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Chapter 5

It’s the next day

Jughead was there with a cup of tea and he said soon toe be wife I can’t wait to marry you. Betty said aww me to but I can’t my operation is in a hour and it hurts so bad I can’t even talk and then she screamed oww

2 hours later

Betty is out of surgery and had to rest for 2 months

2 months later

The wedding is tommrow and Lilly Jones is 2 months old and and Betty and Veronica are picking Veronica bridesmaids dress and bettys wedding dress 👗 she picked thsi amazing white one that is like a princess one and Lilly is wearing pink like her aunts Veronica

Betty says Veronica can you hold her for a sec I just need. To take this dress off and go to the toilet
She back form the Toilet and they go home
It’s the next day and it is the wedding Archie and Jughead are getting ready in one room and Betty Lilly Jones and Veronica are getting dressed in the other room Jughead is already waiting Archie walks down then Veronica and Lilly walk down then Betty walks down to see Jughead happy . Do you Jughead Jones to the lawfully happy women to be your wife Jughead says I do. Do you Betty Cooper to take this lawfully happy man to your husband betty says I do I now pronounce you husband and wife they kiss and celebrate.

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