The Story of Adeline May

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I look down at the same tee-shirt and shorts that I'm wearing and I instantly know that I'm dreaming. I look behind me to find my mother smiling at me. I smile back. I turn back around to face forward, and I focus on our preacher.

I'm trying to focus, I really am. I'm looking at his mouth and I know the words that he's forming. Yet I still can't hear him. There is something… something in the air lingering. I need it gone.

I see it, now. It's dark. It takes a human form; it's walking on it's own two feet. It's the girl, the one who was swaying. She's not swaying now.

She's looking at me.

fun fact: I write really, really short chapters when I'm having a brain freeze but want to push out content (barely 150 words)

enjoy this, though!!

xoxo, yourcityrose
maya cyns

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