The Story of Adeline May

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Mind Games

I stare at her body, not moving. Or feeling. I am stuck. I am just staring, hoping that this vicious stare will make her move. I am hopelessly praying to every god that I know, while I’m staring, and still, she doesn’t move.

Cry. Scream. Pass out.

Damn it, body, do something!

It doesn’t want to. That’s fine. I am just staring, anyway.

I wake myself up with a quiet scream. Beads of sweat run down the side of my face. My heart continues to pound; I can hear it, thump, thump, thump. I can’t see anything—Mom? Mommy? The image of her body flashes in my eyes and the scream that I’m holding onto is released.

“Bow?” a faint voice asks.

My heart is still racing—and I’m still feeling scared—and my mom is not moving—and I’m not feeling—and I’m still praying—and God isn’t answering—

—and my mom is dead.

The bed dips. “Bow?”

I’m not moving. I’m not feeling.


“I’m fine,” I snap, still not moving, still not seeing. “Get out of my room.”

“Well, stop screaming, then!” my brother exclaims.

I listen to the sound of his retreating footsteps. I hear him turn, and he says, “Take your damn meds.”

And it is only when he leaves that the tears began to fall.

like I said, a short chapter.

what do you think about this chapter? why do you think adeline may take meds? first one to get it right earns another chapter… (or maybe not)

~xoxo, maya cyns

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