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Chapter 2

*2 days later *

Hi I’m back.”,said Jughead .Jughead said “ we done some investagaiton and we we though what if Cheryl mam Penelope is linked to Lilly death and by the way Betty’s in the bathroom throwing up Veronica if you want to go see her and bring her This coffee if you do
Veronica replied “ yeah I will I’ll go see if she’s ok “
Archie said “we‘ll go tell the Miss bell to see. If we can have blanket for her.” Veronica said “are you ok Betty “Betty replied with “n-o I f-eel really n-a-u-t-io-u-s Veronica said come Jughead and Archie have a blanket with you and no school work just take notes
Betty relplied “o-k” they go see the other. Jug is in the room with a blanket and a coffee. Archie said Betty are you ok. Betty said “yeah” Jughead said “ come sit down .” Betty sits down and falls asleep on Jughead

*20 mins later *

Betty woke up and ran straight to the bathroom to throw up. Betty walks back and says “I’m back .”
Archie says .Are you ok. Betty says yes I am now.” Anyway guys I have to go I have a doctors appointment my mam realised I’ve been throwing up recently and not getting much sleep cause my belly hurts so I’ll be back about 2.

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