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LiaLove & NinnyBunny

@LiaLove & @NinnyBunny

A Love Story Born From the Internet

A young woman - in her late teens or early 20s - is hunched over a keyboard, typing something. She makes happy squirming noises and smiles constantly. Her name is Emilia Mayflower - screen name @LiaLove - and she’s writing to her online lover - screen name @NinnyBunny - who she met on an internet site a few months ago. They’ve been chatting every day since then and recently confessed to each other and found out that their feelings are mutual. They don’t know much about each others’ real life information, just that apparently “NinnyBunny” is a about the same age as “LiaLove”, give or take a couple of years. They share interests and loves, hobbies and worries. They met in an internet forum aimed at LGBT people and somehow started messaging each other.

In real life, Emilia is a well-behaving daughter who goes to college and works part-time in a daycare center for toddlers and babies. She only knows that “NinnyBunny” is still in school - probably high school, but doesn’t even know if she’s on her second or third year. She does know it’s not her first, since she has talked about “her first year in high school” as a past reference. Nobody in real life knows Emilia is lesbian, let alone that she as a love interest. For her classmates in college, Emilia is a quiet girl who isn’t interested in drinking and boys and prefers to read and to be left alone. She has a couple of good friends though, but even none of them knows. Emilia has never told about her sexual orientation to anyone in her life, save for “NinnyBunny”.

“... I love you, wish we could meet.” Emilia says and sends the message, then squeals happily. Aagh! I did it! she thinks, I finally said I wanted to meet her in real life! She leans back on her chair and watches her laptop’s screen glowing in the dim light of her room. It’s almost 2am and it has been hours since Emilia should have been asleep, but she couldn’t. Not after she decided to write to NinnyBunny about wanting to meet her. I wish I could tell someone about this, I’m so excited! She thinks. But Emilia isn’t “out” to anyone she knows. Her two best friends who she might consider coming out to, are Rebecca West and Victoria Dawson. Becca and Vic. She has known Vic for the better part of their lives, having met her in junior high, and Becca is a new friend from college that shares her love for nerdy things and not wanting to drink booze ever Friday night. She and Vic are not especially close, not in the “bff” category, but good friends nonetheless. Vic’s still in high school - in her third year and also more active and outgoing than Emilia, but they share a few nerdy interests, mainly video and roleplaying games. Vic’s been at Emilia’s gaming group ever since they started. The other people change periodically when people get married or move around or start jobs. Vic’s been in every game so far and they share memories on those. But outside of those, they are not that close. They didn’t do sleepovers while they were in school or spent summers together. Becca, Becca she knows only from school, but they are together practically every day and chat about things. They are the same age and Becca’s been onto one or two games that Emilia has ran. All other Emilia’s friends are more acquaintances and less friends. Emilia’s games have always been inclusive and have featured LGBT characters in the past and neither Vic or Becca has ever said anything against them, on the contrary they seemed to like the additions.

Emilia considers again coming out to them, but decides against it, once again. It’s an entirely different thing having an imaginary character be gay, than to tell your real-life friend that you’re in love with another girl. It would be nice to have someone to talk to and gush about feelings though, so Emilia considers telling some one.. in the future. Not now, not tomorrow, but… maybe some day. Maybe. For now, she closes the laptop lid and hops onto her bed and squirms herself under her blankets.

The next morning, Emilia wakes up, does her morning routine and heads to lessons. She bumps into Becca when she makes it to school. “Becca! Good morning!” Emilia shouts at her and waves her hand in the air. Becca seems a bit out of it and just nods and her. Emilia tilts her head slightly sideways and shrugs. She makes her way to Becca’s side and asks “What’s going on, Becca?”

Becca looks at Emilia and drops her gaze, blushing slightly. “I, erm. Uh.. Well, it’s kinda embarrassing.. would you mind joining me after lessons for a cup of coffee or two? I’m going to clear out my head first.” She says and rises her head and looks at Emilia again. Her cheeks are slightly blushed and her eyes are smiling. Something nice must have happened to Becca, and Emilia is actually happy about that. “Sure!” She says. “let’s meet at the corner cafe after lessons then!” Becca nods and walks away. They don’t have all the same classes, so Emilia won’t see Becca today at all in school aside from this or lunchtime. She wonders what could have happened to Becca to get that reaction out of her.

After school is over, Emilia heads to the corner cafe, orders a cup of hot cocoa and sits down. She waits for a bit for Becca to arrive and when she does, she looks anxious and awkward. Becca orders a cappuccino and sits next to Emilia. “Emi… “ she says and draws a deep breath. “I know we’ve not know each other for that long, but I consider you one of my closest friends. Please, don’t say anything. I’ve had to psych myself for this, if you say anything I’ll just crumble and not do anything.” Emilia takes a sip from her now-cold cocoa and just nods and Becca. Becca takes another deep breath. “Emilia. I’m gay.” She says and shakes visibly. Emilia takes a double take and gasps involuntarily. Wait, what?! Becca’s gay too!? I could’ve come out to her all this time and…! “I know, I know, shocking. But yes, I’m gay, and I’m in love with another girl that I met online a few months ago…” Becca watches the color drain from Emilia’s face as she makes one too many conclusions that make sense to her. At this same moment, Vic steps into the cafe too and hollers at them “Oh! Emi! And Rebecca! Hello! What’s cooking?”

A woman in her late teens - named Victoria Dawson - is squirming in her bed, unable to sleep. Tomorrow is the exam day and it consists of all the subjects she hates in high school. Luckily it’s her third and final year there, but it also means more exams. It isn’t helping anything that Victoria has a secret. Well, it has nothing to do with her panties, it’s not that kind of Victoria’s Secret. Thought, it might actually have something to do with her underwear, or at least she hopes so. See, Victoria’s in love. Twice. She has met the person she loves many years ago. Her love is slightly older than she is and a quiet and pretty girl. She met her when she entered junior high. She has not had the courage to tell her about her feelings, although they have been friends for many years now. She adores this person and currently agonizes over a decision to come out to her. Yes, Victoria is gay. And she’s in love with her friend of many years, Emilia Mayflower.

But then a few months ago, Victoria met another person and slowly fell in love with them. Now she’s conflicted between the two of them. She genuinely loves both persons from the bottom of her heart. She knows she has to make a decision between those to and the longer she puts it away, the harder it will be. Tomorrow, Victoria thinks, tomorrow I will tell Emi I love her. Or not. Or I’ll confess to… her. My other love. I don’t know what to do! She puts her hand under her pillow and burrows inside the blankets. Nobody Victoria knows, outside of her one cousin who lives abroad, that she’s gay. Her cousin found out a few years ago and confronted Victoria, who broke down and came out to her. Her cousin was supportive though, and promised not to tell a soul. Thus far they have kept the promise and nobody else in her family knows about her secret.

Victoria heads to school in the morning. She meets her classmates, and one in particular, a girl named Aimee. Aimee has been Victoria’s best friend since they’ve been five or so. They both run in the athletics club and both are competitive swimmers at summers. They’ve spent many an hour together at various places of the country, and indeed world. Still, Aimee doesn’t know Victoria’s Secret. Well she knows the shop, but this is not about that. “Amy”, Victoria calls out when she sees her. “Amy I have something to tell you, that.. that you don’t know.” Aimee looks at Victoria and scrunches her eyebrows together. “Wha? Vic what’s up? You seem very anxious?” She says and touches Victoria’s shoulder. “That’s because I am” Victoria answers, “very anxious. Come, let’s go to the back yard, I don’t want spying eyes or ears.”

Victoria makes her way to the bushes and ends up in the small, almost hidden back yard, followed closely by Aimee. Victoria sits on an old bench that’s been there for years and sighs deeply. Aimee walks in front of her and looks at her. “Ok, Vic. Spit it out, you’re weirding me out.” She says and puts her hands on her hips. Victoria raises her eyes to meet hers and swallows. “Amy, I’m gay.” She says. Aimee looks at her, looks around as to look for something. Then giggles and return to look at Victoria. “THAT had you so anxious, Vic? Like I didn’t fucking know. Vic you’re gayer than a flannel shirt on a buzz-cut woman with a pride pin on her chest.” She says and relaxes. “That sounds pretty gay” Victoria says and manages a small laugh. “You’ve known?” She asks Aimee. “Yeah, for years. Vic you didn’t care a damn when the boys’ swimming club had an outing right under out noses, but you lost your shit Jessica stripped in the middle of the room at the summer camp…” Aimee says and smiles. “So, is that all, or do you have any actual news?” Victoria swallows and smiles. “Well, yeah. I’m in love.” She says and giggles nervously. Aimee’s pupils get larger and her mouth hangs open for a second “Alright. yeah, uh. whoa. Yeah, you did have news that I was not aware of. Whoa. Who? For how long?” She stammers out.

Victoria stands up and fiddles with her sleeves slightly. “Well.. that’s the problem. See.. I have fallen in love with a girl…” she lets the sentence trail out. “…aaannd”, Aimee says. “I can here the ‘but…’ coming from a mile away.” Victoria smiles at her and continues “… and another one.” She grins nervously. “What.” Aimee blurts out. “Yeah. I’m in love with two persons at the same time. And the other one barely knows I exists, and the other one is aware that I have some feelings towards them. Neither knows I’m so deep in love for them I’m gonna drown in my own tears.” Victoria explains while tugging on her sleeves. “Alright Vic, let’s hear specifics. I can’t help you if I don’t know shit.” Aimee says and sits down. “I guess we’re skipping classes today, there’s no way you can function in a lesson today, and I’m dying to know who has been able to catch you so unawares that you’ve fallen for them.”

Victoria draws a deep breath and starts. “Alright. My first love is a girl you’ve heard about, but you don’t know. Her name’s Emilia. Emilia Mayflower. I met her when I entered junior high and she caught my eye big time. She’s two years older than me, but.. Amy she’s so cute I can’t. She makes The Best faces when she’s flustered and her laugh is so awesome. “ Victoria smiles as she talks. “Alright, small break here. Please don’t devolve into gushing about your loves too much, I know you adore them, but I’m still as straight as my fucking eyeliner, and you know how important that is for me.” Aimee says and smiles. “And yeah, I know Mayflower. I think I’ve visited her once or twice with you. At least one time when you played that weird game where everyone just talks bullshit for hours and nothing happens. And I ate her chicken and fell asleep on her bathroom floor because I was drunk.” Victoria laughs out aloud “Yeah, exactly that Mayflower. I’ve known her a couple of years now and I love her so much, I… “ Aimee taps Victoria on her shoulder. “So, the next one. I’ll tell you my opinion once I know who the other one is.” Victoria grimaces and looks at Aimee “Ok, so.. the other one is a person I met online a few months ago…”

Victoria sit next to the awkward Emilia and Rebecca. “What are you guys doing? What’s with the weird mood?” She asks. “Well.. Rebecca was just telling…” Emilia starts and Rebecca quickly shakes her head. “… telling me that, that, that she has a crush on someone!” Emila says and grins nervously. “Becca also met someone online a few months ago!” She says before she understands what she just said. “Met someone online a few months ago?!” Victoria yelps. “also?” Says Rebecca, and Emilia blushes like no tomorrow. “crap” she says.

“So let me get this straight..” Victoria says and both Rebecca and Emilia glance at each other and grimace. “You both were dating online and you both found someone - who lives in the same city, roughly at the same time. You, you wanna hear a joke?” Victoria says and chuckles nervously. “No, but you’re going to tell us anyway, Vic. So go ahead.” Emilia says. “Eat a sock, Emi.” Victoria says and continues. “I have a crush too. I met a person… online, a few months ago.” Rebecca and Emilia look at each other and then at Victoria. “You gotta be joking, Vic.” Emilia says. “Am not. I was going to tell you about it when we had our next game, but this was too good of an opportunity… Please don’t tell me we all used the same site… that would be hilarious.” Victoria continues, but her manner is not that calm anymore. So, few months ago.. just like me… “Yeah, I don’t think we used the same site, it was called…” Rebecca starts. “… Outside the Door.” They all say at the same time.

“Wait. Hold up.” Victoria says. “So let me get this straight… HOLD UP! Did we all just accidentally come out to each other?! It’s a LGBT dating site after all…” Victoria almost shouts. “Well fuck.” Says Rebecca and Emilia just blushes furiously and looks downwards. “I… I guess we did…” she says quietly. “Oh my god, is this a sitcom or a really lousy Manga? This kind of shit ain’t happening in real life, for fuck’s sake!” Victoria says. “Imagine if… well, there’s two choices here - either we all met different persons that we don’t even know, or… or two of us know each other from the website.” She finishes more quietly that she meant. “Yeah.. there’s an obvious solution to that problem, but remember the rules of the site..” Emilia says. “Do not, ever, tell your username to anybody other than the person you’re meeting..” Rebecca says. “Yeah.. in a best case scenario, we’re one username off, in the worst, we would be exposing five unknown usernames to other people. Let’s not.” She continues. “I know a solution.” Victoria says and stirs her coffee. “Shoot.” Emilia says. “We pack out shit, and everyone goes home. Then we each message our chosen usernames on that site, and see if two of us really were here.” Victoria explains. “Then, if nobody gets the same message or just questions as an answer, we know that none of us matched. However, if you get a message form your person that they were also here…” she continues and Emilia swallows. “Yeah. Then two of us matched…”

A brown-skinned, dark-haired beautiful young woman walks towards her home and her heart is in her throat. She successfully came out to her friend, no friends today and accidentally found out that they too were gay! There was never any reason to panic in the first place. For that reason. But now there’s the other one… They all have apparently met a person they liked, on the same dating site, at approximately the same time. I mean I don’t know Emilia that well that I’d have developed romantic feelings towards her, but if it IS her, I.. I don’t think I’d mind. She’s pretty, smart and funny. Vic, however, I don’t really know her at all, but.. but if she is my online match, then I know a lot about her and I’m willing to learn more.

She walks lazily towards home and thinks how she met her fated person and how they have been keeping in touch via the website ever since. Well, her age and interests match with both of them really. If it ends up being that none of us were matched, at least we could get together and have a really fun friend group, Emilia could run us a bigger campaign with six people! I wonder.. now that we’re all out to each other, how much will that make a difference? At least all the awkward hiding will be gone and we can tell stupid jokes among ourselves… If nothing else works, at least this brings us closer as friends, she thinks and heads home.

Rebecca walks home and sits in front of her computer and fires it up. She logs in to the website and starts looking who is online. She goes and opens the real-time chat with her friend… “Were you at the Corner Cafe today?” she writes, hits send and prepares to wait for a couple of hours, but the instant *ping* from the computer almost stops her heart. “Well, I was at Corner Cafe…” the message stars and Rebecca gasps aloud “.. but I was there in the morning. I’ve been at home the last few hours as I’m helping my mom cook for tomorrow. What about that? Did you think you saw me? ;) ;) ;) Are you that thirsty? :P” Becca smiles and sighs. “Nevermind, false alarm. So how was your day…?” she writes, hits send and leans back. I wonder if it was Emi and Vic then, she thinks as she continues to chat with her online friend, Bucket_OfRoses…

Emilia hurries home and almost runs upstairs to her computer. She hurriedly throws her boots and coat on the floor while getting the lid of her laptop open. Emilia’s MacBook goes *boing* and she draws a deep breath and logs into the website…

@LiaLove> Hello… @NinnyBunny, are you here?

@NinnyBunny> yeah.. I’m here @LiaLove, just got home.

@LiaLove> heh, where were you… I was just grabbing some coffee…

@NinnyBunny> wait, hold up. Did… did you happen to get it from Corner Cafe?

@LiaLove> omg no way. omgomgomg. Really? yeah, I did.

@NinnyBunny> …

@LiaLove> …

@NinnyBunny> … wanna meet?

@LiaLove> Now?

@NinnyBunny> yeah, now.

@LiaLove> Corner Cafe?

@NinnyBunny> The park next to it? Near the college?

@LiaLove> Tulips?

@NinnyBunny> Tulips.

@LiaLove> See you there.. love you.

@NinnyBunny>… love you. See you soon.

Emilia shuts her laptop, smiles and puts on her shoes. She looks at herself in the mirror and smiles widely. “I’m gonna go meet my love now.. let’s see..” She says and walks out the door. She walks to the park and sits on the bench next to the tulips and looks around. Someone walks towards her shyly and awkwardly. “…NinnyBunny?” Emilia manages to ask. The person seems to relax and she steps closer. “Hello, Emi” Victoria says. “I love you.” Her eyes sparkle in the dim evening light and her smile warms up the heart. “I’ve loved you for a while now, but now I know you’re the one for me.” Emilia stands up “Vic…” she says. “So it ended up being you..I— I can’t say I’m disappointed…” Victoria steps closer so she stands touching Emilia. “Emi.. can.. can I kiss you?” Emilia blushes, smiles at her and takes her hands in hers. She leans closer and closes her eyes. Victoria bends down and presses her lips agains Emilia’s. “I ended up falling for you twice” she whispers to Emilia’s ears after pulling away from the kiss slightly. “I was agonizing today if I should choose you, or ‘LiaLove’, but it ended up being me just falling for you twice.” She smirks.

Victoria wraps her hands around Emilia and holds her tightly. “Emi.. do you want to come to my house?” She whispers awkwardly and blushes. “Eeeh?!” Emilia almost yelps and blushes furiously. “I— I would love to.” She says and presses another kiss to Victoria’s lips. They stay like that for a while, then, while holding their hands, turn towards the city and start walking towards Victoria’s place. “Do you have classes in the morning, Emi?” Victoria asks quietly. “No, no I don’t.” Emilia answers. “What about it?” Victoria turns her head to face Emilia and smirks not-so-innocently “nah, no reason, no reason… I hope you’re not sleepy…” she says and leans her head against Emilia as they walk on.

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