Cabin Of Lust

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ONLY ONE BED (BXB) Helions friend Markus decided to bail on their trip, that both of them paid for at the last second, and instead of forcing Helion to go by himself, he offered his spot to one of his work friends. Now Helion is forced to share the cabin with a muscular god who only grunts and gives really weird looks at him for an entire week. Nothing could possibly go wrong, everything will be completely normal, except for maybe some fishing, some cooking, and the fact that there's only one queen size bed. Keep talking and you won’t leave this cabin with only a bruise on your neck.

Romance / Erotica
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C H A P T E R | O N E

"What do you mean your not going" Helion cried into the phone, they had been planning this trip for a month, they hadn't seen each other face to face since college and now Markus was canceling because of some work trip. The packed bags in the corner of the room now looked annoying and sad, he was going to be attending the trip alone, finally some use for the suitcase full of books he had bought though.

Markus made a huffing sound from the other side of the phone, like he was talking to an incompetent child. Helion wanted to scream, he wasn't a child he just wanted to visit his only friend and have the social interaction that his job as a caller at a suicide prevention place didn't have. He was a bit of an introvert who wanted to save people of the future generation, who could blame him. "Stop your pouting Helion" Markus grumbled and something dropped in the distance, a mumbled came from Markus as he was talking to whoever the noise came from "you aren't going alone, I have a work friend who needed a vacation to I asked him to watch over you."

Anger flared through his body as Helion debated throwing his phone, his friend canceled the trip only to invite some guy that he hadn't met. Helion could go up alone, he would read and fish and cook some food, possibly sleep. Nothing could go wrong in a cabin, but if you sent a stranger a lot could go wrong within a single night "he also knows about your pills, so he'll remind you" Markus said and Helion dropped, he might forget his pills but it's not the end of the world.

Luckily Markus brought it up and he snatched them out of his bathroom, sticking them through a small crack in his travelling bag "next time you want to cancel, do it a week before not a fūcking hour before" he hollered into the phone before hanging it up and stuffing it into a unknown bag.

Three bag for a week, one for clothes, one for books, and one for food.

Helion kept the food bag in his left hand and held his essentials in the other, balancing them as he clambered down the stairs, yipping as he didn't fall. Without Markus to come pick him up, he would be forced to drive up by himself and meet the mystery man up there, and Helion didn't have his license, he had a fake ID that held everything required because he failed the test. More then once.

Instead of walking out the door and seeing his white truck, with just a few dents in it a black pick up truck blocked the way. A man with a stubble and a muscular arm driving and not bothering to move out of the way. He was parked directly in front of Helion vehicle, blocking him front exiting nor entering, having enough of this horrible day he slammed his fist down on the mans windshield.

He didn't even looked shock as he slowly moved his head to meet Helion brown eyes, and nodded to the doorknob the universal sign for get in. And yet with the invitation Helion made no move to enter the strange vehicle, taking his time to get a better look at the male sitting in the seat.

The tinted windows made his red hair looked crimson, he reached down to the nape of his neck and a few strands hung idly infront of his eyes. Through the tint he couldn't tell what colour his eyes were, but he could tel they were piercing his soul whenever he didn't enter. The black shirt he was wearing looked a size to small as it hung tightly against his stomach, showcasing a six pack and very good torso.

The window rolled down, and Helion prayed that the man hadn't realized his staring.

"Get in" his voice was gruff and low as he made the vehicle unlock with a loud chirp, moving his eyes back towards the road before Helion could figure out the colour. This must be the man who Markus is friends with, although Markus is usually friend with shy and tiny people not this above average male "I-do you know Markus" Helion asked quickly making sure he wasn't talking to a complete stranger, even though that's what Markus's friend was to him.

A grunt came from the man as he gave a swift nod, not giving any of his attention the Helion who was pouting like a little child at being ignored "okay, well he should have told you that I'm driving myself" he spat out, calm was not his strong suit.

When the words left his mouth the mans head turned again, this time a single eyebrow was tweaked upwards and a tiny smirk made its way onto his face, a victory smirk and he finally placed down his phone "get in the dāmn car before I beat your āss so bad you won't be able to sit" the threat came out loud and raspy, Helion didn't waste any time.

He tossed the bags into the back, grabbing his phone from the bag it was poking out off and pocketed it, feeling the mans gaze as he did so and then Helion jumped in the truck slamming the door and keeping his eyes in front of him.
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