The Story of Adeline May

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Don't Be Shy

He looks away from me after a minute and to Mrs. Nesmith. She notices his slight blush and looks back at me.

“You’re late, Kris,” she says, looking at the clock over her head. Before Kristian—Kris—can reply, Mrs. Nesmith says, “I won’t mark you tardy. Instead, I’ll task you with showing Adeline May—”

“Just Adeline is fine,” I say with a small eye roll.

“Showing Just Adeline around for a few weeks.”

“Mrs. Nesmith, don’t punish Adeline for He-She’s—”


“Two weeks detention, for you, Tyler.”


“Three weeks. Do you want to go for four?”

I look to Tyler as he sighs. One of his friends shoves his shoulder in a joking manner. I roll my eyes and look down at my desk. Kris says nothing through this, only making his way to the seat beside me. Watching him, I notice a bruise under his eye.

I inhale sharply as I look away. Ms. Nesmith starts talking again and I whisper to Kris. “I think that bruise really brings out the green in your eyes.”

They meet mine. The corner of his lips turns up, just a quirk, and I smile.

A sense of humor: pending further examination.

“Really,” I continue, “tell whoever is responsible for that shiner to, maybe, punch a little harder.”

He still says nothing.

“Maybe I’ll think you’re handsome instead of cute,” I say.

His face turns slightly red and the bell rings. I laugh. Kristian gathers all his books and quickly makes his way out of the classroom. I move quickly to follow him.

Kristian really stands out in the crowd. He’s moving fast, trying to get out of the school. Or away from me.

Nobody is really touching him. The hallways are crowded—everyone is trying to get out and to the courtyard. Yet not one person accidentally bumps into him. Not one elbow pokes him as he rushes down the hall.

Me on the other hand?

“I’m so sorry…” “Excuse me.” “Move, newbie.” “Coming through...!”

Finally, I see an exit door. Someone pushes it open, and I follow the person out. I notice some kids leaving the parking lot and shrug. Maybe they have a study-hall class period, too, and want to ditch it. The courtyard again is full of kids, all huddling in groups. I scan all the groups and a smile makes its way onto my face.

Kristian is standing near the parking lot on the sidewalk with a group. He hugs them all one by one laughing at something someone says. From where I’m standing it looks like he’s looking for someone. We lock eyes.

I give him a small wave. My smile grows wider as he blushes.


I look toward the sound. Silas and his friends are walking from the school and to me. They all come to a stop around me, with Silas at my side.

“I haven’t seen you all day,” he says as he hugs me.

“Oh, get off of me,” I roll my eyes. “Don’t you have practice, anyways?”

“Y’all see how she treats me?” Silas feigns being hurt. “And after all I’ve done for you,”

I slap him on the back of the head. As his friends began to laugh, Evan—the bully from this morning—and his bimbo friend walks by us. Miss Bimbo and I connect eyes. Is it getting cold out here or is it just me?

I roll my eyes as I look away. “Anyway,” I clap my hands, “Introduce me to your friends.”

“I’m Coco, the fun one,” a blue-eyed girl says.

“I’m Cameron, the jock.”

“Oh, what sport?” I ask, turning to her.

Her eyes are the same color as Kristian’s.


Hm. Bet she looks good swinging a bat.

“And, uh, I’m Trevor. The smart one.”

“Yeah, right,” Coco mutters.

I snicker, earning a mock shocked face from him.

“You already know me—Silas Ramos, your brother.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I wave him off. “I’m Adeline May, the... you know what? Just Adeline.”

Coco chuckles. “Don’t worry—we’ll come up with something,” she says as her eyes trail over me.

I blush at the way she does it. Out of the corner of my eyes, I can see Kristian staring at us. At me. I smirked and moved to the side a little.

“Well, I’ll see you guys tomorrow, Okay? I have to take my little sister home.” Silas says.

I shove his shoulder. “I am older than you,”

Silas quickly grabs me by my shoulders, ignoring his laughing friends, and turns me away. “Bye guys,” he throws over his shoulder. I cross my arms and huff. My eyes scan over the remaining people scattering the courtyard. Little to no one left. I sigh.

But then my eyes catch onto Kristian’s, who is hiding—waiting—securely behind a tree. My steps begin to falter, but then he sees it and moves away.

The update is a little late, I know, I know.


~xoxo, maya cyns

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