Awakenings: Alanna

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A family of five. A friend. The father overseas, the mother with the little brother visiting relatives. Big sister's friend visiting. And then quarantine hits, and everybody is stuck. How are three teenage girls going to live together, when two of them are gay and there are some feelings involved. This story is part of my "Awakenings" -series. Please note that this story contains descriptions of sexual acts and/or may include other mature themes. Reader discretion is advised. Only meant for adult audiences.

Romance / Erotica
Anna Vahtera
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So how do three teenage girls end up living alone in the same house? Well, let’s backtrack a little while. A month or so. This is our house. My name is Alanna Miles, or as my friends call me, Ally. I live here with my sister, Megan, who is four years my senior. Then I have a little brother Kevin, who’s three. And finally, there are our parents, Harvey and Yvonne. Dad & Mom. Dad’s working overseas and he hasn’t been home in three months. We see each other almost every day thanks to modern technology, but it has been ages since I last saw him properly. He’s some hotshot in a big company and is doing some sales shit that I have no idea about. I’m just a high school student, I don’t care about jobs. I should, but I don’t. Megan is friends with a girl called Estelle. She and Estelle used to be friends when I was very little, but they moved and they ended up just being long-distance friends. I’ve never seen Estelle, except for pictures. She looks very pretty, like, almost perfect. She had long blonde, slightly curly hair that she dyed orange at the tips. Her brownish, almost orange-colored eyes were constantly smiling. Her tiny lips formed the cutest smiles I had ever seen. See, here’s the first problem in my life: I’m gay. I’m so very gay it’s difficult for me to think straight. I haven’t come out to anyone yet, except for my one friend at school, Lise. One day Megan said that Estelle was coming to visit and I had to go to the bathroom to have a small gay panic attack. Mom said that it’s perfect, since she’s taking Kevin and going to visit Grandma for a weekend, and Megan and Estelle could watch over me. Like I need a guardian or something, I’m 16, not 6 for heaven’s sake.

Anyway. So, Mom left with Kevin and we were alone, just Megan and me. Estelle arrived the next day and I hid in my room thinking impure thoughts of Estelle and me. Then the shit hit the fan, or perhaps it was my wish coming true, I don’t know yet. New Quarantine rules hit big time, and Mom was stuck in the North with Kevin and Grandma. Not a big deal, we could live just well for a while, Megan and me. But then the next part. The rules also stopped all travel in and out of the country, public transport outside of the city closed down and non-essential workers had a curfew and suggestion to stay inside. So here we are, Dad is stuck in a different country, Mom and Kevin are stuck with Grandma in a different city, and Estelle is stuck here with Megan and me. Thus starts a story I wish has a happy ending.

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