The unexpected trip

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Jane goes on a unexpected trip

Romance / Fantasy
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The unexpected trip

Auntie Regina said ? My god ! Where are those dammed shoes ? I can’t remember where I took them off last night ,Jane ? I’m doing what I can ! Jees! She like a child sometimes! Now she can’t find her shoes without me !said Jane , if you help me find them quickly ,I’ll make sure you have a day off on Sunday said auntie Regina! What , like a real one ? Said Jane .but if you don’t find them I swear , I will ....said auntie Regina. I’m sorry to interrupt .. the door was open ,so I thought I could come in .said corey ..oh hi there , Corey said Jane .Corey ? Of course ,you can ! You’re always welcome in this house ! Kate is upstairs .do you want me to call her? Said auntie Regina. Actually ,I’m not here for Kate ..said corey .Corey turn to you and smiles.I’m here for Jane ! Said corey .oh that a shame ! Said auntie Regina. You run towards Corey and wrap your arms around his neck ..... said corey? What ? In my presence?how dare you! Said auntie Regina ... you catch corey off guard with your leap ,but he recovers quickly ,as he responds by giving you a warm hug .I missed you too princess! Said corey .you step backwards pushing aside a stray lock of hair .sorry .I didn’t let you speak Said Jane , ... hmmm you’re being extremely rude Jane ! Remind me to deal with later ! Said auntie Regina..yeah right sure thing .said Jane .please corey tell me what you want from my I’ll mannered niece?said auntie Regina. Today is the final round of the contest. Which means you have. Less than an hour to get ready as you are going on a weekend trip to the lake with me and the family !said Corey .What ?. Another stress test from your family then ?said Jane .haha ! Quite still you sound surprisingly calm ! What’s the secret?said corey .I think I’m getting used to that said Jane ,.I see said corey .wait but why her ?said auntie Regina..Corey shrugs ! I don’t know for sure .it was a last minute -decision,I believe anyway the last round should be about spending time with the family in Jane case it will be going on a the family trip said corey .yeah I got that said auntie Regina.half and hour later you and Corey hop into Rogers minivan and greet the family.. we are going to visit our grandmother in her house by the lake said corey .oh! Said Corey .granny’s great ! You’re so gonna love her !said Michael.what exactly are we gonna do. There ? Said Jane ,. Well fishing stargazing, sitting by the fire place having lots of family time ..,said corey . Did someone say fishing? You three are going with me ! Said roger! . Oh no not again ! Said Michael .come on son ! You’re gonna enjoy it! Said Roger .yeah yeah ,... you know .I always do ..said Michael.the rest of the ride doesn’t take long .you realise you enjoy riding through the countryside with Corey family ......listening to Michael talking about silly things and roger joking around and even when Celeste says . I’m so sorry for their behaviour.Jane ! They are not always like that ,I promise !said Celeste. Jane. Smiles .nothing to worry about Celeste this reminds me of the family trips we used to have when I was younger said Jane , you look out the window as memories come flooding back .the touch of Coreys hand bring you back to the present moment., are you alright ? Said Corey .yeah I’m good said Jane ...we nearly there .I hope you’ll like it there said corey .I’m sure I will ,don’t worry .said Jane ..... the minivan stops by a cozy wooden house and see an old lady walking in your direction.the lady hugs corey and Michael , then she greets roger and Celeste and finally turn to you ..and you must be ...Jane pleased to meet you , missus please call me Adelaide. ,,, Adelaide has deep, clear eyes and kind smile , she nods giving you a curious look.well that’s it then , lunch is almost ready ,let’s go inside said Adelaide, you look at Corey .do you need help said Jane . No don’t worry ,Michael and I will help with the bags said corey .you follow Adelaide and watch Celeste join you as the two of you enter the house ., wow ,it looks so much bigger on the inside then the outside !said Jane .the living room looks plain and simple but feels nice and cozy At the same notice a rocking chair standing by the fire. Sorry Jane this house nothing like those fancy mansion people love up there in town ! Said Adelaide.Hmm said Celeste....I like it here! Jane .Great ! Cause you have no other place to stay for a weekend ! Hahaha Jess, that a funny one don’t you think ? Now ,where did I put my glasses said Adelaide. Adelaide turns always and Celeste uses this moment to whisper to you .. now you can see where Rogers sense of humour comes from .said Celeste. Yeah I thought about that ,too ! Said Jane .. ana cooked some soup and sandwiches for us and I let her go home .don’t like when I crowded at home said Adelaide.that won’t be a problem. Jane and I will help you in the kitchen, won’t we daring said Celeste...sure ! Jane said .anyone home ? I’m starving said roger.... at lunch , Michael talks all the time , trying to update Adelaide on everything......that has happened to the family since their last visit. When he gets to the contest, you notice that Adelaides face become very thoughtful..I’d like to you about the contest,Celeste ,dear .make sure we find time for that .said Adelaide..if you say so Adelaide.said Celeste.alright ,kids! Time for fishing! Said roger. Suddenly Michael grabs your hand . I’m only going if Jane going with us said Michael. Michael ! Let Jane decide for herself !said corey ! That’s okay corey . It’ll be my pleasure said Jane ... good ! You have ten minutes to change and say good bye to mom ! I’ll be waiting for you outside said roger..Corey show Jane where the guest room is said Celeste.. sure said corey ! Corey leads you to a small room..the room smells of clean sheets and lavender.. how do you like it ? Said corey . It’s very cozy said Jane ! I love to come here and have a like break from town .said Corey ! I see what you mean said Jane ... alright come downstairs when you’re ready ! Said corey. Corey wants to say something else but hesitates.what that ? Tell me ! Said Jane .I...I just wanted to say that I’m really looking forward to spending this weekend here with you said corey ...I hope we’ll get some private time ,you know just the two of us said Jane ..oh ! Sure don’t worry ,I’ve already thought about it said corey .. Great ! Always a step ahead Corey! Said Jane ...well it doesn’t have to be just the family weekend does it ? Said Corey. Nope said Jane . Corey winks at Jane . Partners in crime , the said Corey ! Count me In said Jane , deal . But now let’s stick to the plan said corey , Corey leaves, closing the door behind him, fishing then , good that I have an outfit that will work just fine! Smashing ! Pretty and comfortable! and what about my hair looking great time to go now ! Said Jane! You meet corey , roger and Michael downstairs each of them holding a fishing rod and a bucket . Look who here ! A fashion model on a family trip ! Can you sign this fishing rod for me ? Said Michael .oh stop it ! Said Jane .,, really ,you look stunning even when you’re out fishing! How do you do this ? Said Corey ... well , I know a few simple magical tricks said Jane .. thought so ! Said Michael .. come on guys , I can’t wait to start fishing said roger , roger Gives you a fishing rod and the four of you follow the narrow path down to the lake .the sky is bright blue and the air feels fresh and clean .. it’s so beautiful here ! I’m loving it! Said Jane .. Corey smiles and lightly touches your forearm with his fingers .....said Corey .. alright guys this is a nice stop .said Roger! Roger drops his bag on a spot not far from the old pier ,, A few minutes later you are ready to start..roger alright this is rather simple first you bait your hook then you cast it into the water and wait for the fish to bite ! And. Reel in the fish ! Boys make sure you help Jane with reeling it in if she needs your help of course said roger.. sure will do said Corey ! Roger winks at you ,,in my experience fish here like corn most but I didn’t tell you that ! And Michael ,your lunch is not the fishing bait alright ? Said roger .what ? It was just a little experiment! Said Michael. Oh just do as you please, and remember to be quiet, guys or you ,may scare the fish. Away ! Said roger ,, so much to remember! Said Jane , you pick a few cron kernels and place them on the hook . Do you need help with oh ! You are already done ! Splendid! Said corey. You wink at Corey and he responds with a wide smile , carefully , you raise the rod over your shoulder and throw it straight ahead . Well done Jane said corey , neat ! Said Michael .come on boys it’s your turn now !said roger , you wait patiently for the fish to bite when ...something pulling my line ! Carefully, you start raising your rod while simultaneously spinning the reel. It’s a heavy one! Said Jane then you lower your voice and call for Corey ..Corey ! I might need your help here ! Said Jane ... sure I’m coming said corey ,, Corey takes the rod and starts reeling in .. quickly ! I need a fishing net here ! Said corey .you catch the fish in the fishing net and show it to the others good one Jane said roger .oh I’m so proud of you ! Said Michael. Thank for your help corey ! Said Jane. It’s is always my pleasure, said corey are a natural born fisher lady’s ! Said Michael. In my. Experience. Jane is good at everything she tries said corey. A great example for you ,boys ! Said roger .. no doubt about that! Said Corey you are making me Blush ! Said Jane . Well that’s something you should get used to young lady! Said Michael,, an hour when everyone is getting ready to go back to Adelaides house ,you look at the fish you’ve caught.i think .I’ll bring my catch home just like the others I wonder if we are gonna have it for dinner said Jane ,, alright guys let’s go back ! It’s was great ! Thank you all for joining me . Said roger. When you are approaching Adelaide house Michael catches up with you . Psst ! Jane said Michael ..what’s that Michael said Jane .Michael lowers his voice just want to say thanks you for coming fishing with us the old man appreciates it you know said Michael. No problem at all ! . It was great ! I had fun said Jane .good now let’s go in said dinner catch Celestes eye a few times . There is something weird about her stare .she unusually quiet and thoughtful tonight .I wonder ,if everything alright . You look at Corey , and he smiles at you .don’t look like corey noticed anything different said Jane .later when you are lying in bed upstairs, you remember Celeste staring into. Space .weird I’m actually quite thirsty should go down and get a drink .trying to be as quiet as possible you walk downstairs it’s quite in the living room ,you see Adelaide sitting on the rocking chair by the fireplace, looking though old photos .she having a peaceful evening ,I don’t want to disturb her said Jane , you try to be quiet pass her ! Is that you , Jane said Adelaide. Ouch !yeah I got a bit thirsty ,so I thought . Adelaide points to the carafe of lemon. Water and a pair of glasses standing at the table., you can help yourself said Adelaide . Thanks ! Said Jane .. Adelaide turns the page of an old photo album.. I feel somethings bothering you child. Said Adelaide. Why ? I mean you are right Adelaide but how do you know ? Said Jane ,, Adelaide smile at you .. it takes about half a lifetime to get to know people better .good news is the other half is less complex and more fun . If. You ask me said Adelaide . HAha ! That’s brilliant.said Jane .I’m your friend ,Jane don’t be afraid to share ,if something bothering you said Adelaide . You sit down by the fireplace.the warmth of Adelaides smile make you feel welcome to speak. It’s about Celeste . The way she looked at me at dinner scared me a little do you know If she’s doing alright said Jane..Adelaide shakes her head poor Celeste Is wearing herself out working on the contest that has no use Said Adelaide ..why did u call the contest useless?said Jane .. Adelaide let’s out a deep know how often older people think they always did things right when they where younger? Said Adelaide. Yeah back in the old days thing ..said Jane .absolutely the thing is that not always the case for from it when I was younger age I took part in the contest thinking I was doing the rightest thing in the world!when I was Celeste age I set up the contest for my son and that’s how Celeste became part of our family .said Adelaide.yeah. That make sense.said Jane .right ,the thing is that roger fell in love with Celeste and by a happy accident the family also chose her ,I was so happy for them !and then it hit me ,what if the family voted for someone else’s? Would it break my son heart ? Said Adelaide.yes I guess that would have been the case said Jane .then I thought,I had enough of the old silly customs like that !said Adelaide, is that why you moved here? Said Jane no not quite I moved out of town because I wanted a simple and quiet life..... aways from the glamorous world where people judge you by the way you look ,I’ve had enough of that life but everyone who knows me also knows I’m against doing that silly competition said Adelaide. I seen I wish Celeste was a bit more like you .said Jane .. Adelaide turns a few pages of the old photo album and take out a photograph.she looks at the black and white photograph for a moment and gives it to you . It that young Celeste? Said Jane .it is said Adelaide. She beautiful said Jane .there’s one thing you don’t know about Celeste she. Was very young very sweet when I met her , a brilliant student , who lost her mom when was back at school .just like me !said Jane . Yes but her dad left the family when Celeste was just a child said Adelaide. Oh on !said Jane .so Roger , me and the others we were everything she had at the Time since the first day of her marriage, Celeste does Everything she can to make sure our family is safe and sound said Adelaide .wait is why she so obsessed with the contest? If Celeste picks the right bride she’ll make sure the family won’t fall apart? Said Jane or so she thinks. You are very insightful for your age , my dear. Said Adelaide . Thanks ! Said Jane .you look at the old photo of young smiling Celeste.but that’s so sad said Jane .it is reality.said Adelaide
.Adelaide?said Jane .yes my dear Adelaide? Thanks you for this conversation Adelaide.said Jane .you always welcome my dear and don’t let Celeste frighten you .shes very kind but convinced she has to play certain role said Adelaide ,, like we all are .Said Jane .quite now make sure you have a good nights sleep said Adelaide.I’m very up for that ! Good night Adelaide said Jane .good night dear said Adelaide.. you lie down on your bed and close your eyes but sleep just don’t come suddenly you hear a knock on your window .what was that ?said Jane .another one ...sound like someone’s throwing stones at my window but this can’t be you get up and walk towards the window ..or ?carefully you look out the window,. Corey .! Corey Is standing outside waving at you without further hesitation you open the window and speak softly. Was this your plan ?said Jane .you’re gonna love it it’s perfect will you meet me under the moon and the star tonight?said corey ..I’d love it said Jane I’ll meet you outside Come downstairs it’s safe .said corey . Quietly you walk downstairs through the empty living room and out of the house . Well done ,princess ! Now let’s go! Said Corey .wait said Jane what that ? Said corey. You take corey face I’m your hands and come on your tiptoes to kiss him. Corey twitches when your lips your lips touch his .his arms encircle your waist and he kisses you back .my wonderful princess said corey .I missed you said Jane li missed you too Jane it’s like you were here all the time but I couldn’t speak to you the way I wanted.said corey .Corey places his hand on your cheek. Couldn’t touch you the way I wanted go’s I hated that feeling !said corey. I know. ,but now is our time ,so let’s not waste it said Jane .you are so right said corey ... hand in hand. You walk down the path back to the lake that is beautifully lit by the moon .. so quiet and pretty! Said Jane .let’s sit near the water and dream our trouble aways said corey a moment later you are sitting on the old wooden pier with Corey resting he’s head on your lap.playing with his hair ,you are enjoying the calming sound of the night . Yin know what Jane .said Corey .what’s that Corey said Jane I wish we could just run away somewhere.said Corey .somewhere like ? Said Jane .as quite and peaceful as here or vibrant and crazy like your home ..don’t care as long as we are together! Said corey that could be possible,I mean we are young and free and all that said Jane .you know ,you make me believe in things I would never have dared to believe in until I met you said corey .and how does it feel? Said Jane .Corey places his hand on your thigh and caresses it feels empowering really said corey .. Glad to hear that corey said Jane .you look a bit tired ,princess should we go Back? Said corey ..I’d hate to ruin the night , but yes iam feeling quite tired said Jane ..Corey kisses your right knee you’ve granted me the most beautiful hour in your life I wonder if it possible at all to beat it said corey . Have faith in us ! I’m sure we can do even better than that said Jane .sound exciting!said corey . Corey helps you stand up and slowly you walk back to the house .when you open the front door ,Corey pulls you back for a kiss .wow spontaneous and passionate And I’m loving it said Jane suddenly you pull away .I think I heard someone ! Said Jane . Don’t worry we’ll just walk in one by one and we’ll be fine said corey . Yeah you’re right I’ll go first said Jane .you walk in and accidentally dump into Adelaide oh my god I’m so sorry! Said Jane shh it’s okay girl are u already said Adelaide.yeah although my heart keeps pounding said Jane Adelaide takes your hands in hers .listen there’s nothing wrong with watching the stars here a night I’d recommend nit to all young hearts in fact as to me I haven’t seen or heard anything ,I fell sleep in my rocking chair like I always do ,said Adelaide.Adelaide winks at you .thanks Adelaide.said Jane ..oh don’t ,mention it I’ll go get some tea now said Adelaide . She starts walking towards the kitchen but then she stops and turns to you .and tell Corey he can walk in as well he might get bored standing there all on his own , said Adelaide you try hard not to laugh. I will she is an interesting lady ,,and that’s to say the least! Said Jane .. a few minutes later you are back in your bed for the third Time this time you fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling well rested in the morning..


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