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Chapter 4

8 months Later

She is now 8 months pregnant 🤰 . She was in a lesson when she got a sharp pain so she says thsi to Jughead “ juggie can you go to tell the teacher that we’re going to get some water cause I have a sharp pain in my belly” Jughead replies back with “ Ofc sweetie i will meet you outside
Betty goes in the hallway and passes out and the teacher said ok and Jughead find Betty on floor passes out so she gets principal wheterby and her friends Archie and Veronica Veronica starts crying and says “ I hope she ok I’ll call an ambulance” she calls an ambulance and the ambulance arrives

3 hours later she wakes up

Betty says “Jughead” Jughead wake up and and says “ Betts your awake how are you feeling” ok but still sharp pain” Jughead say “ ok you passed out so I’ll have to go call the other they’re worried sick about you” Betty says ok
Jughead call the other and they all say coming straight away they let us out early so we can wait at home for the phone call. They all arrive and say Betty are you ok Betty says yes

The doctor walks in and says can I talk to Betty and Jughead pls in private they all say ok and wait in the wating room the doctor say your fine it wa just the baby kicking you passed out because of dehydrated
You need to drink so I think you keep a water bothhle with you at all time . Jughead says thank you doctor
Betts get up and trys to walk hut she couldn’t cause she felt dizzy again so Jughead said I’ll go get them
So he gets them and says you can come in

Betty screams in pain and they all hear her so they all rushed but Jughead ran the fastest to see her. She said I think the baby’s coming go get the doctor Veronica went to get the doctor and the doctor said said she was 10 cm dialated and she was ready to push she held Jughead’a hand and within 2 hours the baby was out but she wasn’t breathing so the doctor tried to get her to cry and she did so Betty was relieved but still had this sharp pain so she. Told Jughead and Jughead went to get the doctor and the doctor checked her. And said you have an appendicitis so you will get an operating tomorrow

All her friends come in and say hello to the baby it was a girl and they name it Lilly jones and after that Jughead knelt down on one knee and proposed to Betty and Betty said yess and tried to jump up but she couldn’t it was too painful she was happy and she told her freinds how she has appendicitis and about the operation her freinds we’re sorry for her and said hope you get better soon and all said by
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