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Chapter 1


I woke up at 6:45. I took a shower then started to brush my teeth listening to Pop Smoke. Went downstairs and saw my mother cooking breakfast.

“Morning mom”

“Morning Tre, are you excited for your last year.”

“I am so excited for my last year in high school. I could finally go out for lunch.”

“Is that all you care about”

“Yeah, for right now”

I started to eat my food when...

Phone Vibrates

Its Mekai.

“Yooo, are you ready for school”, he said

“Yeah are you outside”

“I’m right down the block”

“Ight I’m coming”.

Ended Call

“Bye mom”

“Bye have a good day”

I walked outside to see Mehkai, Leslie, and Tania singing dum loud while the music is blasting.

“Heeeeyyyyy”, I said as I open the door

“Wassup”, said Mehkai

“I’d never seen you in a while”, said Tania.

“I know, are you feeling well from your breakup”

“Yeah I guess, imma stop dating for a while cause Leslie wanna be calling me an hoe in August.

“Let’s forget about that, we are going to start this school year wit no drama”, said Leslie.

2 mins later

We open the school door, and what we see is our friend Aniya fighting this girl in the hallway.

“STOP ANIYA”, Leslie whined.

I started to pull Aniya off the girl because she was beating her ass.

The Principal started to run saying “nooo stop it”

The girls stop and standed up while looking like a hot mess.

The Principal started to yell at them telling them to come to his office.

“Everbody, get back to what you was doing”, said the AP as she was walking with the Principal.

“Let’s get to class and we will talk about the foolishness at lunch.

1st Period

I walked into class seeing his name was Mr. Dicker.

And he had an whole seating arrangement on the first day of school.

I had to sit next to this kid name Isaiah.

“Watup, my name Trevon”.

“I’m, Isaiah nice to meet you”


The teacher was half into his lesson when a new kid walks in.

“That nigga is dum fine”, said the girls in the back.

“Hi, and what’s your name.


“Alright Jalen, you are going to be sitting next to Trevon”.

He stared at me while he was walking to his seat.


" hey”

“So we are doing a partner project about the book that you read over the summer.you can choose who you want to be with”, said Mr. Dicker.

“Wooooohh”, said everbody in the class.

“Stop with the noise”.

“Wanna be my partner”, Jalen asked.


“We could meet over at my place

“Ight, but I need your number first”

We swap phones and put each others number onto it.

“I’ll text you my address later”

Bell Rings

“Bye”, I said.

“Bye, bro”, he said while staring at my back side.

I turned so fast that I almost broke my neck.


“Where yall wanna go”, Mekai said to me, Tania, Aniya, and Leslie.

“Shake Shack”, said Everbody.

“I beat that lil raggy hoe up today” said Aniya as she was fixing her self

“Yea we saw”, I said.

Shake Shack

"YURRRRRR”, said Mekai as he see his friend Devan.

“So Ghetto”, said Tania jokingly.

Me and Devan go way back. He was my BRO in middle school. We use play basketball at the court, use to be man hoes kissing some fine ass girls and we had a sleepover every other weekend. But then we got into this big ass fight because he stole my girlfriend.

“Hey”, said Devan as he approach me

“Hi Devan”.

“Wanna come sit wit us”, said Aniya


When we sat down, I had to tell the girls what happen cause they would understand.


“Yea”, said Aniya, Tania, and Leslie.

“Lemme tell you what happen at first period. So I was at class and this new kid came in their dum late. So when the teacher pointed out that he had to sit next to me, nigga was dead staring at my eyes like I was a whole snack”

“Bitch wha”, said Tania.

“You are an whole snack, that’s why I dated you”, said Aniya.

“Thank you babes appreciate” I said.


“So then we have to do a project that is due next Wednesday on the book we had to read in the Summer and he wanted to be my partner so I’m going to his house later.”

“Ouuu a nigga likes you”, said Leslie

(Before you say something Leslie and Mekai is mixed)

“But bro, ion like guys and even if I did, my mother would of whoop my ass”

“Just see what happens tonight and when you get home, group facetime us”.

“Dont tell the boys yet because they will look at me diff and call me sus”, I said.

“Okay we got you”, said Tania.


6th, 7th, and 8th period went dum quick.

I went to my locker after my classes had finished.

I closed my locker and I saw Jalen right next to it.

“Shit, you scared me”

“Sorry, I was wondering if you want a ride”


“Come on”

In the Car...

It was silent in the car

[Jalen:- Trevon:•]

“Soo, I want to get to know you better”, said Jalen as he broke the silence.

•“Alright, ask away”

-“When is your birthday”

•“October 5th, 2002”

•“When was you born”

-“September 28, 2001”

•“Did you get left back”

-“No, my mother put in school when I was 5”

•“Oh ok”

•“Wait hold up, your birthday is exactly a week away from mines”

-“I guess so”

We continue to make small talk until we got to his house.

When we pulled up to the gate, I was like “oh shit”.

Then we pulled up to his house.

“This house is dum nice”.

“Thank you, it’s because my parents are business partners and they make 1/4 of a grand every 2 months.

“Let’s go inside”

“Hey my baby”, said Jalen’s Mother.

“Hi mom, I will like you to meet my friend”

“Hi, I’m Trevon

“I’m Celia nice to meet you”

“Come upstairs Tre”

“Oh, so we already starting with nicknames” I said jokingly.


We went to his room and his room was dum luxury, and yes very overwhelming.

“Why you dont brag being rich”

“Cause I dont want to be cocky and be thinking that I am better then everyone else cause that is disrespectful. So I want to be treated as others”.

“I like that”. I said as I sat on his bed.

“So let’s start”, said Jalen.

We finished our project at an 1 hour later.

Phone Ringing.

"Its my mom, I’m coming right back”.

(Mom~ Me*)


*I’m at a friends house doing homework.

~oh ok, why you didnt tell me you was doing homework.

*Sorry, I’m coming home in a hour.

~alright bye.

Call ended

"Sorry about that bro”, I said.

“Its ight”, he said.

“So you found a treesh that you like so far”

“Nah, nigga all the girls I saw so far was treeshs. Especially the girls in the back. They always looking at whoever is cute. For example, they were flirting with Isaiah after class and touching up on him.”

“Oh ight, me either I was dating hoes all the way back from 6th grade cause they thought I was eye candy.”

“You really understand me” said Jalen as he started to get close to me.

“Back up bro, we just met”, I said.

“Sorry”, Jalen said as he back up.

“Your good”, I said.

“You gonna drop me home?“, I said.

“Of course I will”, said Jalen.

We was making small talk while we was going downstairs.

“Alright Ms. Celia, I’m gone”

“Bye Trevon”

I went out of the front door and Celia told Jalen that I am a keeper.

That just gave me chills.

In the car

We was singing songs together and rapping some early 2010′s songs.

After we sang to Bryson Tiller, I went to sleep.

20 mins later

Here is your stop.

I live in a regular two story modern home.

“Bye and thanks again”, I said as I glare at his eyes then hug him.

“Bye Tre, see you tommorow”.

I went into the house and was feeling kind of dumbstrucked.

“How was it”, said my mom.

“It was good” I said as I ran upstairs.

When I laid down on my bed, facetime, Tania, Leslie, and Aniya.

“What happened”, said Tania.

“First of all, he lives in a gated community and has a big ass house.”

“Damn, you future mans got money”, Aniya.

“Not going to be my mans, anyways we went to his room and it is dum big and I was in awwww. So then we did our homework for an hour. Then we had a convo about treeshes and he was like “you understand me”, and started to move closer to me”

“Ooohhhhhhh”, said Leslie and Aniya.

I continued about what happen.

“...... I hugged him goodbye”

“I need to meet my friends boyfriend” said Leslie.

“Again, not into guys.”

“Uhh whatever” said Tania.

“Alright Leslie, tell your brother to pick me up tomorrow”. I said.

“Bye everyone”. I said

“BYEEEE”. They said.

I took a shower, and went to sleep.

This is the longest I have ever written. I hope you like the first chapter of the story. Suggestions?

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