashion sense. But all that changes when a certain grim reaper takes a vacation on Earth and borrows Asher's body. The term 'borrow' here being used very loosely. And what will happen when Asher's soul doesn't go to sleep like it's supposed to when the grim reaper takes over his body? Let's find out.

Romance / Humor
Notmyday999 (Lana)
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Finally, it's 2020! Death No. 209, or better known as the D209 has been looking forward to his next assignment for over a hundred years already. He simply can't wait for it. Now, what is this amazing assignment you may ask?

That amazing assignment is none other than to roam Earth for one week and observe how humans have evolved. It's mandatory that every grim reaper fulfills this assignment once every hundred years.

In other words, grim reapers needed to know what's trending in the human realm. What are some of the new technologies they have finally managed to develop and what types of medical breakthroughs they have finally achieved? But as far as he knows, there aren't cars flying and people are still dying from the same diseases. Humans also tend to repeat history and recycle their fashion trends. So, there probably hasn't been that much change since his last visit.

That's why some grim reapers simply find humans a bore and this assignment a complete waste of their time. However, to D209, this is like a paid vacation. In fact, he wished the assignment was longer than a week but he'll take what he can get. It's an opportunity to learn and play, and don't even mention all the food he's going to be able to eat. Because in the underworld, grim reapers don't eat so there is no such thing as food. During his last visit to Earth, he discovered tacos, and those were amazing. And then there's chocolate. He ate so much of that, he made the last person he possessed gain almost ten pounds in a week. So he can't wait to possess another human so he can discover more new food.

However, what he didn't expect was for his vacation, no, his assignment, to land smack dab in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Hello Covid-19! Everything is closed and humans are under mandatory hiding or quarantine as they called it. So what on Earth should he do now? How is he supposed to report back his findings when there's nothing to see or do?

That is until he found the busiest and most active place during this damn pandemic, St. Bernard Hospital. Now, he just needs to find the right human to possess. Hmm, how about this Asher Jansen?
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