The Story of Adeline May

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A Time For Laughter—A Time For You To Shut Up

I only have ten minutes to get ready for school. That’s ten minutes of listening to my father and stepmother talk about moi. Well, more like my father bitch to her about my feelings and she listens. Another reason why my dad and I don’t get along.

We’ll never get along if he keeps on giving me hell over little things.

I ended up falling asleep in the woods last night. So what? I’m alive—there is blood still pumping through my veins. It’s simple—I needed air. Not everyone can go around blowing hot air when they’re feeling something, like some people in this house.

Quickly, I dress in a plain white tee shirt and grey sweatpants. I slip on my white sneakers. I grab my backpack and swing it onto my shoulders. I then grab my phone and make my way to leave.

I roll my eyes at Silas as I make my way down the ladder. “Waiting on me?”

“I didn’t want to go down there by myself and listen to them,” he explains. “Besides, you and I have been assigned to carpooling duties.”

“Carpooling duties?” I question. “Us?”

“Well, since you’re the new girl in our little group, you have to pick and drop off everyone in the group at school. But since I’m your brother—”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing!”

“—I’m strung along with you.”

Again, I roll my eyes. He helps me push the ladder up. Running my fingers through my wild curls, I ask, “You’re borrowing your mom’s car? Because I really don’t want to ask dad.”

We began walking downstairs. “I texted her last night. She understands,”

I sigh as we round the corner into the kitchen. Dad and Elijan stop talking once they notice us. Mandy makes herself busy by cleaning out the sink and I roll my eyes.

I do that a lot, don’t I?

So dramatic. “Please. Don’t stop on my account,”

Silas elbows me, earning him a disapproving look. I hear Mandy clear her throat and I look towards her.

“Keys,” she says, holding them out. “Have a nice day, kids.”

I reach across the counter and pluck the keys away. “Thank you, Mandy,”

I look towards Elijah and Dad. He avoids my gaze, while Elijan meets mine. And, funny thing, he smirks.

Elijan and I—if I haven’t already said this, though I’m sure I haven’t—were never close. At all. Whatsoever. I was just the girl he shared a bathroom with, and the feeling was mutual. I used to think that his feelings toward me had to do with Silas—no. It had to do with me and my weird personality that isn’t mentally compatible with his.

“Come on, Rainbow,” Silas says, grabbing me by the arm.

I let him pull me away from the room. Watching as he pulls on his jacket, I open the front door. Oh, chilly. Shivering, I head to the car.

“Ah, ah, ah! Driver’s side.” Silas says from behind me.

“Why do I have to drive?” I ask as I move to the other side of the car.

“I said you have to pick up and drop everyone off, remember?”

I slide into the driver seat with the side. The car comes to life. Our car door slams shut, and we quickly move out of the driveway and down the road.

We drive around in silence, passing by a lot of trees before I ask, “Have you ever asked Dad why he chooses to live so far out in the woods?”

“No. I mean, he and I don’t really hang out much.”

“Hm. Why?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I see him give me a look. I laugh.

“Turn right here,” Silas says, pointing.

I make a left at a corner. The trees are getting thicker as we ride down the new road.

I see a house behind a few trees and slow down. “Is this it?”

“What’s wrong?” Silas askes me as I slam on the brakes.

“Um,” I watch the curtains shake a little. “I thought I saw Kristian.”

“How do you know Kris?”

“He’s in my music class—he sits next to me.”

“Hm.” He looks up his window. “Cool.”

“Yeah, he is.” I mutter to myself.

Cameron breaks through the tree line ahead of us. Come to a stop in front of her. We lock eyes as she walks around the car. I look in my rearview mirror.

“’Sup guys?” She says once she’s in the car.

I put the car in reverse and start back up. “Morning,”

“How was the game yesterday?” Silas says.

“Game?” I ask.

“Pre-season games. And we won.” Cameron says matter-of-factly.

I complete a U-turn, stopping in front of Cameron’s driveway. The curtains are no longer moving; maybe it was just a fragment of my imagination. I slowly pull away.

The drive to Coco’s house—which isn’t that far from Cameron’s—is quiet. Cameron is looking out of the window and Silas is giggling at his phone. It is beyond weird, in my opinion.

Mom always told me I was antisocial. And I mean, by definition, that would be mean. I prefer staying at home then going out; I don’t have many friends and the little that I have understand my discombobulated personality. And it’s not like I don’t like people. I do. I love seeing people out socializing—the large groups, the noise. I can easily surround myself with people. It’s the interacting with them that gets to me.

At the beginning of my 9th grade year, I decided to join the ROTC program. I wanted to have a support system throughout high school, despite the one I had at home. At first, I acted the same way I’m acting now. Quiet, clamming up, awkward. Then my CO, Tay, slowly put but surely pulled me out of my little shell.

She’s in the Navy now. Oorah.

I miss her.

“Rain?” I look over to Silas. “You okay?”

I nod, gripping the steering wheel. “Just thinking about Tay.”


“Who’s Tay?” Cameron asks from the back seat.


I send him a quick glare, daring him to finish his sentence. He coughs as his face turns red.

“She’s…” Cameron continues.

“She’s nobody, okay?” I snap.

I bring the car to a stop at what I assume is Coco’s house. We sit in silence for a few seconds before she speaks again.

“Are you okay?” she asks, leaning forward between the two seats.



I nod, pressing my lips together.

“I know it’s not easy to lose a parent. Let alone your mom.” She says with a sigh.

Why the hell—

“And I know it’s hard living without her,”

“Cameron, what are you—”

“I mean, she’s the one who gave birth to you, you know?”

I do.

“Recorded your first day of school and—”

Cameron’s expression freezes as I turned to her. Her mouth is slightly agape as her eyes bore into mine. My lips are in a thin line, staring back at her with expecting eyes.

I see Coco jogging down her driveway and still don’t turn. She pulls open the side door, her happy aura breezing through the car. “Good morning, guys,” she says as she slides in. When no one answers her, she asks, “Did I just… interrupt something?”

I hold Cameron’s stare or a few more seconds before she clears her throat and sits back.

“No, you’re didn’t.” I say, turning back to the front. Gripping the steering wheel, I ask, “Trevor’s next, right?”

This chapter is a little bit of a lot late; I know. I’m sorry. Though, technically, it is sometime after 2 pm right? Just not… on a Monday or Tuesday.

Question—do you shave your arms, lol?

~xoxo, maya cyns

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