My Prince, My Soldier

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Vanessa and Jess have been inseparable since middle school but what will happen to their friendship when he enlists in the Navy?

S.G . Edery
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Chapter 1: Our Story

It was a crisp breezy morning, as we stood at the docks you could still see the stars yet you could see the sun coming up looking as if it was coming up out of the water.
“ Please don’t go” I begged. “Vanessa, you know I have to. I’ll be back before you know it ” Jess replied. I hugged him so tight, not wanting to ever let go.
You must be wondering what is happening, right? Well my best friend, Jess enlisted in the Navy, he went through boot camp and technician training, and now he is about to leave for his 1st deployment and it’s also the longest time we’ve ever been apart without constant communication with each other. This is our story but first let me give you some backstory; My name is Vanessa La Bella, I’m 20 years old, I’m 5’2 with light brown hair, hazel eyes, full, red lips, and am of Spanish-Italian descent. My best friend, Jess Clarke is 6 months younger than me, he’s 6’0 with dark brown hair, ocean blue eyes, thin, pink lips, and is of Irish descent. We met at the age of 12 at Hamilton Middle School. We have been friends ever since he expressed his love of art. I’m the 4th generation artist in my family so when he expressed his interest and started talking about some of my favorite artists I knew I had found a best friend for life, we’ve been inseparable since. We have a strange relationship type friendship, we text each other every day, say “I love you at least 6 times a day, call each other cute, have inside jokes with each other and, do all the “ normal ” friendship type things like going to the movies together, standing up for each other when someone makes fun of them, go to the arcade and helping with their schoolwork if they need it. We went through all of middle school taking the same classes and seeing each other every day but for high school, it was a bit harder, I had to move to a different city which resulted in a break up with my year-long boyfriend at the time, Logan Chu and lost contact with most of my friends except Jess. He was always there to encourage me to make new friends and do good in school. He was also there to listen when things went amazing or horrible and made me feel better when I was upset. He sat up all night and listen to me and let me cry when Logan dumped me because it was “too hard” to date someone at a different school. He also showed excitement every time I told him I got a good grade and came to every art show, musical, and play I was a part of. By our sophomore year, he got the guts to ask me out and I was understanding when he dumped me because he was interested in a guy. After that our friendship only got stronger. By college, we couldn’t, go one day without talking so I knew when he told me he had enlisted in the Navy that our friendship could survive even though I knew that would be one of the hardest things we would have to do, but I also know that doing this is his dream and I would never want to be the reason he decided not to do something he’s passionate about so before he left for Bootcamp I gave him a silver pocket watch with an anchor symbol on it that had my picture inside so he wouldn’t get homesick. And now that he’s about to leave I’m feeling heartbroken but I will do my best to be happy for him and try my best to wait until after he gets on that ship to break down in tears.

Jess then unattached my tight grip from his uniform and handed me a box. “ since I’ll have the pocketwatch you gave me before I left for Bootcamp I think It’s only appropriate you have something from me as well.” I opened the box and it was an anchor necklace with his name engraved on it. “ Now we each have something with us so we always be close even when we’re thousands of miles apart.” After that I couldn’t take it anymore, tears started to run down my face. Jess hugged me tightly and I clung to him again while crying into his chest. “ Please don’t go” I whimpered. “ I’ll be back in 6 months, you will be back here to greet me sooner than you know it. My voice broke as I got out the word “ ...okay.” It was finally time for him to go he kissed me on the cheek before detaching me from him and I watched as he got onto the ship that would take him far away. Part of me wanted to run after him preventing him from leaving but I didn’t, I knew I couldn’t. I just stood there, my legs feeling numb, so unable to move I just watched Jess and the rest of the soldiers as they boarded the ship and departed from the dock. I then came home to my apartment to see my boyfriend, James Chen on the computer working. James is 24 years old, 5’10 with jet black hair, eyes as black as the night sky, thin, light pink lips and is of Chinese descent. As he looked up from his laptop I collapsed to the ground and began to sob once again. James helped me up and walked me to the bed and handed me one of my stress toys. He sat with me with his arms wrapped around me until I stopped crying. “ Are you okay?” He asked. “ I miss Jess but I’ll be fine” “ Are you okay being left alone?” “Yes,” He handed me my oversized stuffed elephant before going back to his desk. I hugged the elephant as fell asleep.
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