Where Flowers Don't Belong

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Stars Dancing

There were already werewolves in the kitchen when I came sprinting in. I gasped when I felt their eyes on me and dropped to the ground and bare my neck in submission. In a flash, I was being shoved into the wall behind me, held off the ground by a hand around my neck.

Of. Course.

“Who do you think you are, huh?” a man whose voice I recognized as Johnny’s, one of the members of this pack, said. His grip on my throat tightened and I gasped for air. I willed myself to keep my hands at my sides instead of clawing at his arm like I desperately wanted to so that I wouldn’t be punished.

Johnny and his friends were always the first people to come to breakfast every day after they went for a morning run. He never spoke to me or looked in my direction unless I did something wrong. But even then, he was still one of the scariest wolves of the pack. He and his friends were all warriors, strong, large, and agile. In other words, very capable of tearing me to shreds. They had only hit me a handful of times and I considered that to be a victory. Today, however, I knew I would not be so lucky.

“Look at her uniform,” another wolf, Jacob, said. “Someone’s slacking today.”

I continued to keep my gaze down and my mouth shut as I tried my best to gasp for air. Black dots were starting to cloud my vision.

“Wait a second,” Johnny said. “Do you guys smell that?”

Johnny’s nose went to my neck and inhaled deeply. “She smells like another wolf. A male. His scent is all over her.”

Another wolf approached me and inhaled my scent as well. Surprise laced his tone. “It’s fresh too. She just came from him.”

I could feel Johnny’s gaze searching my face which I had no doubt was turning purple. “You were with someone, huh?” he asked in a smooth, slow voice.

“I thought she was off-limits though,” Jacob said. “I thought they were saving her to sell her.”

Johnny’s free hand came up to smooth the loose hair away from my face. His touch felt like sandpaper against my skin and left me feeling disgusting. “I did too,” he replied. I could hear his smirk. “Seems like the whore just couldn’t wait for some werewolf cock.”

The hand around my neck dropped and I went tumbling to the floor in a coughing mess. However, before I could fall completely, Johnny’s body pressed against mine, forcing me up against the wall yet again. His hands settled on my butt and squeezed roughly.

“Wait,” Jacob interrupted. He paused for a moment. “What if... What if she found her mate?”

Johnny laughed. “Then she’s been rejected. No one would want her. The likelihood of her having a mate is low. The moon goddess would never be that cruel. No, she’s been fucking someone else. It’s the only explanation.”

Jacob didn’t say anything else. He obviously agreed with him.

“Listen here, slut,” Johnny’s deep voice spat in my ear. “Now that I know you’ll basically do anything for some dick like the whore you are,” he bit down on my ear, drawing blood with his sharp canines, “you better know I’ll be taking advantage,” he whispered.

Fear flooded my body. He couldn’t mean what I thought he meant, could he?

“Aw, look, the little human likes that idea,” Johnny continued. “She’s getting all flushed and squirmy.”

I wanted nothing more than to shove him off of me and tell him how wrong he was. But I knew I couldn’t do that. That would just cause a harsher beating. I was already having trouble breathing and couldn’t risk any more injuries.

Johnny pressed himself closer to me and started to grind himself slowly against my hips in a way that made my skin crawl and my stomach churn. “You want my cock in your pussy, slut? You want to suck me off? Is that what you’ve been craving all these years?”

His friend laughed behind him. I could hear his heavy, panting breathing as well as he watched the entire scene.

“What do you think, Jacob? Do you think the whore’s pussy is wet?” Johnny asked the man behind him. He touched my throat again, trailing a finger down it until he reached my breast and palmed it aggressively. “I think so.“′

I swallowed hard, feeling tears racing down my cheeks as I continued to gasp for air. There was no doubt in my mind that they were talking about taking my virginity. They didn’t know that the scent all over my body was the result of my completely innocent night spent with the king. They thought that I had slept with a werewolf, officially making my body up for grabs. I wished I could speak to them and explain myself but I hadn’t been given permission to talk

Johnny licked up my neck before stopping at my ear. “Here’s how things are going to work from now on. Whenever I or one of my friends needs any of our needs met, you’re the one who’s going to help. You’re going to offer up that sweet pussy,” his hand palmed my middle roughly, making me gasp in fear, “day or night, whenever we want. No arguments. Am I clear?”

I was frozen. I couldn’t move.

Johnny grabbed my jaw in his huge hand and squeezed, slamming my head into the wall. It made contact with the bruise I had, stars dancing in my vision. “I said, am I clear, slut?”

I nodded my head quickly, giving him all the confirmation he needed.

He spat in my face, his saliva hitting me in the eye. Then he dropped me and shoved me toward the kitchen so that I fell to my knees with a painful thump. I whimpered when my knees touched the ground, not because of the pain but because I could feel the wounds that the king had “tended” last night open up again, the wrappings beginning to loosen.

“We’ll keep your disobedience a secret for now,” Johnny said, obviously talking about the fact that I was late to making breakfast. He laughed as he watched me scramble off the floor in a panic. “But you better know you’ll be paying me back for my generosity in another way. Soon.”

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