The Story of Adeline May

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In The Journal

Entry 5

People mistake rain as

A gentle thing—

Soft water droplets falling

Slowly from the sky

Creating small puddles

Once the spell has passed

But all I hear

Is thunder

Lound claps of them

Large droplets hitting the


Shaking it the core

The beauty of it

Now washed away

But I still think its


In its own thunderous


Entry 6

I could see them moving

Across the sky

With such beauty and divinity

So slow and sure

Pearl white and

Soft shapes forming into something

That I want or envy

Maybe want and envy

But as I trained my eyes on them

Just like everything else I yearned for

It stopped

And so did my heart

Because the clouds moved to

its beat

that isn’t in unison

with my own

Entry 7

Have you ever just


What you were doing

To tell

The people in your life

I love you

Even though they probably

Can’t hear you?

Entry 8

She conquered her demons and wore her scars like wings. ~ atticus

A shadow falls over me and I shield my notebook. The librarian, Mr. Johnson, looks down at me with a soft, small smile. “The bell just rang, young lady,” his voice says, low and rough.

I nod in thanks. As he walks away, I close my journal and slide it into my binder. I gather it in my arms before leaving the area.

a little fast action going on, okay? I’m trying to write faster so I can maybe (possibly) get a double update going on here, but I don’t know. who knows what my mind will come up with?

so, adeline is starting to use that journal of hers more—why do you think that is?

(p.s., so I think I have a crush on this girl in my geometry class… yall, she called me bae. she used the term universally, but still… I’m a little happy right now)

~xoxo, maya cyns

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