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The Alpha & His Special Mate

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After her pack was murdered out of Jealousy Ava was forced in to slavery at the Age of nine. She dreamed of the day she would be rescued by her mate. But that all came crashing down when she finds shes mated to the Son of the Alpha who murdered her Family and pack. After they reject each other Ava finds her self quickly granted a Second chance mate Alpha Liam Collins of Blue Moon Pack who has vowed to protect her and get revenge on Crescent Moon Pack. It wouldn't be until after Liam and Ava mate and mark each other will the find out just how much danger shes in.

Romance / Fantasy
Darcy Zwicker
3.7 1 review
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“WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!” is all I hear before my mother grabs me and heads for the safe room.

“Mommy?” I ask her.

“Yes puppet?” I could tell she was trying to keep calm and not worry me.

“What’s happening? Why can’t I stay and play with Uncle Darrien?”

“Everything is okay puppet. Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Darrien have something very important to attend to.” As she finished her sentence, I hear a loud bang come from the common room. “They’re in the house!” “Stop them! Protect the Luna and Ava!” My mom suddenly stops in front of a large oak door, she quickly pushed it open, and made her way to the furthest end of the room. She’s standing before a large fireplace, she reached up and slid the emblem to the left and the fireplace starts to slowly move to reveal a small room. My mother put me down I could tell she was trying hard to fight back here tears.

“Puppet mommy needs you to stay here and no matter what you don’t come out Promise me?”

“I promise mommy” I say as she quickly places a kiss on the top of my head.

“I love you Puppet, you’re a very special Pup.” She says as she stands up and the door starts to slide closed. Before it completely closes, I see my mother transform into her wolf and take off.

Seconds turned into minutes turned into hours and after what seemed like an eternity the door started opening.

“MOMMY!!!!!!!” I shouted.

I was getting ready to leap into my mother’s arms, but I stopped dead in my tracks. Infront of me was not my mother, it was a group of strangers.

“You’re not my mommy!” I screamed as the older man grabbed me and covered my mouth.

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