Crystal High's Jew

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Jewel Rose Fostino , a.k.a Jew , moves to a new suburbs to start a new life with her family and forget about the painful months she went through. She attends a new posh school and she realises that a part in her past comes back into her presence: her ex boyfriend who went AWOL after he found out he had impregnated Jew . He in fact , is her homeroom teacher and her science teacher. Jew tries to move on with her life and becomes Miss Popularity because of her dark beauty and bubbly personality and is rated as the Top student of Crystal High School . She ends up dating the Hottest Male student of Crystal High School . But with all that she had , she still doesn't feel happy her ex boyfriend \teacher \baby daddy gives her the happiness that she needed and she ends up going back for more ...

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter one

This school uniform makes me look like a sexy lawyer .
I'm looking at my reflection on the big sized mirror and damn , I look sexy .
Whoever designed this uniform for Crystal High School students , definitely has taste . Exclusive and expensive taste .
I'm wearing a white school shirt which I tucked into my black and gold scotched pleated mini school skirt( I so hate anything below my knees when it comes to skirts and dresses) with a gold bow tie and a black blazer .
Instead of school socks and school shoes like any other school , I'm wearing light brown stockings with black stilletoes .
The final touch of this uniform is a white Fedora hat .
Not only is my new school , Crystal High School very posh , it also has posh taste.
Like, this whole uniform blends with my dark melanin skin and my short petite but curvy body .
I was once slender , but I had gained weight when I was pregnant with Sapphire , my baby girl .
I only lost weight on my tummy through gyming , giving me that Nicki Minaj body and in this uniform , I look the bomb .
My big Jackson five afro is braided into thickish shoulder length cornrows with clear beads at the ends .
The eye spectacles that my dad bought for me makes my high cheekbones , my almond shaped hazel eyes and full lips stand out .

"Jewel Rose Fostino , you are beautiful . A true dark melanin , a dark beauty and you should know that " I say to myself , with a big enthusiastic smile on my face as I look at my reflection on the mirror.

"Knock, knock !"
"Come in ,"I reply to the person knocking on the door , as I spray myself with body spray .
The door opens .
Grandma enters in the room carrying my daughter in her arms together with a black and white striped gift bag .
"Wow , you really look stunning dear !" Grandma compliments me .
I smile ."Thank you Grandma . How you doing my angel ?" I say to my daughter .
She looks at me with a serious face , like there is something bothering her.
I look at Grandma .
" She doesn't like the fact that you are going to school ," Grandma says with a shrug .
I carry Sapphire , who is wearing her favourite Frozen pyjamas out of Grandma's arms .
She is very heavy for a one year old but she looks average built as every other child .
" Munchie , talk to me."
Sapphire looks at me with glassy eyes.
She is in pain .
" Sweety , I'm not going for ever . When mommy puts you to sleep and you wake up , I'll be sitting right next to you , okay ."
She relaxes her body , showing that she is getting calmer .
"You won't go forever ?" Sapphire asks with her cute voice that makes anyone around her want to smile .
I nod my head .
I hate having to lie to my daughter . It really pains my heart that I'll not be with her for those seven to eight hours of school .
I give her a kiss .
She smiles .
" Huggy ?" She says looking at me with her big million dollar smile .
I reply ," Huggy !".
We hug each other tightly .
This is what makes us bond so deeply.
"She will soon learn how to cope without you being around . She'll get used to it ," Grandma says , joining in on the hug .
" I hope so ," I add , sadly .
Grandma hands me the gift bag .
I allow her to carry Sapphire for me as I open the gift bag .
" What ! " I exclaim , with surprise ,"Grandma , this is the Diamond studded limited edition Parker set ! Oh my gosh , thank you thank you thank you very very very much ."
I rush to her to give her a big hug . Well , her and Sapphire .
" I'm glad you like it !"she replies after I break away from the hug .
" Love, that's what you mean . I love it . How did you get though ?"
Grandma winks ,"Grandma knows best . Now you can go to school with class and style . From your uniform , to your looks to your books dear . This is your final year dear and you need to make big use of it . Don't spoil this opportunity . You need Sapphire to look up to you and you have to be a good role model to her . You need to be the mother that's she is proud to have . Your mom was going to be proud of the woman you will become . I have faith in you Jew . "
I nod .
She kisses me on my cheek.
" Me and our little Fostino princess is going to start having breakfast . You must join us as soon as you are ready , sweety . And don't take forever ."
By that , Grandma and Sapphire leave the room .
My real mom passed away when I was two . So it was Dad and Grandma who have raised me . Even though our family is wealthy , I was brought up without being getting everything on a silver platter . I was raised with a German hand but not in a harsh way.

Dad and Grandma are very working since they both own their own companies . Grandma has advertising company, whilst Dad's has a construction and engineering company .

But , ever since I got pregnant with Sapphire and gave birth to her and raised her till she made one year , Grandma got someone to manage her company so that she could help be a good mother to Sapphire .
With Grandma and Dad's help , I wasn't faced with alot of difficulties when it came to raising Sapphire but they also made me learn that she is not a doll , she is a human being and she is my full responsibility .

Being a single mom at eighteen isn't easy too.
Sapphire's dad went AWOL as soon as he found out that I was pregnant .
It hurt at first but with my families help , it closed the pain that I had of Sapphire growing up knowing her dad was too scared to own up to his responsibility and be a dad for his daughter .
But the time will come when Sapphire will need her dad and maybe he will accept her as his daughter .


I walk down the ivory coloured staircase with gold railings on the side and a black and white carpet with gold roses on the staircase floor for an elegant touch .
I'm looking at our pictures with glass frames on the cream coloured wall.
There are mostly Sapphire's , Mom and my pictures on the wall. If anyone else could look at these pictures , they would think that it's one person from birth to adulthood . Yes , Sapphire and I look exactly like Mom , except I am darker than both of them and Sapphire has sapphire blue eyes . That's how she got her name , because of the colour of her eyes , which she took after her dad who has the same colour eyes .
"Have I ever told you that you look like your Mom ?"
I turn around .
It's Dad.
"Good morning Dad , "I greet , politely ," yes , you have. A thousand times ."
Dad replies , placing one arm over my shoulder and placing his other hand on Mom's picture , where she is wearing a white jumpsuit ,black sunglasses and white sandals, posing at the beach and she was smiling . Mom had a beautiful smile, just like Sapphire . I have the same body structure , face, eyes , and personality like Mom's, so I am told .
I just have Dad's dark in complexion skin colour . Mom was light skinned , like Sapphire .
Sapphire looks alot like Mom .
"Good morning Jew , how was your night ?"Dad asks , still looking at Mom's picture.
I reply ,"I couldn't sleep . I was thinking about my first day at a new school ."
Dad chuckles .
"Butterflies or you are nervous ?"
"Both ," I respond with a shrug .
"It's all going to be alright , you'll handle it . I trust you will ,"Dad says , not taking his eyes away from Mom's picture.
I look at him .
He has so much pain in his eyes .
"You miss Mom, right ?"
He nods .
"Your Mom was the most amazing woman . The day she was buried , she left with a part of me . I can never love another woman the way I loved your Mom. No woman can make me happy as she did . Seeing you everyday feels like she is here with me. You are growing up looking and behaving alot like your Mom . You and Saphy (Dad's nickname for Sapphire ) look exactly like her and I am thankful to the Lord for that because I see her through the both of you and to me , that's enough happiness and love to last me for the rest of my life ."
Dad embraces me .
Father and daughter hug .
" You are really looking beautiful ," Dad compliments me as we walk together to the lounge ,"You look like you are dressed to score a big contract with an important client."
I giggle .
"Thanks Dad , but honestly, you are looking dapper . So, tell me , are you going to an important meeting or you are going to score a massive deal with a major client? Which is which?" I ask curiously , with a smile.
Today, Dad looks handsome .
He is wearing his expensive navy blue Christian Dior suit , with a black cotton shirt , no tie , rose cufflinks and his expensive Bolvaint shoes . The durag that he wears everyday to bed really changed the look of his hair . They now create waves, and he neatly trimmed the his hairline giving him a fresh look . Dad always shaves around his mouth and cheeks, making him look like he is in his early twenties .
With his dark, tall and buff physique , any woman would faint or even melt just by looking at him.
He also has his expensive EU de cologne spray on today .
Dad looks like he is going to a red carpet function or awards giving ceremony.
Dad laughs ," My girl, as a person , you just gotta dress to impress . You are not doing it for anybody but yourself . You gotta look good to feel good to do good. That's how you are going to have a feel good day ."
I look at Dad with a surprise look as we join Grandma and Sapphire in the lounge .
"Someone is looking very happy this morning ," I say to Grandma, secretly tell her to look at Dad .
The table is laid out with a cereal , toast , scrambled eggs , avocados , bacon cheese and polony with a jug of juice and a kettle of hot water with sugar and coffee and tea containers and a milk jug .
I decide to make an eggs and avo sandwich.
Grandma is feeding Sapphire porridge whilst Dad is drinking his coffee while reading the daily news on his tablet .
"What's making you have such a big smile Jamal?"Grandma asks Dad , waiting for Sapphire to finish swallowing her porridge in her mouth so that she can feed her another spoon .
Dad replies , as he puts toasted bread and bacon with scrambled eggs on his plate ,"Mama , how can a man not be happy when the joy of his eyes is doing her final year of school this year ? Mama , look at how gorgeous she looks , just for her first day of school. How can I not be happy , when God gave me the best Mom that anyone can ever ask for?"
Grandma and I look at each other listen to Dad's touching response .
Dad continues ," A mother who has been by my side , through failure and success , through good or bad and through sorrow and joy and has supported me through everything in life ? How can I not be happy when I have the most cutest granddaughter ever , who looks just like her mom and grandmom , who just makes me smile whenever I see her beautiful face ?"
Dad stands up , with tears flowing down his face , opening his arms wide to us ,"In fact , come and give me a hug."
Grandma carries Sapphire as we all rush to give Dad a hug .
"I'm happy to have a family like this ," Dad says , sobbing .
Grandma and I also start crying.
Sapphire wipes my tears .
"Mommy , no cry ,"Sapphire says , looking like she wants to cry .
Dad carries her .
"Your Mom is crying because she is happy Saphy , okay ?"
She nods her head .
I give her a kiss on her cheek and Dad hugs her tightly.
Dad says ,"We are all going to drop you to school together . I am the boss and I wouldn't mind being late for work just to drop off my pride and joy on her first day at a new school ."
I look at Dad with a surprise look.
"Thanks Dad."
He replies ,"Anything for you Jew ."
"Let me and Princess here go and get ready , while the two of you finish your breakfast ."
Grandma takes Sapphire from Dad's arm.
Dad and I seat down to finish our breakfast while Grandma walks out with Sapphire in here arms .
Today has began in a good way . I hope the rest of the day will be better.

We are all sitting in Dad's black Porche Cayenne .
Dad's driving , Grandma is sitting on the passenger seat busy with her phone while I am seating at the back with Sapphire , who is seating in her baby seat .
" Sapphire ,"I say to my princess.
Sapphire looks at me with a big smile, brightening up her face .
"Mommy ?"
I reply ,"I love you ."
"Love you too !" She exclaims happily, with eyes glistening .
"Should Mommy give you Huggy Huggy ?"
She nods her head with joy .
I hug her tightly , while she hugs me back .
I kiss her on her cheek.
"Jew , " Dad calls me, looking at me through the rearview mirror.
I reply ," Yes Dad ?"
"I'll pick you up from school today, okay?"
Grandma adds ," I will have to go the company later today , so I'll wait for you to come back from school so that you will be with Sapphire, okay?"
I reply to the both of them ,"Yes Dad and okay Grandma."
I face Sapphire with a big smile.
"Looks like we are going to be home alone today!"
Sapphire giggles and claps her tiny hands .
"Home 'lone Mommy!" She says , still giggling.
I laugh along with her giggles.
"We are almost there !" Dad says .
My heart pains .
I'm going to spend seven hours of everyday without Sapphire. I don't even know how she will cope without me.
I am so nervous right now.
I am not even sure whether I'll blend in with everyone else.
Oh my gosh! I am truly scared .
" We are here !"
"What !"
I look out of the car windscreen .
Dad is right .
We have arrived at Crystal High School.
Other students , with identical uniforms as mine are entering the school premises.
I sigh heavily.
Grandma turns around in her seat and looka at me with concern.
"Are you ready sweety?"
"Yes Grandma,"I lie .
She asks ,"Are you sure ?"
I shake my head .
"I am nervous . I can't leave Sapphire. I won't cope without her !" I say, in tears .
Dad gets out of the car.
He opens the car door by my side .
He pulls me out and I get out of the car.
I start crying heavily.
" Don't cry my angel . I understand how you feel . Just be strong for you and Sapphire,okay . I know you are scared but you have to do this for you and Sapphire . You have to build a great future for the both of you ,"Dad says , hugging me .
There isn't alot of kids outside the school premises since it's still early.
Dad wipes my tears.
"You can do this , okay ?" He says with a smile.
I nod .
He placed his hands on my shoulders.
" Okay, let's take deep breaths."
We inhale and exhale together .
We do it three times.
I smile.
"There's my gemstone. Smile for daddy!" Dad jokes .
I laugh .
Dad always has a way to make me happy.
I enter inside the car and find Sapphire sad .
I take her out of her baby car seat and carry her out .
Sapphire wraps her little arms around my neck and holds me tightly.
Dad and Grandma give me curious looks .
"What ! Don't forget that I am a mom. I might look gorgeous in my uniform but that doesn't stop me from knowing that I am still a mother . Right now , I am going to explain to my daughter that I won't be spending as much time with her like I used to."I explain to them.
Dad and Grandma ( still seating in the car) shrug at the same time , with smiles on their faces .
Like mother like son .
Dad and Grandma behave almost the same way . No wonder they are close.
" Anyway , between you Dad and Grandma , one of y'all should escort me to the school gate so that you can come back to the car with Sapphire. "
Dad says , walking ahead of Sapphire and I , " I'll do the honours."
Grandma and I just laugh .
Sapphire just looks at her grandad with her big sapphire blue eyes.
" What about you Grandma?"I ask.
She replies," Father and daughter moment."
I smile at her and she blows me a kiss.
Dad waits for me as I walk slowly,with Sapphire in my arms .
She is really heavy.
" Sapphire," I say to her .
She looks at me .
" Sweetie , I want you to be a good girl for mommy, okay?"
She nods .
I continue," I'm going to school and I will only be back at lunch time my angel. So will you promise to be a good girl?"
She nods .
" Pinky promise,' I say to her , sticking my pinky finger out . She takes her finger and wraps it over mine .
That's the traditional way of keeping a promise.
" Mommy ,'' she says , sweetly .
I look at her and she looks sad .
" Yes my angel."
She says ," Come soon ."
Sapphire is a smart baby . She learns very fast and will soon know how to speak full sentences.
" I will my baby ."
We are standing at the school gate .
I hug her tight and she hugs me back.
I kiss her on her lips .
" I love you sweety !" I say to her .
" Love you too !" She replies.
I give her to Dad .
Dad says ," She will be okay, don't worry."
I nod .
" Okay , I hope so. Have a great day Dad."
He responds ," You too my angel. Have a splendid day at school."
Dad walks away with Sapphire who waves goodbye to me.
I wave back at her .
Dad puts Sapphire at the back .
He enters in the driver's seat and drives towards me.
He and Grandma wave goodbye and Sapphire is seating at the back looking so sad .
I watch the car drive off .
I miss my angel already , but I am doing this for her .
I sigh loudly,"Hello Crystal High School!"
" And Crystal High welcomes you!"

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