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Chapter 3

*2 hours later *

“I’m back” Archie says “ What was it”. Betty replies , “ just a stomach bug and Jughead I need to talk to you in private.” Jughead said. “ ok” they walk to the janitors closets. “ juggie I’m a 5 days pregnant” Jughead replies “ bets it’s ok we’ll tell principal
whetherby And he let us go off for tomorow and we’ll tell them when we’re back . They walk out after having a big kiss . Jughead said “ I’m taking Betty and we’ll come back not tomorow but the next day cause her mam wants her home till she’s better and she keeps running to. Throw up like she is now . Archie and Veronica both said okay hope she’s ok , Betty said. “ I’m back we can go now by guys” they al say bye

They are at home and Betty says Jughead “ Lilly just texted me say meet me at the park . Jughead says what we’re going to the park .Lilly was there and Betty said this is my boyfriend Jughead Lilly says I knew you’d always had a crush on him ok Jughead says why have you pretending to be dead I’ve been crying my eyes out. Lilly said Penolope killed my twin sister and trying to kill me .betty said you had a twin sisters
Lilly said yeh but no-one knew only penolope here she is run I’ll hide . Penelope strangle Lilly to death and then runs away and Betty runs out and says i will never forget you Lilly and in pregnant and she calls the ambulance and the ambulance question you Lilly texted me saying to meet her at the park so we did and then she told me all bout how Penelope knew she had her twin sister and then killed her twin sister and she killed Lilly I recorded so I had proof
Jughead and Betty shows the video

1 day later
Betty is at school telling her friends about Lilly then she says this “ guys I have an announcement to make so you know when I went to the hospital and I said it was stomach bug I’m actually pregnant,Veronica jumps and says “omg I’m so happy for you guys” and the Archie says “ me too I can’t believe it” then Jughead says thx guys we are 5 days in

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