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Love story

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

One day they’re was this group of people that would solve mysteries . The people were called ,Betty ,Veronica ,Archie and Jughead .

One day they started to make friends to this girl called Cheryl . Cheryl kept talking about her life how her mam killed people . Betty made friends to a girl called Lilly and she told Veronica Archie and jughead.
The next day Lilly went missing and on the new it said Lilly’s body was found in sweet water river .

Betty ran of crying to the bathroom . Veronica followed . Veronica said “ Betty it’ll be ok we will solve it .” Betty replied “o-k.” Betty and Veronica went to see the others. Jughead said are you ok ? Betty replied with “yes I am .” Jughead said “ok can I talk in private . Betty replied with “ye I wanted to talk to you to”. They walk to the janitor closet to talk Jughead said “ so i wanted to say I like you .”
Betty replied happily “ I like you to .” They have segggs for 20 minutes then the bell goes off and they see Veronica and Archie in the hall way and they both say what have youse been doing and Betty and Jughead said we are now officially dating Archie says yes where’s my money and Veronica gives him 50 pound
And Jughead says what is this about me and Betty Archie says we done a bet if you were dating or not I betted yes and she betted no so I got 50 pound anyway the teacher let me off early cause she can see I was upset so she said I can take someone home and I chose Jughead so we’re going home and I’m staying off for 2 days with Jughead bye see you in 2 dayyys

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