The Prophecy

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An initiate angel prophesied to save the world, and a low-class demon send to stop her. But something about it all doesn't sound alright. And for some reason, the demon can't seem to get her eyes away from the angel after a while...

Romance / Fantasy
Anna Vahtera
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As I walked through the line of senior angels and headed straight towards the Archangel Thymiel, my mind was in chaos. What am I doing here? Me! Aniel! A lowly initiate of the Angelic Order of Stargazers. I’m just a young one, why am I getting paraded through rows and rows of high-ranking officers and leaders of all factions. I ask myself, but I know the answer. The Prophecy. The Prophecy is about all I have heard for the last few years, ever since I turned of age and was accepted into the order. It has something to do with my wings. The rest of the angels have these beautiful pearly-white dove wings, and mine are just… fancy light show, basically. When my wings sprouted, I got blinded for a while. Nicely done there, Aniel. My wings look basically like long strips of stringy confetti that flaps in the wind with no control and that’s made out of light. I can’t fly, I can’t really even close them properly. I can flare them even more open and they do look kinda cool like that, I have to admit. But I still can’t fly. I can’t hide, I can’t do anything. Except walk and endure the gazes. They said it was a mark of God. That I’m destined to save the world. To save the whole of Humanity and defeat the Demons once and for all. I can’t see how I’m supposed to do that, however. Shall I flare out my wings and try to blind the Morningstar? That sounds like a really terrible plan, if you ask me. Not that anybody asks.

Today is the day I’m going to be sent to Earth, to observe Humanity and “plan out my mission”. So they say, at least. I don’t even properly hear what Thymiel says to me, I just kneel, bow and nod at them. Thymiel is a proper angel, born genderless, his form not more than clothes for him. Most of the seniors present are propers too. But I’m not even that. I’m definitely just a female initiate, I can’t alter my features, nor do I particularly even want to. I don’t think that makes me a good angel in the first place, but then again, I never was. For them, “Aniel”, is just a vessel for my wings, for my “Mark of God” and a catalyst for their plan. Not that I don’t want to, though. I really want to be able to do all that. I want to be able to save the world. Destroy the demons and let Humanity live in peace on earth like they are meant to. The demons try to murder, rape and influence the demons constantly. They are thoroughly evil, they must be purged. This is why I am doing this. Even though I might not be the savior they want me to be, by all that is holy I am going to try. I’m going to try and save everybody, or die trying.

Thymiel looks at me and smiles. They raise their arms and close their eyes. As they lower them, the world blurs and everything goes dark.

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